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Warning: This Christian testimony contains scenes of a graphic nature and may not be suitable reading for minors or those with a queasy stomach.

Greetings. I'd like to share my testimony, but I can't give you my real name because, well... basically I'm a fugitive from the Feds for a lot of really bad stuff I did which I will explain, led to my salvation. I've been on the run from the law for the last four years - but I'm a missionary now, doing the Lord's work - and I feel He's called me to stay out of jail so I can get people saved - kind of like the early Apostles (who broke the law in their day too - heck, the Apostle Paul killed lots of Christians, and God even busted him out of jail - but I've done lots worse, so God is even more forgiving). I'm currently located and working in a place I can't mention because like I said, I'm a fugitive.

I grew up hating God. I was a Catholic altar boy, and like most of us - I was molested by priests. My parents made me go to Catholic church (I don't like to call it church anymore, it was more like a living Hell). When I look back, I can't believe how stupid I was for going back five times a week to get buggered in the confession booth. Like Pastor Deacon Fred says, "You've got to be a fool not to think there is something strange about going into a dark closet and whispering secrets through a hole in the wall to a man wearing a dress."

In any case, it was my parents fault for sending me there, so I blew their brains out while they were sleeping one night and then set the house on fire. That was about 14-years ago. For the next ten years I traveled around the mid-western United States, kidnapping Catholic Priests, torturing them, cutting off their private parts and draining their bodies of blood. I'd return to their places of worship and mix the blood with the next day's communion wine, then I'd jam their severed testicles into the little tabernacles behind their pulpits. What I did with their bodies afterwards is a bit too repulsive to mention on a church web site.

One thing that helped me receive the grace of Christ Jesus really, and I am a big proponent of this - is that I NEVER did any drugs, and never had a sip of booze in my life. I'm a big advocate of a clean and sober life, and I always tell the ex-Catholic kids I minister to today to not only stay away from Priests but to also, "Stay away from drugs!" It helps you see things more clearly. And if my mind wasn't clear on the day Jesus called my name, I doubt I would have heard Him.

I lost count of how many priests I killed, but I know it is well over a hundred. I've been in Jail just once before - but got out on a slip-up that I'm not going to get into here. I will tell you though - they found out some stuff while I was behind bars, because I couldn't keep my mouth shut and that is the reason I am a fugitive today.

Suffice it to say, I was hitchhiking on a Texas highway about four years ago when a real man of God threw a Gospel tract out of his window. It landed right at my feet. It was a Chick Tract called, "Are Roman Catholics Christians?"  Well, it was quite an eye opener. I got down on my knees (my hands still bloody from last nights murder) and accepted Jesus Christ into my heart for the first time! My life was changed forever. God forgave me of everything I ever did, and wiped the slate clean. I was a new man.

I changed my name, obtained a new social security number (to celebrate my new life in Christ), got a job, went to Bible college, and got involved in a Godly fundamentalist Baptist Christian ministry.

I'd like to end here by saying that several years after I read that Gospel tract, I went and visited the preacher whose name was stamped onto the back of the tract. I doubt he'll remember me, because he's won so many souls in his life, he's probably lost count - but I shook his hand outside the Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Freehold Iowa about two years ago and told him he was responsible for my salvation. His name was Pastor Deacon Fred, and I thank God for him.

I pray that my testimony helps others who might think they are beyond salvation!

God Bless!

The winner of this contest received a Landover Baptist Bible Gun Camp T-Shirt at an undisclosed location.






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