April 2007

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Letters To Landover: Pastor's Mailbag

APRIL 2007
A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

Hello, I reading over you site or the site concerned with talking snakes from Genesis. Ok, thatís easily comprehended, but you have on the site that Negroes were not on the planet or in Africa until after the Noah scene in Genesis. When I read it I died laughing, you guys obviously have no clue.

Firstly, negroe is not a proper term to classify the indigenous original people of the planet; itís a westernized term that was produced whilst the kidnapping of Nubians from West Africa to America. One thing you left out is trace elements of Melanin. It is impossible to state that whites came first. For how would you prove Nubians coming after these so called dominating whites, historically and scientifically it doesnít match up.

You should consider changing your information on the site. Itís overtly racist. I can prove all things I speak. I am a Nubian who traces his genealogy to originals Kemetians of this planet.

You might need to work your head around that whites were created and come from NubiansÖ

I don't know who you people think you are, but obviously, you don't know the Bible. Everything that is printed on here is nothing more than a sick joke. This is full of Satanic lies and deceptions. Anyone who has any common sense would know this. I hope that you get a revelation of who Jesus is before it is too late because you have no clue. You need to read your Bible and stop mocking christians and trying to deceive people with this garbage you are printing.

Sandra Stewart


I am here to lend you an argument to your way of life... i was browsing you site and i saw a few things that you satan worshipping assholes got a bit wrong...

First off... when it comes to your facts of how clothing is the most important thing for a "good christian", than why were adam and eve not created with clothing? And i could have sworn that everyone was equal if they were freed from their sins? What if a homeless man finds god... where is his suit and tie? Is Jesus going to buy him one? Or is he a sinner for being laid off due to this shitty republican gavernment we have and due to the "Good Christian nation" your beloved George Bush created.

And on other notes... about your veiw of Anna Nicole... I, must admit i didn't like the lady that much, but flat out accusing her of being a sinner and a heroin addict... now i don't think that those comments are of good christian beliefs. Belittleing the deceased and disgracing the live for what they MAY HAVE done is a bit messed up in my eyes, or did Jesus tell you this. In my eyes when it comes to you people, you will all be going to hell, you take to word of the bible and twist that fairy tale to make you look better than the theiving peices of shit you are. I hope that Jesus felt it when i drew a dick on his forhead the other night! And i don't do it becasue of religion and what he may have done, i think if he was real he was a good guy, I do these things to further try to show my disapproval of how you people Disgrace when he may have said if he was real.

And one last thing before i go, and if you are still reading thins than good... i hope that cross shaped dildo is feeling mighty good in your alter boys... but on to my point... in one of your quizzes you have a question about what does god get most offended by... and the answer was "Homosexual acts..." instead of the choice of "raping... RAPING... your two virgin daughters" now thats fucked up... i hope you get the pleasure of seeing your daughters raped and crying on the fucking ground covered in blood... and that will be becasue God hates gays, right? The only reason you do what you do and say what you say is becasue of fear, your parents scarred you into believeing now you scare others... you have no inner faith in yourselves and you need someone to take the unanswerable questions away right?

Well i hope you have a great life and a great after life of burning in hell...which i dought is eve there. And i hope that your hard dick gets pleased by your little helper boys... but better do it in a closed room where god can't see.... you know... or maybe you can go rape your 10 year old daughter... god won't mind

Matt Trahan

PS ... Fuck You and Your Stupid Fucking Robes

Hi, I just recently saw your website and I was wondering if you would be willing to adopt a child out. We could reimburse you to a certain extent. My family is a Christian Family and can not afford to adopt a child from over seas because it costs like $40,000, but we would love to have a little 0-3yr old girl added to our family. Preferably a Caucasian or Latin American girl, but a black little girl would be fine too. She would be very well taken care of and would grow up in a Christian home. Please let me know if this is something you might consider doing? Thanks a lot! 

Rebekah Wisterman

I will keep your ministry in my prayers. I started doing pretty good on your quiz as soon as I answered with the least Christian answer I coulld find. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that he will open your heart to the fact that you have been decieved by Satan and that the penalty for being a false teacher is steep indeed. I will not quote scripture to you because without the Holy Spirit's presence in your heart you have no chance of understanding the beauty and truth of God's enternal word. You teach belief in Hell my friend, not the love of our crucified and risen savior. Satan uses your ministry to hide the truth of God's eternal love from the masses who have given themselves over to secular humanism and the worship of science. Eternal damnation is truely real my friend and I fear for your soul and any you might mislead because no version of eternal punishment that you are Satan himself could dream up is worse than the eternal separation from God that awaits those who are truely damned. Your teachings sound like Richard Dawkins the fundamentalist atheist describing Christianity. You're actually lending support to Christ's worst enemy. I turely hope that the Holy Spirit will descend upon your ministry and show you the deception that Satan is working through you.

If the Holy Spirit was truely within you, could there really be room for so much hate? Where is you're good fruit? Is your ministry successfully winning the world for Christ? Are you really preaching the Kingdom of God?

Please let me know which Baptist organizations (if any) that you are a part of. I don't know of any that would have you.

May you repent and become the truely powerful witness you could be for dispelling the false picture of Christianity that ministries such as yours give the media to spread to nonbelievers around the globe.

If someone came to your church door unsaved would you really turn them away as your slogan says? If you worshiped in spirit and in truth wouldn't you invite them in and share your good news?

I fear for your soul that you haven't ever really opened your heart up to the good news. May God give you ears so that you can hear.

May your eyes be opened in the name of Jesus so that you may repent before it is to late. May the blood of our risen Savior wash away the hate that hides the goodness within you.

A charismatic, evangelical believer truned follower and chosen discipline of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ


You are sending the wrong message out to kids. "Satins Cotton Little Fingers????" What the heck? You are telling kids that it is wrong to where tampons. They are required in many sports, such as dancing, swimming, soccer, gymnastics, etc. I'm sorry, but your church needs to get their priorities straight. Good Day.


I was looking for some spiritually nourishing and otherwise interesting websites and I stumbled across yours instead. I am expecting that you will enjoy scoffing at this email and Iím sure you will send it around to all your companions, and might even get, what you believe is, a good laugh out of it. But thatís ok, I still feel compelled to share my thoughts with you.

I am including my email address just in case you are genuinely interested in a dialogue. But, you are probably too busy.

I was saddened by your obvious anger toward God. Itís not the sadness one feels when a loved one is seriously distressed, but more like the sadness a decent person might feel when a helpless puppy is kicked by a drunk. Most decent people would want to pick up that puppy, take it home, and nourish it with love, food, and a warm blanket. Itís a sadness that a person feels when a good friendís reputation is besmirched for no good cause.

Unwarranted anger towards God is all too common in the world today, but the extent of your anger is much more that I am used to seeing. I am sorry that you are hurting to such an extreme. For your hurting there is healing and great consolation in Jesus. You have scoffed at and denied the infinite, unconditional love God has for you. He expressed His great love for you in the virgin birth, perfect life, vicarious death, and glorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

If you had railed against me with such hatred Iím not sure I could find it in myself to seek you out to be a friend, but God, with His infinite love for you, wants to have you as a companion, throughout eternity.

Even with all this venom you have spewed, God still loves you, and if you will accept the Lord Jesus as your personal savior He will not hold any animosity against you and will receive you unto Himself.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.

You are in our prayers.


What kind of person are you? are you even saved? How can you say ur saved after writing such a horrid e-mail to a child, and tell them their pet is going to be eaten in hell by chinamen?....Jesus died for the the sinners, not the rightious.......Do you read your bible at all? I'm sorry but this sort of wierd twisted take on christianity is why Christians are called hypocrites, and the unsaved do not believe in God or Jesus. Hell was created for satan and his demons, not a place of punishmnet that God created for 'bad people". We where created by God with a free will, and we decide where we will go after death, because we either choose to believe and serve God or believe that there is no God. I think you are a cruel person to tell a child such hideous things about a beloved pet.........and I think when you tell a child such things, It makes them question God's love for him and everyone else.........................


I am Annointed to be a Evangelical Warrior for Christ, and I am affended by your sight. Behold, if thine eye offendeth thee, pluck it out. God shall judge you, and Smite you Mightily. Where will you spend eternity.

Vae Victis

Jason Keys

Hello there to whomever read this. I have viewed this website and I just wanted to say may The Lord Jesus have mercy on all of you that are involved. This is slavery at its worst. More important you can't fool me. You are not servants of Christ, but are servants of the AntiChrist. As Matthew 24:24 states, "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." You may speak in Jesus name, but I know you do not know Him or else you would believe in Matthew 5: 38-48 were Jesus talks about having not only love for your neighbors, but to love your enemies as you love yourselves. True loves means treating people better than you want to be treated and to not look down on people. Read Isaiah 14:12-23, Remember...pride and vanity are the sins that got satan kicked out of heaven. You have misquoted the scriptures just as satan did to Christ in Matthew 4:1-11. Those scriptures in Leviticus chapter 27 refers to offering and tithing. I know the truth which is Christ. You can't fool me with the devil's lies. About the black race being cursed. Another lie that the devil has convinced you with. Noah was being prophetic with what he said to Ham. Some of his descendants (the Canaanites) would be cursed not all. Ham, just like Japheth and Shem would have many nations being descended from them. This was one nation that was cursed. They were cursed because of all kinds of sinful acts they practiced such as homosexuality, beastiality, idolatry, and etc. You know what many people are still doing today. God punishes those who disobey Him(or what they do) not for what they look like. What is the importance of this army you have. Are you apart of the Illuminati? The people working for satan behind the scenes to create a new world order. It sounds like it to me. Jesus died on the cross for all sinners(the world) so that they might be saved. John 3:16 states' For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Jesus shed His blood for all sinners which is the world. As He said in Matthew 18:11 "For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost." So how dare you only preach to the saved. We are to preach to the lost. That's why God left us here. Matthew 28: 19 and 20 He gives us the great commission by telling us to go and teach all nations, not some but all nations about the Word of God. I warn you to stop with this plan of brainwashing these precious kids. As Jesus said in Matthew 18: 6 "But whoso shall offend one of thes little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." That goes for offending kids and new converts. Most importantly Jesus teaches humility not arrogance(which is an attribute of satan) Matthew 18:4 says "Whosoever shall humble himself as this little child, the same is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven". If I am wrong about you all then I apologize but from what your website says I am not wrong. This is not a Christians church but a church of the antichrist. 1John 2:22 states "Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son". Satan preaches hate. God teaches love. Satan teaches racism, social status, slavery etc. Christ teaches equality and freedom. Make sure you are serving the Lord and not satan. Have a blessed day.

Mack Moore




Hey pastor fat pig landover ,Who are you to judge people that choose to be vegans because they love Gods creatures and don't want to eat them.....only God knows the heart of a real person and you are nothing but a fat lazy jerk.....todays meat is full of toxic poison and garbage and will surely be the death of you and Im' sorry to tell you but being a vegan is not spitting in Gods face nor does he want us to consume as much meat as we can.....and no vegans aren't modern day witches.....you are a witch and a satanist as far as I'm concerned....one of Gods commandments is thou shall not kill.....you have no right to judge lest you be judged.... try losing some weight you fat pig....

Of Ravens and Angels

Are you people for real? i've never seen so much un christian writing in my life. Have you pople actually read the bible or just simply glossed over it. i think if you read it from cover to cover you might find somewhere in there 'he who judges will be judged'. However if this site is meant ti be a joke well done i laughed my arse off. if it is not a joke i think you should all check yourselves into Gissing House (aka psyc ward).

Kind Regards


Emma Burton

thank you for posting the how to prevent your son from being gay. thank you because it really opens my eyes as to show what shit religion has been turned to. i hope there would be a hell just to see hateful sons of bitches like you burn in it! fuck you you piss hole dum ass! and check your spelling when you post an article you ignorant son of a bitch. fuck you and all of your church.

William Parks

I was stunned and outraged that you would tell and 8 year old that his pet does not go to heaven.

There are so many verses that indicate your view point is totally "baptist". I am caught off guard as to the verses, but should you read the intire Bible (King James), you will find plenty.

"The lamb shall lay down with the lion" comes to mind.

"You shall have the desire of your heart" I know the desire of a pet lovers heart.

The fact that all baptist refuse to acknowledge most of the new testament starting with the book of Acts is more than proof you just do not know what you are talking about.

The last page of the book of Mark spells out what you must do to be saved according Jesus Christ himself. Failure to adhere will be dangerous to your soul.

I do not mean to address this in mean spirit, but you must use caution telling the little ones such "absolutes" when you do not even have a basic foundation as to salvation. Oh yes I do, unfortunately for him, my grandfather was a baptist preacher. He tore the book of Acts from his Bible.

How sad....I guarantee, there will be no man made religions or names or organizations in the real Heaven that will include animals.

Kay Rains

You arenít serious are you? I mean your internet site.. itís a spoof right? I am just really confused, we had to read your ďHell HouseĒ article in our college Bible class, and our teacher actually thought you were for real! What a joke! Anyway, please just tell me the site is a joke so I can let my teacher know. Thanks!

-rebekah morgan

Hi ! My name is Charles Pelletier, i live in Quebec Canada. Im a believer in Wicca and im gay. I read the DaVinci Code and watch show's like Gost Wispererer and Charmed. I landed on your website by mistake and as i was reading i couldn't believe my eyes. Did you actually know that Wicca, witch and witchcraft have NOTHING to do with SATAN. Did you actually did reserch on this subject or are your just writting anything without really knowing the truth. I used to be Catholic and i got tired to hear the same old things that cause i was gay i was going in hell and bla bla bla. Since i switch to Witchcraft and Wiccan beliefs i feel so much better and my life is turn around. Im really dissapointed that you could put a graphic that relate Satan to Wicca. It's the most absurd thing. Do your reserch ! People fear what they don't understain, well your church is scared and you'll never understain the magick and the power of being Wiccan.



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