November 2006

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Letters To Landover: Pastor's Mailbag

A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

Teachers Punish Stupidest Students by Making Them Play Injuns in Thanksgiving Pageant

This is TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE CHILD ABUSE! Isn't there anyone sane in your state that is calling Child Protective Services on you! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and something else, Jesus was about spreading the word of LOVE and forgiveness. HELLO - THE CLUE PHONE IS RINGING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arielle Brownwood

I have read your 'homo prevention' article on this website, and could hardly believe the amout of made-up, stereotype-fed rubbish that it contains. What you have done is, because you know nothing about people different to yourselves, you make it all up. You assume that by drawing curvey lines and eating something that doesn't represent female genitailia, young boys will suddenly become gay, when in fact it does not have anything even slightly to do witth that. For example, there was no "Mr. Crayola"; homosexuals use the lavatory the same way any other man would, and your anti-doll technique's success rate of 99.5% is just utter crap.

And what the hell is so wrong with being gay? The ONLY dufference it carries to most people, is in the kind of person they find attractive, and that's it. Admittedly there are a few who behave rather too feminine, but for the majority who pass you on the street, you simply can't tell. Who are you to control what sexuality people choose in life? Especially when it is REAL scientific fact, that nobody knows who is going to become gay - it is pure chance. And every homosexual starts out life as a heterosexual.

I am a newspaper columnist in England - if I ever wrote such one-sided rubbish, I would be sacked, and rightly so. It's people like you who deserve a punch in the face more than anyone. And if I was over there and knew who you were, I'd have done it already. You are sick, narrow-minded people with a dusgusting appetite for controlling things which are absolutely none of your business. I hope that someone, one day, will teach you a lesson. I'm not sure you're worth the effort for me. You're just dickheads with not much of a life, so you try to shape everyone else's. You're disgusting, and I hope that somebody will tech you a lesson. You fucking dererve it if they kill you in the process.

Glen Davies

Deacon Fred YOUR A FUCKING IDOIT,if you had a bright idea it would be beginner luck.your one of those people who would be greatly improved by death.

Neal Ottoway

Dear Landover Baptists,

You are the most ignorant bunch of lunatics Iíve ever read about. If you would bother to do any real research you would see that witches are mostly benevelont people and have absolutely nothing to do with Satanism. Satanism is a completely different religion. I am a witch and Iím Jewish. How dare you say things like,

"From what we can gather, like Jewish people, Wiccans kidnap Christian children and drink their blood to seal their commitment to Satan." Are you actually saying that Jewish people worship Satan as well? What the hell is wrong with you? You do realize that Jesus was Jewish, donít you? And if youíd have done any research you would know that Wiccans and Jews donít believe in Satan. Wiccans believe that the only evil is in the heart of the witch. You give Christianity a bad name. You spout that you are good Christians. Good Christians are benevolent, forgiving people that follow the ways of Jesus Christ. The Lordís Prayer says it perfectly ďForgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against usĒ. Jesus would be ashamed of you. He wanted people to follow in the ways of love, forgiveness and kindness. Hate is not one of Jesusí values. He hated no one and loved everyone including those that killed him. Frankly, I think you need to go back and reread the bible because you donít seem to know what Jesus and Christianity is all about. You are making Jesus all about hate when he is all about love. And that is a travesty.

I want you to know that I forgive you for your ignorance and hatred which is more in keeping with the Christian faith than either your actions or your words portray. I encourage you to truly embrace Christianity and learn what it is really about instead of this hateful diatribe that you are trying to pass off as Christianity.


A Proud Jewitch - Kimberly Kaplan

Hello there..

someone just shared with me your web site with me and i can honestly tell you that you are in no way leading people to the cross... you are infact discracing the church by the rediculous things that you have on it. Thongs for christ?? are you kidding me?? How is it that you think that thats ok?? i mean is this a joke?? if not then i feel very sad for you.. and not just sad for you but for everyone that you are sending the WRONG message to!!!

I will pray for you and I hope that you will take down that web site!!

~Tristen Kent

Hi, I am catholic and that sermon I just read on yall's website sounds like Pastor Decon Fred hates Catholics. He has no right to judge them by calling them stupid and saying this in fact in doing that he is also committing a sinful act that is against God

Examples taken from that are offensive and against God's word.

First off, why is the file named "dangcatholics.html"? File name found offensive

"It doesn't stop there friends. Did you know that Catholics are so darn stupid they believe that Mary was a virgin until the day she died? taken from article?"

Nobody has the right to call other people stupid what makes Paster Decon Fred better than any of us?

"I think the only thing we can do is just say that Catholics must be mentally sick. I figure that's an accurate statement, seeing as how they think they're Christians and not a one of them has ever cracked open a Bible to find out what they believe in. They'd rather have an old pervert in a dress teach them about Jesus"

"Something that should clue the world in is the fact that Catholics insist on getting ALL their information about the Bible from old men who like to play with little boys' penises."

I suggest that he does respect the beliefs of others and not bash catholics. My prayers go out to him that God will help him realize the wrong he is doing in bullying catholics by calling them stupid and saying that they are mentally insane and all of that nonsense.

That site at the address is defiinitely a hate site to those who are catholic including me and I suggest it to be removed.

Pastor Decon Fred needs to realize that God is the only one who judges and not him. By reading that, I do feel Pastor Decon Fred hates Catholics. Bashing other religions is extremely ungodly and unchristianlike.

I'll be Praying for Pastor Decon Fred

Bryan G.

I notice you have a Ďwe buy childrení on this web site. Do you take newborns? Is this completely legal in the USA?

Sr Matia Liksha

Dear Religious Fundamentalist:

Before I begin, let me make something clear: You're reading the words of an Aboriginal male from Nova Scotia, Canada. Are you yet surprised I can write the English language so well?

You're an ignorant, disgusting human being. So are your smut peddling clergy members.

How dare you refer to a group of noble people like American Indians as "Injuns", "savages", and "infererior"? Honestly, how fucking dare you? Not only do I feel sorry for the people who choose to believe your words with their blind faith, but I feel sorry for anybody who comes into contact with you.

You're one of God's children? Please. DOn't make me laugh. Any noble God would never stand for the treatment of others in His name as you do.

Small pox? You have your mistakes mixed up. It was white colonists who brought the small pox virus to Turtle Island from Europe. If anything, YOU infected US! Thanks for the blankets, by the way.

People like you should be beheaded.

Jesus would NEVER stand for something like this.

Fuck you all and go to hell.


I can actually get a PS3 for beilieving in jesus? BULLSHIT! that whole article for the PS3 was the biggest sack of shit I ever heard. No, i'm not religious or anything I just happened to read your article from, and I almost shit myself from laughing to hard at that crap.

Zachary Niemiec

Close your site!!!!

Amy Chang

To whom it may concern: I am a college student who is working on a project for a business class. I am doing a report on subliminal messaging amongst children when I came upon your web site. Before I begin this letter I must inform you that I am also a devout Christian myself. When I read your article entitled "Rugrats: Television for Pedophiles" I was Completely outraged. The article was clearly written in ignorance and from a bias, clearly perverted point of view. Anyone who would take a child's cartoon, such as Dinosaurs, and try to say it was a "porno flick" or refer to a little boy with red hair and square glasses as a "homosexual" needs to research a little bit more before publishing such accusations. Besides the fact that it is politically incorrect to refer to a lesbian as a "dyke" or an African American as "chocolate". I have seen the cartoon and I can tell whoever wrote the article clearly only saw a few episodes because it was Completely inaccurate and based 100% opinion, not facts. It really concerns me that there would be a church of God our Father with such judge-mental and hurtful statements. Before you assign someone to take upon such an article it would be smart to have them do a little research, or have a little education, before portraying your church this way. It's disgraceful to Christianity! I'm not looking for any type of response, please, before publishing another hurtful article please be a little more sensitive to others.

"Remove the log from your eye before trying to remove the speck from your brother's" Jesus Christ Our Savior

God Bless,

Lyndsay Becker

I cannot believe an organization claiming to be of christian values would sell a magnet that says "My Catholic Priest Molested your Honor Student. This is shameful! Please delete this item from your inventory.

Spencer Rich

Jesus is real, He changed me over night and has not stopped working on me yet. You think your web site is funny, but there is a time coming when you will beg rocks to fall upon you. This is not a joke, you will die soon and He will say to you, "depart from me, I never knew you"

Texas Greenes

I am a born again Christian and I am utterley disguted by your horrific website, and the fact that you actually have the nerve to call this a Christian website, thank God for his Mercy and Grace - you need it.

I was trying to gather information on Catholics and why they praise the Virgin Mary so searched google and found your website. To actually use such angry and vile language is so uneccesary and silly. As christians we need to be more like Jesus, and do you really think that he would be so ubrupt and spiteful. Would he really use word like 'penis' in his sermon to describe the Pope? You and me both know that he would not, he is loving and humble, he forgave the Jews as they put him on the cross and yet you think that you and defile Unsaved!

As Christians you are ment to spread the gospel to the whole world and help those who are lost to be saved and born again. How are you going to do that if you they are unwelcome.

Then to sell Jesus underwear, what is wrong with you people. There are other ways to rememeber him then on underwear. The Devils got you working wonders for him but you need pray, lots of pray and guidance of what the holy spirit actually wants and what you actually want. Tonight we have a pray meeting and i will ask my church to pray for your website - or the horrific excuse for one. You give American Christians a bad name, yet you should be seting and example for all Christians.

Bedford, UK

Samantha Braich

I am a devouted Christian and I do not understand your message. How do you know that the red cloak Santa is wearing stands for a demon? Can you stand behind the message that you are sending out????? What happened 30 years ago, when Santa was just a myth character that made children everywhere happy! While I believe that CHRIST is the main reason for celebrating Christmas, how is Santa a threat? In those days everyone took things in a different way, a way in which holidays were for fun, giving, loving with bringing some hope to our somewhat dismal world. All Christians believe that God gave his Son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins in order that we might have an eternity in heaven with him. Santa Claus is just a story much like Robinhood or Alice in Wonderland. Now, what I do not understand is the fact that your blog contains a thong that says "What would Jesus Do?" That is really an irony! Why shouldn't your message be to include CHRIST AND CHRISTMAS instead of Happy Holidays? As Christians I think that this should be our focus. Ban stores that doesn't use our word Christmas?

Rick Coffey

All of this mail is ridiculous in that anyone would believe this site is authentic. It is flagrantly obvious that the intention of this site is to make a mockery of Christianity, and to stir up feelings off dissention between persons of differing sexes, races, religions and sexual orientations. The joke is on its author, however, in that, despite the heresy posted on his/her site, the Master and Creator of this elgant universe still loves him despite this ugliness.

Kimberly Holbrook

Regarding Unholy Toys

Good day,

It seems to me that there is a serious issue at hand here. Yes, I agree - but not with you. As psychology studies have shown us, subliminal messaging does nothing to our leanring and perception techniques (as people) when we absorb information. How we perceive life and all that surrounds us is based on exactly that: Perception. Therefore, it would seem that the people who are able to come up with such ridiculous ideas about "sex toys" and "toys that corrupt children" are indeed as such: Corrupt.

It is not so much the sick minded that have created these toys, no. It is the sick of mind who bring down upon it images of disgust and unholiness. You stand and accuse companies of creating toys that are "evil" in a sense, yet who has created such images? Who plants the ideas into the minds of adults and children alike? Certainly not the companies, but you, yourselves have created this image.

And so I ask you - how, how in God's name are you able to create such images and then proclame yourself to be doing good for all?

You have created this image of the devil, and you then accuse people of not conforming to "God's Laws". I do not believe that God wishes us to create the image of the devil in all we see - infact, I believe it is the opposite. God wishes us to create images of optimism and good in all we see - for if God is everywhere and everything, anything else is a sin.

This website disgusts me. It claims to be "A true christian perspective on local, national and world new"... I say again - what type of organisation that is "truly christian" creates images of evil in so many things? Tell me, who decided that this site would be a "True Christian Perspective"? Is it God? I highly doubt so. Simply someone who is extremely insecure and must "proclaim the truth" and trap people into conforming to laws that they have twisted and defiled.

I say again - God is everywhere and God is everything. To create images of the devil and images of evil is nothing less than a sin in my eye. For as we all know - perception is reality. If your perception is that of people being evil, I am sorry to say - your personality must be one that is grounded in such things.

Good day

C. Girard

This message is in regards to your church's views on the Harry Potter book series.

Are you insane? Do you truly, honestly believe that a book written for children and young adults is an attempt by a Christian mother to corrupt the minds of youth and force Satan down their throats? If this is true, I pray to my god that you finally wise up and realize that while some books can change the world for better or worse (i.e. the Bible, The Prince, The Art of War, etc...), a lot of them are made for two other reasons: monetary gain and/or entertainment. It is learning to separate these motivations that determines the worth of a person's opinion. And judging from your views on the Potter series, yours isn't worth a whole lot.

As for organizing book burnings, there was another group that did the same thing. Let me think of i- oh yeah, the Nazi Party. "Let's burn everything that a certain few don't like or actually educates people on how to deal with life. Yeah, that'll go over real well." Did you not see or read Farenheit 451? That particular movie/book dealt specifically with the ignorance of those who burn books. I highly suggest you watch it and learn something from it.

I bet that if I organized a Bible burning in my community you wouldn't feel the same about burning Harry Potter books. Why should you get mad at me if I did burn the Bible? It's just a book: paper, ink, and cardboard. Nothing more, nothing less.

And it's the little caption beneath the first image on this page ( that really disturbs me: are you comparing yourself to Muslim jihadists over in the Middle East? It sure sounds that way.

I truly hope that your organization is nothing more than a scheme or cult so that I can rest easier knowing that things like this do not exist inside the minds of everyday people. The fifth book's release is the fifth seal of Lucifer? Bush could possibly stop the films from being made (since when has any film been banned in the States?)? Wiccans being trained through the books?

And that's another thing; that last statement is liable. I myself am Wiccan and yet I have never harmed another living thing and do not intend to. If you had a ounce of sense in your fool head you'd know that Wicca and Satanism are completely different things, formed by completely different people in totally different times and countries. I suggest you do something called "research" before making such ridiculous claims. And any self-respecting Satanist would not say that Harry Potter is a guidebook from the Devil. In fact, visit the Church of Satan's website and do some reading; what you learn may surprise you in that it teaches people to live their lives the way they want, not guided by dogma or fear of a wrathful god.

Your religion teaches you to be loving unto others, and yet you spout messages of hate towards people who have done nothing wrong. Along with burning books, next you'll be saying that we should burn the witches and Wiccans because they're servants of Satan. Didn't we already do that in a little thing called the Inquisition? And even then the victims were not witches, but innocent people who had been fingered by enemies or rivals, again much like the Nazi Party exterminating the Jews.

I'll leave you with this: grow some sense, or shut the hell up. It saddens me to know that we as a species have fallen so far as this to think that some great evil can be unleashed in a book. This isn't The Mummy or Charmed. I'm sure God is seeing that you are not acting out of love for your fellow man. Wake the hell up!

Michelle Lawhorn

How dare you

who do you think you are teaching our children to hate there parents what are some kind of cult. And teachnig them to take money from there parents. I do not find that being a christian at all. What did Jesus do he had fellowship with the sinner. I have been saved for the last 17 years and I am sooooooo apauled at this site my daughter came across. You will be accountalbe to God for what you do and miss leading childeren especially.




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