A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received February 2003  (unedited and in original form)

To whom it may concern,

I’m not completely sure how to interpret Harry Hardwick’s attack on vegetarians/vegans. Besides it obviously being a source of immense amusement, which probably wasn't your aim, I assure you that it is also a blatant example of ignorance in the name of religion of the very highest order if I have ever seen one. Why in the name of God would you publish such kolossal nonsense if not for the sake of making a mockery out of your organisation and God?

For your information, the word “animal” comes from the latin word “anima” which stands for spirit, NOT “sausage fodder” as Harry Hardwick arrogantly stated. Anyone who promotes the senseless bloodshed of ANY living being should not be allowed to call him/her self a servant of God since God loves his creations, all of them. So did Jesus, and any enlightened being throughout human history. I ask you, what would be the purpose of giving animals a nervous system, allowing them to feel pain or hapiness, if they were simply put on this earth for our selfish human sausage making purposes? Please, give me a break! For one, the consumption of meat introduces a plethora of harmful chemical reactions within the human body, one of which affects the brain and makes people more aggressive and less tolerant. This is a proven medical fact! Is that what you want, more agression??? Any educated human being would make the logically choice to cut unnecessary suffering out of their lives and the world, regardless of their religeous beliefs. It is because of people like Harry Hardwick, who prey on the ignorant and blackmail them through fear and "in the name of God" to commit pointless violence and true satanic acts. Why any servant of God would want to promote harm and agression of any kind is completely beyond me. Harry Hardwick’s acusatory finger points straight back at him. Please tell Harry Hardwick that he is a demon himself. You should reconsider publishing nonsense of this nature in this day and age if you wish to be taken seriously for even a moment. The dark ages are over! THIS IS THE AGE OF INFORMATION. I suggest you get yourself informed. I'll go read about witchcraft now.

God bless,

proud to be a vegetarian since 1984

p.s.: I do NOT consent to your idea of publishing my personal email address in any way shape or form as stated on your site. Any attempt to do so is a violation of my rights and will result in criminal prosecution to the full extent of the law. I'm not interested in having my email address flooded with messages from a bunch of your misguided drones. I realize your disclosure statement is intended to keep people from speaking their mind, in the great tradition of your church. Well, NOT here, NOT now. This is a personal email from me to you, nothing else.

So you buy children ... and you are a church ... no comment. I just can't believe american law authorize this.

A french father you frightened for real .


Greetings -

To whom it may concern, GET A LIFE ! Why are you wasting time writing ridiculous articles about such nonsense ? There have never been any true documented accounts of anyone ever having the bizarre "incidents" of which you speak. Also, I would like to point out that out of the millions of people who have seen the brochures that come packaged with the Ab Toners, no one but you and your "followers" can find any "sexually suggestive" material at all within its pages. So you tell me, who really has a problem with perversion? All you need to do to answer that is to go look in the mirror. Because of narrow-minded, mis-guided, right-winged extremist individuals like yourself and those who believe your string of irresponsible prattle, those who really need to be focused on and exposed so that they may be brought to justice run free to molest and corrupt our children from behind the enormous smokescreen of nonsense that you continually create as you focus on idiotic issues such as this one that have virtually no factual basis at all. People like you find "sexually suggestive" material where none exists. People like you are quick to point the finger with no proof, yet are somewhat less than swift to apologize when you are faced with the reality of being wrong. For example, a man was recently fired from a job that he had held for nearly seven years without any incident of any kind. He was terminated because a "self-righteous" woman falsely accused him of sexual misconduct. Even though there was no evidence to support her claim, and the man had over eighty of his co-workers speak on his behalf, the man was still terminated, and even though his innocence has been quite clearly established, he still has not been able to regain his job due to the fact that it "might create a hostile work environment due to his questionable behavior". This decision was reached because the woman who made the fraudulent accusation threatened to sue the company for "failing to protect her religious beliefs". She has since been quoted as saying that it "was god's will" that the man be fired as an "example" to "all the rest of the perverts out there". This is the exact same type of garbage that you are spouting. Lest we forget "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour" Perhaps that will give you some spiritual food for thought. Goodbye and may The Lord bless you, keep you, and forgive you, in Christ's name, Amen

"M" - Vince Williams

Now really, how pathetic must someone be? All of your ranting and raving, and yet all you can seem to do is quote a book written by mortals. Did you know that there's archaeological proof that Jesus was born in March? That Christmas was originally the pagan Yule, a celebration to draw the God of the Sun back into the world through use of light. You should really do a bit of research. A pity that you seem too stupid to understand the concept of freedom.

Well, since you've permanently driven me away from Christianity with your idiocy, I think I'll just go cast a circle and see what a real religion is about. You may not welcome me in your church, thank the Gods, so, I'm going to go see what wisdom the Great Horned God is willing to impart upon me. I'll be sure to ask the Great Mother Goddess to forgive you when you die.

I'm quite happy being an 'unsaved' little wicce. And I found that cat thing to be hilarious, for the record.

May the Goddess and God bring you the wisdom and insight you so sorely need.

Nellie C

"Did you know that old Thaddeus Williams who burned on the dock was an alcoholic? So don't any of you shed a tear over that sinner's death" Is that supposed to be a joke? Pastor Fred can go to Hell. Apparently, you've misinterpreted the Bible, because telling children something like that is obviously the wrong thing to do. You should shed a tear over every sinner's death because you failed in helping him to find Jesus. Maybe you should reread the Bible and keep in mind the fact that you, nor any of your congregation, are any better than any sinner out there. And if you think that because you're a "christian" or a pastor that you're not a sinner, well think again buddy.....everyone's a sinner.....and trying to scare little kids into believing in Jesus is definately not God's will. Also, the parents who were watching that play...I have one word for them....Stupidity......they were to caught up in God's glory to notice their children were burning alive? Yes, stupidity....and any parent who lets their six year old child play with kerosene and matches doesn't deserve to have children. I have on suggestion for you...unfortunately, I fear that you are much too close-minded to heed my advice.....read the Satanic Bible...it describes exactly what the problems are with the church today that you've helped to cause.....


As a vegetarian, and a believer in god I find the views of your brother Harry Hardwick on the subject extremely offensive, Who the hell do you think you are calling me and other like minded people witches, demons, wicans, or for that matter homo's.

The reason I became a vegetarian is because of the cruelty caused to animals by the meat industry, the farming industry, and the transportation of live animals. Recently I started thinking of going vegan, your views have now caused me to make up my mind, I am now a vegan.

I also object most strongly to being referred to as one of satans minions, how dare you call yourselves true Christians. If you examine the bible PROPERLY you will see that not only did god give Noah and his family meat to eat AFTER THE FLOOD, but the meat he allowed was limited to a very few kinds of animal, AND the animals were to be killed HUMANELY, unlike what goes on in abattoirs and farms today.

I want to go on and on about your offensive views, but you have got me so angry that I'm slamming my fingers on the keyboard to type this. DO NOT expect to see me in any of your churches on Sunday, or any other day for that matter because I WILL NOT BE THERE.


Does Pastor Deacon Fred teach anger management classes? Are they available in foreign countries (continuing education units) like Afghanistan and Iraq? Will they be available in the holy land of Israel in the town of Bethlehem too once the Palestinians/Israelis stop fighting one another?

Charles T. Wild

Dear Harry Hardwick,

Have you ever considered going to an asylum?

They are good, really, and they serve good food, and you could pray there too; oh sorry, I didn't think about it, they don't praise your ego and greed, I forgot!

You REALLY need some SERIOUS professional help!!! I wonder what happened to you as a child to be so close-minded and self centered and intolerant, you MOST certainly aren't following the Christian teachings of love for everyone, shame on you, read the bible with the heart, don't take what's good for your hate and greed and boasting!

Best regards

On your page is a ad for thongs with a picture of the Lord on it this is a disgrace to have this banner on your page, get it off

bishop evangelist stephen pekular

About your sight: You're not serious....or, at least, you shouldn't be!!!

Impressions: You're so full of hatred that Satan must be harboured in your organization.
It's unsettling to be made aware that an organization like yours has the presumption to speak in the name of Jesus.

Conclusion: Your organization should be declared illegal for fomenting hatred towards the weak and humble. It is an un-christian organization that uses nazi-like rhetoric to demonize the weak instead of helping them: the real work of Satan.

Edwin Martin

Regarding you "article" comparing Klingons to Muslims:

Actually, Gene L. Coon (co-creator of Star Trek) kinda sorta based the TOS Klingons on the stereotypical image of the 12th century Mongol Horde during their expansion under the rule of Jenghiz Khan and his offspring. In any event, the Turko-Mongol (Ural-Altaic) nomads of the Eurasian steppes have absolutely no genetic or linguistic link to Semitic Arabs, the only convergence being the Turkic acceptance of Sunni Islam due to nothing more than an accident of geography (much like the Kara-Kitai accepting Sinicised Buddhism from China, or the Finno-Ugrics accepting Christianity via their proximity to Europe). Mr. Mullins, you really needs to pull your nose out of that gutter and actually travel a little. Fucking retard.

My favorite: "Well, you don't need a degree in Theology to see how clear it still is. In fact, I think the new makeup does an even better job of bringing out the demonic nature and character of the Arab people."

Ignorance and hatred...nice combination for a supposedly good Baptist Church. What would Jesus think? that you're an idiot!

Samuel Garrison

Landover Wedsite, I like to consider myself a fair and open-minded person, able to see most situations from both sides. But as I have been touring your website over the past couple of days, I find myself at a loss to muster any sort of empathy towards your views and practices. I have so many reactions and questions that this email will probably end up a bit muddled, but please bear with me.

One, doesn't the basic principal that we are taught by both our parents and the Church is to try to love one another and not hate? I'm actually incapable of hating anyone, and believe me, I've tried (for popular arguements sake in the past). How can teaching children to hate anyone different than tehmeselves be a good thing? In my opinion, teaching fear and hatred is working directly against Gods' will. I believe that since all humans exist, we are all created by God, and to hate one another is wrong and repressive and unnatural.

Two, historically speaking, Jesus was a Jew. At that point in time, white people weren't born in the Middle East. The Bible states that Jews are the "Chosen Ones", and might that possibly be because the Son of God was Jewish? Christainity itself exists ONLY because Judaism existed first. The Torah (the Jewish holy book) is our Bibles' First Testament; we added the Second Testament centuries later.

Three, I can't remember which article I was reading, but it said something to the effect that Americans are the ONLY right nation in Gods' eyes, and every other nation was in some way or another blasphemy realized geographically. But remember, every single American who is NOT a Native American is not originally from here. Europe, Asia, Africa (non-consentually), and the Middle East are, for the vast majority of Americans, the Original Homeland. Another article addressed why "the Chinese talk to funny". Again, the English language comes from Great Britain, an island far across the sea. Even within the English language, many of our words are borrowed from other Germanic languages. The words "redux", "activate", "forums", and "audio" are ALL French words. Plus, I noticed that you've addes Valentine's Day items to the gift shop; Valentine's Day is in honor of St. Valentine, a Catholic.

I could go on for a long time with this email, but I feel I made my biggest points known. If you choose to reply, please be as respectful of me as I have been of you, even though we disagree on most subjects. Thank You.

Chelsea Lea
Los Angeles, CA

I just want you to know that you are taking the bible out of context in many ways and that I am only 18 and I think for your add to be on a government web site is a huge mistake and the fact that your corrupting many people in this nation is sickning. If you want to argue about this feel free. I can debate about this all day and I garentee even at this age I will win because I have the bible on my side. Feel free to email me at justchillin_23@hotmail.com . Thanx

Jason Malakaua

is this site some sort of joke or is it for real, cause if its for real, u make satin look good compared to u email me at xxxxx@xxxxx.com

Michael Bales

As members of the "Mormon" church we would like to make a small correction in your statement against us. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mormon is not the name of our church; it is just a nickname that ignorant people use. About the What Would Jesus Do thong...exactly what part of your religion allows the use of thongs when skirts cannot be above one inch of knee? Your depiction of Jesus Christ is close to the portrayal of Satan in all other universal religions. How ironic that the words you use, in the "name of Christ" are full of hatred when, if Christ is a perfect being he would have no room for hatred. How can you be so cruel to say that you will sit back and watch everyone around you burn to death without trying to help them. That is real Christian behavior right there. Thank you.


Bowers and Hardwick, Are you out of your mind! Your "facts" are wrong! I am no longer a Catholic the word means universal by the way. After reading your home page I suggest that you check out the lies that you are spreading in the name of Christianity and get yourself some counseling. I am a born again Christian and ordained minister. I was educated in Catholic Schools, I also served as an alter boy and at NO Time was I ever accosted by a Catholic Priest. The LIES that you are spreading is breaking the commandment "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor". Maybe it's time that you read your Bible!! I read about your trip to the Vatican where in your profound ignorance you believe that Catholics worship statues, idols, false Gods.The statues are pieces of Art and no one worships them. The Baptist Church has had it's share of sex scandal also. "He who is without Sin cast the first stone". The LIES that the two of you spread and you know that you are liars! I can't believe that you make statements that have NO historical truth concerning the birth of Christianity. Where are your facts? Back up your statements with the text that you allegedly took them from! This is a time in the body of Christ that we must come together. I pray that you will get some psychological counseling. Repent of your lies servants of SATAN! Put up a web site of Christ's Love and encourage those that read what you put up to Love and Help one another, not tear down and destroy each other.



I am a youth pastor in Colorado. A student found your site, a student who does not know Christ. We've been debating back and forth on Biblical issues while I try to win him over to the Lord.

One of the issues we've discussed is why there's so much death in the Bible. Then he finds your site and the Quiz with the title, "God's favorite ways to kill" and my arguments are set back days, weeks or months.

That title may be more than a little insensitive. Would you consider changing it and posting an apology?

Lynn Ault - Refuge


I'm a college student in Oklahoma and was visiting the White House web site, and saw the words who will Jesus burn? i click on it just because i want to see what you had to say. There i read your quiz and became appalled, i have been a Christian almost all my life and i have never believed in hell, in the first place, but to send a little two year girl to hell because she can not tell the difference between being clean and dirty in her diaper. That's crazy!! The bible as i know it says that ALL God's children are going to heaven, That sounds like it includes everyone in the world or universe are going to haven. Because aren't all children of God, no matter how old we are, or what human sin we have committed? One of the reason you said that Jesus would burn someone to hell was the verse John 3:16, God so loved the world that......... I thought and tell me if I'm wrong that Jesus died so our sins were forgiven! ! , so my are you saying we are still going to prosecution, for the Human sins we commit. Yes i believe if we cross God's law then we will be punished, but not from the example that you gave.

Please can you write me back and help me understand where you are coming from, i want to grow in my faith and find it hard when i see things in our society that are confusing.

Thanks for your time

April layne

Just today, I was searching the web when I happened to come across your web article concerning the movie "American Psycho". First of all, I would like to start by saying your writer needs to double-check his or her information. Just a few things, to say the least, were false in the article. Let me give you a few examples. The picture with Leonardo DiCaprio as the "American Psycho" was not from that movie. That was a scene from the film "Romeo and Juliet", which by the way, is a Shakespearian classic.

Another false bit of information would be that Alfred Hitchcock wrote "American Psycho". The movie was actually based off of a book written by Bret Easton Ellis. Later in the article the writer describes scenes from the so called movie. One of which being a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio fakes his death by drowning from an ocean liner. That, by the way, was from the movie "Titanic". Titanic was an actual historic event. The movie was completely true, minus the love story between the two main characters. One other scene illustrated by your writer was one describing the head of a girl spinning, then throwing up pea soup. That would be a scene from the film "The Exorcist".

Other than movie descriptions, there were slanderous remarks made on Leonardo DiCaprio. If your organization does not like him as an actor, that is no reason to write such ridiculous lies. Everyone has his or her own opinions. That is what makes us all unique. One fine example of these lies would be that Leonardo DiCaprio, and I quote, 'is so possessed by Satan that his very appearance has been physically altered by demonic forces.' These are things that I would expect from a five-year old child who does not know any better.

I feel that I should add two more things to this e-mail. First, Leonardo DiCaprio did not even play in the film "American Psycho". He was considered for a stand-in, but that never did occur. Second, your little motto, I guess you could call it... 'All Jesus, All The Time, Landover Baptist, Unsaved Not Welcome!' You should be ashamed! Jesus, unlike yourselves, tried to save all, and not cast them from His presence. Perhaps you should follow the lead that our great martyr died for.

One question for you. Why is the 's' in 'unsaved' a dollar sign? What are you trying to get across to the people? The dollar sign tells me your organization is only out for its own avarice.

I would love to hear from you. My e-mail address is princessmugg@xxxxx.com Hope to hear from you soon.

A. Eggleston

First off, I'd like to address the article about the Indian remains found on the land. You people are monsters. I was literally sick when I read what you did with them. Imagine: Those remains were human beings at one time. Lets say your boned were found millions of years in the future. These people were pagan (and I have nothing against them), and in such an amount of time most of the world was pagan. They found your bones, said "So what? These people were Christians, this isn't a Christian nation." and did what you did. You would want revenge, wouldn't you? Again, I literally vomited when i finished reading that article. And I have read those movie articles, you are calling anything animated or Japanese (let me guess, you think they're heathens, right?) evil. You people need to open your eyes to the world around you. People have been playing Pokemon for quite a long time, and do you see any evil people trying to take over the world? You people totally sicken me, and if I believed in it, I would tell you to burn in hell. I ask you kindly to check out this site, a report done by my friend, who happens to be an Atheist. Click Here

I will leave you to be in your filth.


you freekin' sicko! i don't care who you think you are, or what, but you need to get your BIBLE straight. God will NOT be mocked, as it is written, and if you think that you are going to be mocking Him, you wait until He deals with you. and believe me, He WILL deal with you, and you won't be the one that will be heading to Heaven unless you get yourself right with what God TRULY says. your the one who is in trouble.

Janell Synstelien

It's too bad all your immense talent is not truly going toward growing God's Kingdom.


Remove that insult to trekkies, WE ARE NO RELIGION BASED community !!!!!!!!!!

Its a series, idiots, nothing in there is in any way related to the stupidity of religion !

House Martok

please take your crazy crap off this internet we have enough crap sufing around and every one needs christ ,saved and the saved not? god loved the sinner is that not the reason he came to be a phisican for the sick not the rightous? that every one might beleive and not perish so your theroy is crap and mis leading hundreds? your church is based on reglious methods that you might make it in heaven you will be susprised who youll see there when its your turn to leave this earth! we are to live by faith not be sight! he works thru our hearts not bye your relious acts of love!!!!!!!!!!! i feel sorry bye your narrow views of the bible- babys under demon poession come on? all children are under gods protection untill they know right from wrong? sir you and your church, you are very twisted about gods love for all people even the sinner he did set with all types sinners and sick people and healed many and mostley bye there faith in him and his father thats who he is ? he a rock in all times, my light in a dark world no matter what i go thru thats why he died for you and i to show us a better why and that he cared no matter what so i beleive as my right to say you have twisted the truth and the word for your selfive gain, at hurting people expense! shame on you !!!!!!!!!!!!! may god have mercy on your soul he can even change the hardest of hearts and all peple are welcome in the house of the lord how do you think the unsaved will ever hear of his love and mercy, for each one searching ? sir religion will not save you are your church only bye his grace are we saved not bye works !that any one boast, ill pray for this mess you started i know that god is watching and he says the teacher or pastor will have more to anwser, for they way he lived and pretrayed the truth to his people? lizf


I'm just writing with a bit of advice to you. To mock suck things the way you did with the Daredevil movie is plain non-religious. Looking into entertainment, especially that of a fictional character based on a beloved comic book hero and superstar that children look up to, and trying to find "Satan" is ridiculous. All you show is that you, yourselves, are looking for some reason to stir up an arguement. Readers of the Daredevil comic book have always gotten the message behind it...which is that despite handicap and inability, you can do anything. That is a Positive Message, unlike that of your review of the movie. Every day I find a new reason why I want to completely disregard the church and religion...and that review alone is a good reason. Please stop being childish...it is just a movie about a hero...not Satan. I'm sure it would've been more "Devilish" if it was about the dark lord himself. Please...I implore you...things like this make believers like me want to "not" believe.



In reference to you r article “Can The World of Star Trek Help Americans Understand Muslims and their Culture of Terror?

Before trying to even scratch the surface of our great religion and culture I suggest to read about it instead of referring to a silly and stupid show like star trek, and if the American people enlighten their knowledge by viewing such silly shows then this tells a lot about the American people and their Sunday schools as well!!!!

By the way, Hitler the world’s number one terrorist was a Christian so that makes Christianity from your point of view the number one religion for terror

Ali Abu Ghoush - AliA@xxxxx.com

I am 18 and am a spirit filled Christian. I stumbled on your site while in search for praise dancing. And what I saw appuled me. I read the, "dancing in taliban's blood" I have one question. Is that a sick joke or do you like taking scriptures and twisting them to fit into revenge? Personally I pray for their deliverance and salvation. They are no different then you and I. We to at one time was in sin and to say we weren't makes us liars and the truth is not in us. God showed us mercy the least we can do is pray for those who hate us for I am pretty sure that is scripture also. Or do you twist that too? Salvation is for everyone it doesn't end in the landover baptist church. I was also looking at your message boards. Why wouldn't you want the unsaved in there. isn't that what a church is for to reach the lost? If not then I am deeply confused.Perhaps you can clear that up for me. I am active on two Christian message boards, One is called Secretmotive and the other TeenJesus. The beauty of those message boards is we actually get unsaved on there and we get to do a thing called ministering. We have had people healed, delivered from depression, suicide, anger lust etc and I personally have had the God given honor of leading a young lady to the Lord. We chat and have our good time but we are open to others coming in. Atheists are welcome and we have witnessed to many. And God has truly blessed us. Each of our lives has been changed. So why do you keep the unsaved out? If God leads them to you are you going to turn them away like the priests and the high leaders did the beat up man in the story of who is my neighbor and just stick your noses up and walk on by. I pity some of the churches today. I pity my parents generation and how many of them are turning into pharisees. White washed tombs who carry out religious rituals, bible quoting but dead inside pharisees. Relgious leaders who didn't know Jesus was walking by the temple while they were praying for the Messiah to come. I am so glad that my generation has a vision one for good and not for evil. We have compassion, a burning to see those lost ones saved. Never will we turn away nor tell any one to go to hell cause they don't agree with us. Heaven forbid I ever say that. My Lord guide my tongue. Many churches need to learn what it really means to walk in the Holy Spirit instead of by the knowledge of the flesh. Get back to basics and call down salvation into America and around the world instead of killing, shedding blood and condemning.Revival! Breakthrough! Freedom! Deliverance! That is all I have to say. May GodBless you.


Hello there, my name is Elizabeth and I am a Vegan. I was recently emailed your sermon on Vegans being modern day witches. I would just like to say that not only is that a ludicris statement, but also that by being Vegan it does not mean we are 'spitting on His son's final supper'. I am Vegan for various reasons, the main one being the unethical treatment of animals. Humans are treated with compassion and the like, but animals...well animals are 'thrown to the wolves'. You're God preaches a kind and loving message to his followers, well what about the innocent animals that were placed on this earth? I know that animal slaughtering will never stop, it is a fact that I have come to accept. I simply wish that the animals that are slaughtered were done so in a more 'kind and loving' way. My point in this letter is not to condem you or anything like that, I just wish you would rethink your sermons and understand where we Vegans come from. But remember, if you aren't careful...we'll put a spell on you...

A Non-Meat Eater,

Elizabeth Jape