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Backstreet Boys Vs. Landover Baptist Church - Legal Threat Letter

WARNING: Landover Baptist has edited this wire-service article to make it comport with traditional family values. Since the source material contained quotations from amoral homosexuals and entertainers, the language was, of course, not fit for decent Christian eyes.  As the staff at Landover always attempts to act in a Christ-like manner and there is nothing Christ-like in talking like an Off-Colored person, we have removed offensive thoughts and words for your reading convenience and salvation.

Backstreet Boy, Brian Littrell, remembers selling "tricks" and pimping himself off to 60 year-old men in the Orlando area a few years back. "If you were to tell me that I would be rich and famous and have thousands of girls swooning over me a few years ago, I would have told you that you were insane." He went on to tell one interviewer, "I thought that I would spend the next four years of my life [unchristian expression] [unchristian word] to keep my spoon full until I rotted away in some rat-infested Orlando alley." Littrell remembers that every day, "some old geezer would unzip his pants, and pull out his big wrinkled, throbbing [unchristian word] and I would have to [unchristian word] his hot pulsating [unchristian word] until he shot a quart of hot, salty [unchristian word] all over my chin"

All of the Backstreet Boys have similar stories. Boy AJ McLean told interviewers that he earned an estimated $2,000 a day by performing lewd sex acts with chickens and pit bulls in front of a perverted, prominent Orlando businessman. "We got the business contacts we needed to get our group off the ground by [unchristian wording] with some pretty big guys in the entertainment industry," McLean noted. "You only live once, yo, and you've got to do whatever it takes to get to the top. I remember we made Howie drop acid and [unchristian word]-off in some dude's coffee, just to prove he could 'hang.' That [unchristian word] was tight!" McLean joked.

When asked if they'd been changed by the fame and fortune afforded them by their recent success, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter replied: "Most of us had our first sexual experiences with older men. That [unchristian word] just don't go away, yo? The girls are nice and all, but when you've spent most of your teenage years unzipping the pants of 70 year-old men, you sort of get used to the lifestyle." Mr. Carter went on to mention that the name "Backstreet Boys" came from Atlanta's biggest gay disco "Backstreet," where the group first went to trick with old "chicken-hawks." In keeping with their perverted roots, the band now employs a tight knit group of what they call 'boy toys' they bring along to every concert. "Now we on the flipside," band member Howie Dorough remarked. "We get our energy from doin' what was done to us, and our little jimmies get paid a whole lot more cash than we ever did when we was streetwise."

The Backstreet Boys also talked about their hobbies when they are not turning tricks in homosexual nightspots. Apparently most of them are into pugilism, as they spoke at length about the fellow band members they had "fisted."

Whatever the case, the Backstreet Boys are perhaps one of the most dangerous bands in America .  Owning a Backstreet Boy album is like saying, "Here I am, Satan, I love you with all my heart and can't wait to go to Hell where I shall listen to the Backstreet Boys for all eternity while the flames lap away at my [unchristian word]."  Songs like "We've Got It Going On" and "Backstreet's Back" are proof that the Backstreet Boys never intend to abandon their immoral lifestyle. They glorify pedophilia, bestiality, [unchristian word], homosexuality, and perversions that go beyond all human understanding. As Baptists, we   want to make it perfectly clear. We will not stand by and watch the moral decay of this Godly Country. The Backstreet Boys make a sport out of blaspheming the Holy name of God with comments like "piss on a burning bush" and "we're just a vocal harmony group that likes to have a little innocent fun at the expense of other people's eternal salvation."

The Backstreet Boys join a bevy of fellow hustlers in a demonic attempt to desensitize teenagers on a global scale. As a sign of protest, Landover Baptist will be offering to burn all Backstreet Boys albums. Baptists and other people who think they are Christians may send their Backstreet Boys albums along with $100.00 to cover the cost of the event to:

LBC Backstreet Burning Event
727 Soulwinner's Lane
Freehold, Iowa 00666

For more information on the demonic origins of the Backstreet Boys, please visit: - "The Dirty Little Secret About Rock's Teen Idols!"



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