July 2008

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Letters To Landover: Pastor's Mailbag

JUNE 2008
A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

I just read your page on “We buy children”. Are you kidding me??? That is the craziest shit I’ve read in a long time!! Your church group is insane! You should be ashamed of yourselves….. “sell us your children and get back on your feet”… WTF!!!! Plus your info is wrong, blacks don’t have extra bones in their ankles and smaller brains. Your church sounds more like a cult!!! Who gives you the right to put a price on any human life? Ask God to save you from your own ignorance!!!

Shannon Abraham

HELLO! THANK THE LORD all americans are not buying the obama scene.... i praise GOD that all people are not hudwinked by him..

please keepup the good work

in christ carol burchett

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is Saqib Yaqub (Max Cocko) from Pakistan. I have been visiting the Landover Baptists for many years and find it most encouraging and the site and people of the faith there, bringing close to the truths of the Word of God. We are a team here working to translate the Christian material from your wonderful church into Urdu and Punjabi, our national and local languages. We translate and record (audio) the material on your web site into regional dialects - distributing your wonderful message of God's truth directly from landvoerbaptist.org into newspapers and to the radio. We have been doing this for many years, despite the trouble and persecution from Muslim authorities.  We are new Christians here ourselves. We wonder if you would ask the Landover ministry to put that material on a website for the people who are known to these languages. This will bring many souls close to the true truths of the Bible which we have been moved by ourselves through the glorious speaking ministry of Deacon Fred and other preachings at this great church.

For this, there will be some expenses needed to get up to that task. But for the Glory of God, we understand that you hold numerous wealths offshore and want to assist you in getting people into the kingdom of God. We would like to be of service to you, as we have been doing this of our own hearts to the Lord and of no charge for many years. We will be keep looking for your positive views on it as we lead and direct many people in Pakistan to the largest and most powerful assembly of worthwhile Christians to ever exist.

May the will of God be done. Praise to all at the Landover Baptist Church and associated ministries. May it continue to bless others as it has blessed and led many peoples of our nation to Christ Jesus and prosperity.

Sincerely, Saqib Yaqub - Max

Contact - Max Cocko [maxcocko@yahoo.co.in]

I am a Christin and I believe you guys are all false-prophets, your opinions are awful. What you believe in is not the loving Lord that I know! You people do not invite the non-christions into your website, when in the bible Jesus was hanging out with the hookers and the drunks. You guys set a horribel example for all Christians. Please stop your website, you aren's preaching the Lords word!

If a dad is touching his boy in bad places, that is not OK, whoever you are!

Weldon King

Fuck you satin lovers!


I stumbled upon your website because a few years back, I went looking for information about gay teens. I am now clearing out my favorites but wanted to see what your site had to do with gay teens. I think I have stumbled upon the most ignorant information in regards to gays ever. As for acceptance that I believe that my God wants from all of us regardless of who or what we are, where is that in any of your information about your Church? Since God made each of us, I know He loves us all. I think that if anti-gay is your belief, you would accomplish a lot more by being loving instead of bashing. Your tips on how to make your child not be gay is the most ignorant of all. I hope you rethink having it on your site because it is all untrue.

I will pray for each of you in hopes you will become more lie our Awesome loving God and Savior.

A Mom of a gay son and proud of it and him.


Your ignorance amazes me. I am truly shocked. But I am a firm believer in karma and I know that all of this is going to come back and bite you on the ass you sick fucker. And you have my permission to put this in a book! Let the whole world know how disgusted I am with you and anyone who agrees with you. You'll all see one day, and then you'll be sorry. But it will be too late.

Georgia Smith

I accidentally came across your website, and when i did, i was APAULLED. How disgusting. Actually disgusting isnt even a bad enough word to describe your site. I was reading how you punish your children, and you are plain EVIL. In NO way would God EVER think it was okay for you to do that. That is the most awful thing i have EVER read in my life. I hope you people go to HELL. I KNOW you people will go to HELL. A parent is not suppose to beat their child, a child learns everything from their parents actions. and by their parent beating them, then they think it is okay to go beat whoever the FUCK they want, and its NOT okay. I will be reporting this website.

Mara Rose

One of my friends posted what you said about homosexuals on myspace and i read it and then went to your website. I find you a ridiculous fraud. Do you even believe the stuff that you put on this site? Because if you do you all need serious mental help. If you read the Bible it tells you that God is all forgiving. In other words hes not going to hate you if you are gay, or a woman or you make mistakes in your life. The fact that you tell people to abuse their children just to make sure they are not gay, makes me think you are all going to hell, if there is even a hell. I hope some of the people who are in this fake ass church realize that you are crazy and that this is bullshit. As a former Catholic I find it even harder to swallow your b.s. I may not practice my religion or any religion but i do believe in God and i think he is a lot more forgivig then you people think. I hope you realize how messed up you people are and take down this site. You are a disgrace to any church. I feel sorry for any of your members. I wonder how you sleep at night knowing you tell people to abuse their children. I hope some people hear me and rethink this.

Becka M.

I read an article posted by your church claiming the possibility that women do not have souls.... It also stated that women are members of the animal kingdom. But aren't men members of the animal kingdom as well? Humans are simply more developed, and were given gifts from god that other animals do not have. And although Eve was fooled by Satan, Adam was just as quickly to believe his lies when he accepted the fruit from Eve. This accusation that I don't have a soul is rather disturbing. I love and worship god just like any other Christian, and God loves ALL human beings. Why should one person get into heaven over another just because he has a penis?

Thank you for your time, and God bless

Katie Johnson

How fucking stupid do you brainwashing little shits have to be?? Why is it that anything that is not Christian is considered evil? Do you guys even listen to yourselves? Pokemon is MAN-MADE, Satan didn’t send them here. And how exactly are they Satanic? PLEASE explain this to me, because I must have been too far in my right mind to see THIS bullshit going on. Pokemon was created for kids. Just like Barney and Teletubbies and all that. Or are you saying those are Satanic too now? Stop trying to “better” the world. You people are only fucking it up more. Better yourselves first and stop being so closed-minded, then maybe you guys will make sense. This isn’t ancient times; we’re not burning people at the stake here. This is the modern world, so wake the fuck up. And when I say “you people”, I’m talking about you zombies and your little cult religion that thinks they’re better than everyone else. What makes you better than me besides the fact that I chose not to sell my soul to a brainwashing, conspiracy-filled bullshit club? And I love how you are the same people who degrade us lesbians because it’s against the Bible. I’d love you to prove to me where God says gays can’t exist. You CAN’T, because he never said anything like that. Any and all passages that mention God hating gays is from the mouth of MAN, so I know it isn’t 100% accurate. You know, I think Hitler may have missed wiping out a certain group during the Holocaust. You people disgust me.

Kris Card

i think what u are saying is a bunch of bullsh** and u should really change the name of your addy because landover is something that i do when i am in the bedroom so i thought i would drop you a line and let you know that! I just want to know how looking at super heros makes your penis get hard when naturally he was probally going thru purberty maybe thats y it was getting hard and if you make that poor boy where a sign around his neck that is cruel behavior even for a pastor u should feel something besides that maybe he just need a helping hand and someone to talk to about his situation!!!! HAVE U EVER THOUGHT BOUT THAT O I GUESS NOT YOU ARE JUST WORRIED THAT EVERYBODY SHOULD DO WHAT U WANT THEM TO DO SO JUST SO U KNOW THIS IS AMERICA AND WE CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT AND NOBODY CAN STOP US!!! BY THE WAY ALL MY FRIENDS THAT BLEED FOR 7 DAYS IT IS NATURAL HOW ELSE ARE YOU SUPPOSE TO GET RID OF IT ITS NOT THERE FAULT THAT IT HAPPENS ITS A NATURAL PART OF LIFE! BUT YOU JUST GO ON LIVING YOUR LIFE THE WAY U THINK U SHOULD AND I WILL LIVE MY HOMO LIFE JUST AS WELL JUST ONE OTHER ? ARE U SURE YOU ARE NOT THE ONE WHO IS A LITTLE FUNNY(CLOSET) DONT BE SCARED TO SAY SOMETHING

Jeremy Pope

Hi Pastor Deacon Fred,

Can you set up your site to allow comments to be posted or even try posting some of the e-mail you receive? The entertainment value would be priceless! I loved the article about free Popeye's chicken for your voters card. You are killing me!!!

Please keep up the good work. Good Baptists need direction and herding.

A loyal fan,


First off, straight up - I'm a born-again Christian, baptized on September 1st, 2001. Don't make me show you my baptism certificate.

So, what would you do if I walked up to you and told you that I enjoy wearing lots of black and playing world of warcraft? What if I told you that one of my roomates was Wiccan? Would you pray for me? Hate me? Want to kill me?

I know that each person has a right to believe what they will, whether that belief is that by casting a few spells somebody will be turned into a toad, or that wearing your pants too tight is against the will of God. But I'd bet that if you saw me walking down the street, you'd assume I was something I'm not and try to save my soul. "Look at her, she's in all black and wearing a really long skirt, and sandals. Is that girl next to her wearing a Pentagram? Oh my." Yet, I read my Bible daily, and I go to church each Sunday. All I'm asking is two things: don't judge a book by it's cover. (If I did that I wouldn't be here, because Bible covers seem boring to me.) And please, before you post anything on your site, pray about it. Think - "how many more hateful emails will I get if I post this?"

Keep the faith, but don't go over the edge. Live in the world but don't be of the world. Don't give in to hype and hysteria - I've seen it drive away many people who would otherwise become saved. Focus on Jesus, not on the evils that are present in this world. No matter how bad it gets down here, our eternal reward awaits.

In Christ,

Megan Brasher

Are you fucking serious?? Giving parents tips to prevent their kids from being gay?? Don't use bright colored crayons, dont let him cry when he's a toddler?? Are you out of your motherfucking minds?? Your a bunch of cunts!!



Merybeth Granda - unleashabundance.com

go fuck yourself! or get laid! masturbate to porn! do something! you people are sick little mother fucking (or little boy fucking) fags who dont know how to fucking respect other religons! you piece of shits think that other religons are from hell and are "un holy" well, i KNOW that you are the fucking faggots who just want everyone to join your gay ass piece of shit religon so you have more boys to molest. religon is NOT REAL. god does NOT EXIST. jesus does NOT EXIST. poeple just made it up so they can have false hope and it spread like wildfire. when you die, NOTHING HAPPENS. if you see another religon "praying to satan", let them! it's their fucking religon! they arent doing ANYTHING illigal! if they do something illigal, let the fucking police handle it! it's not your fucking business! GET FUCKING LAID YOU PIECE OF SHITS!

Thomas Mills

I have read some of the stuff on your webpage, and I have to say that everyone that take part of a community, such as yours, really must have som kind of mental issue. You guys think that you life is more worth then any other person, just because you live in a delusion that you have some kind of personal relationship with a immaginary friend called "Jesus Christ". It is sad that you, and all the members of your community, use your whole life living in world of allusions. It even feels bad for me that me and you are created by the same substance. You guys should maybe try some kind of an IQ test. If the average score is over 80, please email me.

D4rk fir3 - msnpasswordsserver14





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