October 2007

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Letters To Landover: Pastor's Mailbag

A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

To Whom it May Concern,

This is disgusting. While haplessly attempting to promote Christianity, damning the faults of others, you are ignorantly displaying far worse choices quite contradictory to what Jesus would want. "The Unsaved not Welcome"??!!! Jesus welcomed sinners and believers alike -opened his arms to the goodness of every human being. Clearly you are also ignorant as to the nature of Jesus' biography as well: Jesus was a Jew. To curse and demean the Jewish faith is shameful and most-definitely un-Christian. How ironic that you scorn sexuality in Toy Story II but then advertise WWJD THONGS below. A Christian myself I am ashamed to see this on the public internet domain. How dare you take the position of Christ's advocator and then slander people and principles he holds dear. I pray for your souls as you paradoxically corrupt one another's.

-concerned Christian


I am a Wiccan, and what you are doing is unethical and against America's Freedom... Isn't it ironic that Catholics and other religions fled England because of persecution?? And now your doing the same exact thing? Wow! what a loving god you cherish! And for your information I did go to church for 10 years at a Baptist church and when I needed help the most they turned their back and kicked me to the curb. So as far as I am concerned your so called "god" is non-existant. I would rather have my skin peeled off and dipped in a tub of acid then go to your "holy church"

Billy Faircloth

It's sad to know that anti-semitism still exists and that people preach hate to children and especially that the Jews killed Jesus when it was a roman practice. If you were true Christians you would preach to love all humans, not hate them. I guess that means you must hate most of the worlds Christians and Catholics too who don't believe the Jews killed Jesus. Most people go to college now and learn about true history and evolution and science. I'm sorry your teaching this stuff to kids when one day soon Christianity will only exist as morals to certain families as we evolve into more Intelligent beings. I don't mean to offend you, I just feel for your pain and wonder if you are going to realize that being Jealous of Jews taking holidays for themselves on their own holidays and becoming rich off their educational traditions and sophistication is just silly. Do you hate Blacks, Native Americans, or just any non Christian. Psychiatrists could help you. God, I hope you wouldn't like shoot people on the street, cause you really sound that disturbed. We should all love each other and open our eyes to what could really help civilization improve. Did the Jesuits who murdered people under the name of Jesus make the world a better place. Read your history. I know the bible doesn't preach openly hating people.

Runinger Rachel

You people must have nothing better to do huh? I can't believe you can call yourself a 'Pastor". You are a pastor of nothing but lies and hate... and I KNOW that Jesus is probably really sad that you just don't get it AT ALL.

Wake up, man. Seriously.


I've seen you're site - I was saved in a Baptist (Southern Baptist) Church...You're NO Baptist! True Christians walk in LOVE, doesn't mean you compromise - but you still eat with sinners, get you white hands dirty (yes, I'm white), and you choose your words carefully. Take lessons from Billy Graham. God made them "Chinks", and big lipped Negros. Satan had nothing to do with it. Don't get angry...Liston...God judges the heart, sometimes Christian people do, say, and act a certain way out of ignorance and simple lack of knowledge...it doesn't mean they are not born again...God just has to work with them a little bit more, but God's loving and very patient and....SLOW TO ANGER...are you? God speaks with a still, small voice...not a Loud, Condemning, Insulting, and Forceful manner. Sin is Sin, and yes, if you are not born again...Hell Awaits. Trust me, there will NOT BE more Baptist in Heaven then any other demomination. Remember what the Bible says, "They will know we are Christians by our LOVE".


Regarding the Message from Deacon Fred on U-Tube

Dear sir, except for mocking 57 percent of Christians (Catholics), I saw nothing funny, intellectual or heard nothing out of your mouth that changed my mind about being Catholic. As a matter of fact, you simply reaffirmed my beliefs and made me more grateful than I have ever been before in my entire life (and I'm 61 now) and even realized AGAIN that I am in the one true church established by Jesus Christ Himself! What a terrible thing you did. I have been to confession many times (once a week for the first eight years of my life while in grade school and now every 3 months and NEVER have I been to confession, that I recall, to a priest in a "skirt," as you call it. And if I've forgotten and have gone once or twice to one in a "cassock," I assure you the priest was doing ONLY what he was there to do and nothing more. Jesus told His disciples (the first priests of the Catholic Church) whose sins you shall forgive they are forgiven, and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained. And for the record, I've done a lot of investigational work on sex abuse, as one of my best friends is Baptist. I checked every protestant religion that I could think of and EVERY ONE OF THEM has had sexual abuse and hidden it! The Catholic Church is not the only religion that has done this! THAT MEANS, BAPTISTS HAVE DONE THIS AS WELL! So, before you go around pointing fingers, let him among us without sin cast the first stone!!! Yes, Catholics read and study the bible (THE WHOLE BIBLE - NOT THE ONE YOU GO BY WITH BOOKS THAT WERE REMOVED). Peter was the first pope of the Catholic Church. Jesus said to him "Peter (which means rock or stone), upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it." Funny how the Catholic Church has always been around for thousands of years and all your protest churches evolved off from Her because someone wanted to get a divorce, or didn't believe in the virgin birth, or think that the Blessed Mother doesn't deserve the recognition she deserves. She helps her Son bring people like you to Her Son! I'll pray for you that some day God will open your eyes, soften your hard heart, and you tell God and us Catholics that you apologize for the terrible statements you made. I'll even use "those beads" and say a Rosary for you, sir. You need many prayers. Pat Yorg

Pat York

I just happened to come across you sick, perverted website. I am hoping this is a joke (albeit a bad one) You anti Catholicism is the worst. Underware, bumperstickers saying the Catholic clergy are molesters (which is not as widespread as you would like) And by the way - all groups have people who do wrong to others - even your so called Church. I noticed you had a bumper sticker called "Mary Worshipper". I am Catholic and have NEVER been advised, told or insinuated to worship Mary. Honer her - yes. Venerate her- yes. Ask her to intervene on my behalf - yes. Give thanks and praise to her glory - yes. Petition and beseech her - yes. Worship her? Pray to her? - NEVER!. May God have Mercy on you.

Know Mary - Know Jesus

No Mary - No Jesus

Praying for your souls - Linda

Let me just start out by saying that im not pale,overweight, or have any tattoos im an 18 year old blonde from nj and u couldn't tell i was a wiccan for anything. well i dont know if you cunts think ur goin to heaven like that but first of all wiccans dont even believe in satan were nature based religion so you people are really uneducated can you afford a school out in iowa? and wiccans dont believe in doing harm to each other so WICCANS and SATANIST are 2 different things this whole site is a joke i had to read it a few times to believe so many poor hicks would actually gather together and take time to make it, try opening up your minds your lives are pathetic if you didn't realize already, go out and do something outside of church websites that talk nonsense bullshit that you guys pull outta ur asses cuz it sounds funny to you. You will all get what comin to you soon enough and its your so descusting God doesn't want you your all no better than "satan" and that's the truth how fuckin stupid are you thinkin killing is what god wanted more than half of you are probably the end result to incest.

Blessed Be like wiccans say even tho i want to say worse things i wont because im not that messed up of a person and that wouldn't make me any better than you animals and your bullshit church.

Twisted Princezz

All those witnessing the incident were visibly shaken, but they knew that Pastor did the right thing. Everyone helped move the dog's carcass from underneath the tree out to the backyard where it was thrown into the lake to drown any demons. The family reconvened in the dining room without incident a few minutes later for a lovely Christmas brunch. this is just sick a pastor should know better you would think, the dog chewed up a toy not Jesus....it beggars belief, but they it is this kind of stupidity that leads to homophobia and racist abuse. This kind of behaviour being deemed fine is just sick, poor child not only did she have her present ripped up but then saw the dog murdered and being explained away by demonic excuses....what if the child had ripped the head off would she have been shot dead to rid the family of demonic possession?

Elaine Edwards

I somehow came across your website looking for a halloween costume for my four year old son. At first, I thought the whole thing was a hoax. Then, I realized that you people are serious! I read a lot of different things on your website and shortly after I started reading, I gathered that your organization sounds more like a cult. I related it to Jim Jones and the whole Guyana ordeal. Are you going to exploit and harm your "followers" as well?

I am sure you hear this a lot, but your supposed scriptures and warped ideas of Christianity are alarming. I wonder what God would say about your cult and the mistreatment of children. Demon posessed. A baby crawling away from a Bible is automatically labeled as demon posessed? That is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard.

I am sure that if you even respond to this email, you will inform me of your OPINION that I am going to "burn in hell forever.." Save me a spot because I am sure you will be there right next to me.

Candy Williams

I enjoy doing bible quizzes. But to be honest, taking one of your quizzes and being called an 'unsaved moron' if I miss a question is quiet offensive. I know it is suppose to be in fun, but there is a scripture in Proverbs that I think of. I will have to hunt it up to quote it accurately, but it talks about a mad man with firebrands and arrows, and then he says, "am not I in sport." Words in what people call joking around can cut to the bone. I guess that is the reason Jesus told us to let our yea be yea and nay, nay. Also Paul told us to put aside Jesting and foolishness. Have I managed to do that completely? No. But it sure does help me to realize that calling anyone a name under any circumstances can turn people away from the Lord if we are suppose to be Christ like.

Please believe there is not an ounce of malicious, vicious, or any other kind of spirit in this e-mail. Just a spirit of concern for your ministry that it not be damaged.

Sharon Patterson

I stumbled on your comparison editorial about the relation between Klingons and Arabic people just now and read it all the way through.

You do understand that Gene Roddenberry was a atheist?

If you still think that Klingons are supposed to be Arabs, lets think about the times when the show came out. The biggest threat was the Russians and the Klingons were made to emulate the public idea of the "military society" that we thought russia was at the time. we were not worried about arabs with airliners, we were worried about russian nukes destroying our society.

so if anything the Klingons are a political commentary of the soviet union...not a faith based commentary of arabs.

I find your ideas pretty racist and very narrow minded...it makes me glad to be a atheist if this is what it means to be baptist or christian or whatever you call yourselves.

Not all arabs are monsters and I hope not all christians are either.

Mike Holmes

As a Christian, I'm more convinced that this whole www.landoverbaptist.org site and all of the people that are "Christians", are not indeed Christians, but are fueled by Satan with the intent of repelling unbelievers so that he has more power over the world. You are all his little puppets. How Sad. All true believers know he is the great deceiver and uses tricky ways to deceive.

I also find it funny that all of your articles are stock full of hypocrisy. I actually thought this site was a bad joke at first, and still am not sure you all are for real.

You are behaving in the exact opposite that Jesus would if he were in the flesh here on earth. Jesus is love and the opposite of love is hate. You preach Hate and Satan is a jealous and hateful and evil fallen angel. So, all in all, your satanic ways posing as "Christians" will be judged by our maker at the end of days for he knows of all the deceivers ways. We are in a spiritual warfare every minute where souls are at stake, you seek to deceive them by showing them a twisted and perverted Christianity, thus making them turn away. The goal being for Satan, less support on God's side, less saved ones and more he can corrupt. Others, called truly by Christ, seek to spread his word so as many unbelievers will be saved. I will pray that you do not delve too much damage on the unbelievers we are to love and to reach out to with your poisoned minds and hearts. You are basically an anti-christ in my eyes and a radical much like Jim Jones or David Koresh.

As a Christian I will pray for your salvation and for your love for Jesus to overpower the satanic hold that has been placed on you to profess blasphemy.

God Bless.

To the foolish pastor,

You silly little sheep! Do you truly believe that much in your Holy God that everyone else who DOESN'T believe in him will go to hell!? LMAO

You know how ignorant and how much of a fucking idiot you are!? If you were not so blind in your Holy Bullshit of a Crusade, and took the time for open-mindness, you would come to find that your religion is younger than my Pagan beliefs.

For example, mate, CHRISTMAS, honouring the "beloved Jesus Christ", was in fact, taken from my Christmas beliefs in the Pagan beliefs. While perhaps true, Christ was born on the 24th of December, it was also that, 2000 years before Christianity, the idea of gift-giving was going on at that time in the Pagan beliefs. It was a time to celebrate the Crone.

Easter, another joke. While okay, I can accept the possibility in a miracle that Jesus Christ had arisen on the third day, EASTER came from the Pagan belief of OESTE - celebrating life and love. While you guys keep changing between March and April when Easter is and should be, you'll find that we celebrat OESTE on 21 March - consistently. This is because of the Vernal Equinox.

Valentine's Day, created by the Romans, who, mind you, created the Roman Catholic Church - the most corrupt religion of all times (behind Satanism, of course), was created from a Pagan holiday and changed to celebrate a bloke named St. Valentine. Now that's gay in itself!

Now, the whole - Holyweener thing, you have got to be fucking kidding me! Holy Weener, that sounds as gay as a 7 dollar bill with a 3 and 4 for change! Do you honestly believe children are going to HELL because they dress up and want CANDY!? Shit, you guys give your alter boys candy when you want to cop a feel of THEIR WEENERS, and to boot, it's actually once again, a Pagan belief - Hallow's Eve, which celebrates the life of our long lost beloveds and friends and family. It's to celebrate THEIR LIVES that they had once lived!

I honestly find it hard to believe there's a god out there cruel enough to accept only Christians and strong believers of your kind and faith. Let alone, you all think you're perfect. Shit, if you were perfect than the words you spew out of your sewage cum-dumpsters would be the most beautiful sound in the world, including the flatuence from your asses! The beliefs, if they were truly perfect, would be called "THE WAY", and EVERYONE would practice it, and there'd be only two kinds of people in the world - CHRISTIANS and SATANISTS!

So you tell your "FLOCK" everything I said, with the exceptions of my "naughty words" I have spoken. And you tell them what I think. Oh, and while you're at it, the next time you pray to your GOD, while you're bent over the alter, you tell him I said he could go FUCK HIS SELF, tell Jesus to stop being a bitch, and tell Mary that she was no way virgin - the fucking whore! One more thing, tell your congregation they're a bunch of racist fucking idiots, for I truly feel sorry for them when they meet whomever is the Creator and passes them to judge.

May you and everyone that listens to the shit that spews out of your uncontrollable sewage spill of a cum-dumpster be mounted by raging water buffalos! Ciao!


Someone that's very pissed off with you fucking Christians!

PS - I would love to see your responses, so if anyone in your congregation, namely YOU, have any cock and balls, respond to me, and remember, this is no threat, for I am exercising my rights of the First Amendment in which I had proudly defended!

E. Jonathan Stosal





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