November 2007

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Letters To Landover: Pastor's Mailbag

A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

You people are fuckin crazy! Your ideas are totally off of the wall! You are the kind of people that would kill yourself and all of your followers to catch the bus on the back of a comet! LOL! I'm sending your shit to my friends so we can all get a good laugh at your expense. By the way, I used to be a christian. Now I'm Wiccan.


As a saved mom and a God fearing woman. I think this church needs to reconsider what they display on their website. The veggietales article really shocked me. What is wrong with you people! I have a one year old that watches veggies tales and teaches her more things she will ever learn from any other secular worldly shows. And also as a Sunday school teacher I really think you should be reading your word a lot more. Veggie tales teaches children about Gods love and happiness and sharing. I'm really confused on how you all believe. You really need to do a check up on your salvation.

Shelton Girl

Never in my Christian walk heard of something like yours. You guys can not joke around with God. If this site is just a joke, please wake up and be serious, REMOVED IT!!!!! This will be a poison in the minds of the unbelievers.

PO Rodriguez

I am a believer in god and I just want to say what you're "preaching' is absoulte nonsense. I cannot believe what i read in the article the pastor had written. He claims that anyone who remarries is destined to go to tell. And so are the children and the generations after that. That is total Crap!!! Where do you people get off saying children are going to hell just because their parents remarry? Or saying children will be slaughtered for the sins of their parents? You people need to grow a brain and a conscience because I dont know who you think you are writing that kind of nonsense. If anything, you people are bigots and a cult and are brainwashed. That is absolute nonsense. To say those things are inhumane and cruel. I don't think god would be too happy to hear that thats what you think he said. Because I can guarantee you you people put it way out of context. Do you people have a life? You're just another cult who thinks they know it all as if they were there when all these things were "said." Its absolute Garbage!!!!


My name is Allison I am a firm believer in our lord and I was shocked and sickened by some of the articles on your web site. I am not a Christian, but I do have faith and practice it in my own home. you people are the reason that organized religion is a joke. I saw that you sell wiccan hunting permits with a no bag limit. could you explain to me what this is? To me this is murder REGARDLESS if you are trying to save a soul. You that pass judgement are the ones God will Condemn! piercing don't make you Wiccan, nore do tattoos or "black underwear!" I believe its Satanists you should be saying this bull about. oh and explain this now im sure my email name doesn't help my cause but like i said who are you to judge!


Why don’t you actually learn about Catholics before you say stupid things about them. They do not worship Mary they simply pray to her to pray for them. You may not think it’s the right thing but they most likely don’t agree with everything you preach. Yes, it is your right to say what you want, but seriously there have to be more important issues than your prejudice against Catholics. Instead of wasting your time talking about how dumb those Catholics are why don’t you stick to your God given duty to spread his word and save others. After all it is your relationship with God and God’s grace which saves us. Do you really think you have all the answers because you don’t , do not forget that we are all sinners and do not know everything. Even if you think you have an idea that you know what is going on… it’s your idea and you’re not perfect! (thus your answers can be incorrect) and yet your are leading people to believe your ideas are correct. YOU ARE NOT GOD. I don’t think that little things like how Catholics pray to Mary and not worship her will determine their eternity. By the way I am a Christian who attends Baptist Church and I am currently in my 3rd year of studying Catholic theology so I know what I’m talking about. And instead of being mad at this email think about what I said and just consider taking my advice. I would write you more but I have five tests, when I read what you wrote I just couldn’t help myself from writing you something about it in hopes that you are not as ignorant as you sound and can maybe tolerate others beliefs even though you don’t believe in them yourself. I have been doing it my whole life. I don't know the exact verse but; don't worry about the splinter in your neighbor's eye worry about the beam in your own eye.

Peace out,


WOW LET ME JUST CONTINUE ADOLF HITTLER COULD MAKE IT TO HEAVEN IF HE CHANGED HIS MIND SUDDENLY AND WAS SORRY ABOUT HIS SINS YOU QUITE POSSIBLY THINK IM HELLBOUND FOR CURSING YOU OUT IN MY PREVIOUS EMAIL WELL YOU DESERVED IT BUT IM SORRY I GUESS… HAVE YOU EVERY HEARD OF JONATHAN EDWARDS BECAUSE YOUR PREACHING REMINDS ME OF HIM MAKING PEOPLE FEAR GOD IN ORDER TO GET THEM TO STOP SINNING… WELL THAT SO 18TH CENTURY WAKE UP SMELL THE 21RST CENTURY BUDDY… AND PASTOR FRED AGAIN WITH MESSING WITH EVERYONES RELIGION… ALLA IS NOT GOD? REALLY IM SURE THE MUSLIMS TELL THEIR FOLLOWERS THE SAME THING… AND MU SLIMS FOLLOW THEIR FAITH BETTER THAN YOU DO MOST LIKELY…JUST STICK TO PREACHING ABOUT YOUR OWN RELIGION AND HARRY HARDWICK JUST GIVE UP ISNT IT TIME FOR YOU TO DIE OF OBESITY? HEART ATTACK? MABYE THEN YOU CAN GO AND JOIN THOSE POOR CHINA FUCKERS IN HELL? YOU CANT JUST CONDEMN A WHOLE RACE TO HELL WITHOUT SOME PREJUDUCE… ooh and im sure the jews are the cause of our problems damn those jews? are you seriuosly allowed to say your christian? AND SINCE WHEN DOES RELIGION DEAL WITH POLOTICS???? ignorance does not even begin to explain you your suck at life and deserve to die no lie you seriously think God is responsible for the bad things that happen to us...actually now i just feel sorry for you because you will never understand and its a shame God loves you and he loves the jews i personally cant stand your ignorace though. do you try to be president no? well then dont insult those who do and good thing you arent president or we would all be under a fat dictators rule.. and dont get me wrong henry your little friend fred is just as bad as you are two poor ignorant people well dont wait for me in hell fuckers wow i just reallized your the CCC well fucking die in hell i love black people assholes burn a cross for me will ya? haha you people amuse me and im most likely going to fail a world history test because of you... it was not worth it yet im still typing..

Terry Mitts

I would like to say that GOD doesnt kill people, and he is a loving God. I dont know what God you Know, but he isnt my God. I believe that you need to read your bible again, and you shouldnt be telling lies to his people, you will go to hell for telling false things to his people.

Lynee Leedom

hay I am a minister with the first unitarian church I was told to check out your websight and help to shut you down and from what I have seen I will gladly help you are some sick ppl you are not a church you are all morons and need to read your bible you purposfully hurt ppl and other creatures of god you will get a visit from us and we will protest on your front doors untill the government dose something about you

Matthew Ratliff

I stumbled across your website today and I must say, being a Christian, I was shocked. As soon as I read, "Must be 18 etc...", I knew at that point that this was not something that would please the Lord.

Can it be said that your website with all its mockery, truly honors God?

James 3:9-12 summarizes the issue, "With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God's likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water."

We should only allow good and positive things to come out of our mouths - things that will encourage other people (Ephesians 4:29). It is not right for praising and cursing to come out of the same mouth (James 3:9-12).

I suggest your staff study Ephesians and understand that our goal as Christians is to become more "Christ Like". To glorify and honor God in all that we do.

Thank You,

David Ruffin

to whom ever it concerns,

My friend sent me an e-mail last week. It was the rules of your church.I read the part about not accositating with Catholics,Methodists.etc. And I was very disappointed. Jesus loves everyone. I expect you of all churches to know this. And the thing about tampons is one of the saddest things I ever heard. At the bottom of that page "If you don't believe in what we believe, you will burn in hell forever", I repeat Jesus loves everyone, even if they have different religions.

Karen Hicks

Hello DEACON FRED, I'm writing in regards to your disgraceful and ignorant article on homo prevention. Your article is not based on logic nor would it be useful in preventing the homosexual lifestyle. As a man of God you should be teaching people to be accepting of others, but your arrogance and ignorance will be your downfall in the eyes of God. I also believe that you should get a new child psychologist to back up your prevention because no accredited psychologist would ever tell a young child to wait in front of the house wearing a sign saying he's a sissy and to put the mail in his mouth. Pastor, you are a joke and so is your website. It is full of judgemental, ignorant, opinionated statements that are afarse. I wish you well, but I feel saddened that someone who is a servant of God would even think and preach in such a manner. I was taught never too judge as it is not up to me but to my creator. God will judge you one day and I'm sure God will be unhappy with the events of your life.

Furthermore, in the time of Jesus many wore sandals so did Jesus. Should we say that Jesus is GAY or had a hankering for the homosexual lifestyle according to your Homo prevention tips? IN CONCLUSION YOUR AN IDIOT. Period:

Mariela Pabon



From what I've seen of your website, I have to say I'm completely DISGUSTED. With you.

It seems to me that the website is full of conceited bullshit, and all-out hypocritical lies. As a former Christian, I feel it's my duty to say...


Any stupidity in reply to this will be treated with the utmost disgust and put where it belongs -in the trash.

Thank you.

Shazz Phoenix

Your main website page says non believers are not welcome in your church. If that is so how do you expect them to get saved? Remember this is not a stupid question so you cant make money off of it. I am a pastor's daughter from a pentecostal church in north carolina.

Erin Locklear


My name is paul r. williams, i have been a writer for the last 7 years. the reason im writing you now is in regards to your website. i in my life have never seen anything more filled with hate then your website. it honestly disgusted me and i think you should be ashamed of yourself. your doctrine is entirley full of hate. carl marx was right when he said that religion was the opiate of the masses. You should understand that i am a respectable person with a millitary carrer behind me (honary discharge) and a respectable college carrer. so im not at a loss i do see what you are doing. you are disgusting

Paul r. Williams

I typed in a search for veggie tales and came up with your site. I must tell you I think that you are being too critical. Many children love these shows. The children at the age that these shows are for believe in fantasy. And just that they are understanding the stories that they are watching is great. Regardless of what kind of character they are watching. The stories and morals they are being taught just reinforce what the parents are trying to teach them as well. I do agree that the company released a toy that is offensive. And I will not be buying it. However are they not entitled to a lack of judgment and error. That does not make the whole company bad and be banned. They should recall this toy. Children will grow up and realize that they will not believe that when they arrive at the Pearly Gates, they'll be greeted by a talking tip of asparagus who will usher them into an eternity run by a giant tomato and a thousand pieces of flying celery. These are just plagued down so that children will find them entertaining and watch them. Just a simple example on what they learn from these shows. I have a 3 year old and a 12 month old. We have had issues with sharing. The older one will not let her sister play with anything and takes everything away from her. I tried everything that I could think of to teach her that she needed to share. I found a episode they made about sharing. After she watched it she understood that it was the right thing to share. And has done so ever since. Well I hope that you reconsider your stand on this issue.

Thank you,

SueEllen Seese

I know you are telling thousands of people and I fell so sorry for your grandson, I mean you pulled him by his hair and threw him, knocking him unconscious, and that my non-friend is child abuse, I should sue you for child abuse, and since when is Hell and Basterd not a cuss word, Oh, only u can say it cause your a pastor, ? I mean, I come from a very well defined Christian Church, and if anyone is worshiping the devil it is you!!! I mean I think the worst is trying to exploit little childens shows, you have no place in the Kingdom of Heaven, I just fell sorry for the 1,200 people that are being brainwashed by you, you are a pathetic excuse for a pastor and will be judjed higher than all other people that go to your church, and don't even get me started on your "Dirty X rated thongs" God is not any part of your life obviously.

Poor Unfortunate Soul,

Find your way perverted Pastor,

God-Fearing Christian


you are sick and ignorant to have such a site. I will pray for you that God does not judge you too harshly on the day due to the depth of your ignorance.

God Bless you becasue you certainly do need it.

Your accusations are not backed by fact, but by complete ignorance. You are to be pitied and prayed for. you truely are an abominatation to the Lord and his work


Hello, My name is Deirdre, I live in Florida.

I was trying to learn about different religions and what the difference is between them. I am a Roman Catholic myself, I would consider myself religious, but open to learning about other places and things. Why do you consider Catholics HELL BOUND? It is very offensive to me and others who are not even Catholics. I have never heard of the Catholic Church ever irrationaly insulting another religion. How do you know that you guys are the chosen ones who should go to heaven, how do any of us know? The bible was actually written many years after Jesus died. I have never heard a sermon or been to religous class where they were saying offensive things or talking badly about other religions. I understand the many years of persecution that was endured by many other christians, but those are not the views and intentsions of the Catholic Church today! As for the Roman part,sure I call myself a Roman Catholic, but we only call ourselves that, because that is were the Catholic Church originated. I am in no way Italian I am completely Irish and I do not beleive in killing others and attacking them for what they believe in. After all, we do live in the United States of America. I do not believe that Mary was a virgin until her death, but when she gave birth to Jesus she was. What does your religion say about Mary(just courious)? Just as your religion has ideas about how people should act and pray, so does the Catholic Religion. I AM NOT HERE TO SAY ANY RELIGION IS BETTER. I am just stating facts and my own personal opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion(as I am sure you would agree). Why do you think that women should be a"submissive" and a "helpmate", what exactly makes men superior(I am aware this question has been asked for thousands of years.)? Are women inferior, becuase we can bear children and have different reoproductive organs? That doesn't make much sense to me, the only differences between males and females are different reproductive organs, hormones, and females generally have wider hips. Brain size and other vital organs are identical. That brings me to another topic on TAMPONS, I was literally shocked to read the article on your website! Do you honestly think that women pleasure themselves with tampons? I have never heard of anyone doing that! Anyone who was sick enough to think of that or to do that, should be repenting! It is a pleasure to me to wear tampons, because I have the safety and security of knowing that I will not bleed all over my clothing and become embarrased. Was it a male or female that wrote that article? (It would be intresting to know). IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: What rights to women have in your church? What happens to people especially women who decide to leave your church? Nobody is perfect, im sure you have rapes, domestic assualts, and etc. in your community, what happens to people who are convicted or accused of these horrific crimes? Religion is an important topic in order to understand different cultures(as I am certain you agree). I like to travel. Does your church have specific regulations on travelling? What exactly makes a person a pastor? Are there any female roles in your church? I was reading about your church on your website to more understand what a Landover Baptist is. I kept a reading certain phrase repetitively which was "Unsaved Not Welcome" what exactly is an unsaved person? I was reading the section "Unnecessary Explanation". It said that someone with a mental illness is not allowed to go to your church. It is not anyone's fault if they become mentally ill. I am sure you would feel different if you had a sibling, cousin, friend, parent, or even yourself that was mentally ill. The other questions made me chuckle about O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson(I am sure you dont have to worry about them going to any church).

FINAL QUESTION:(Think about it)

If I was a male who wrote this would you have written this differently? Ex. If my name was John not Deirdre.

Thank You Very Much,

Sincerely, Deirdre Love

P.S. I am looking forward to your reply!


Hello and Merry Meet,

The hunting stops here boys My name is Caitlin Crosby and you have just found yourself a Witch! As a humble and devout Wiccan AND Christian (yes it IS possible), I am absolutly horiffied and discusted that you would have the nerve to post some of the things that you do about wiccans. Wicca is a peaceful and nature based religion that has absolutly no tolerance for harming others or doing any evil. The people that call themselves Wiccan, yet harm anyone or anything are surely NOT Wiccan, by any standards. I am shocked that you would post some of the things that I have seen. You are teaching people to hate others and that is not what Jesus intended. Teaching people to "hunt" others to bring your so-called "justice" is bringing nothing but more pain and suffering on people who have suffered enough throughout history. Jesus wanted love and kindness brought to the world, not injust witch-hunts. These so-called ! witch hunts are doning no good in the world except instilling hate and intolerance to your children. What you are doing is returning yourselves to the "Burning Times" in history. A time when far too many innocent and misjudged people were burned at the stake by the supposed "Holy" church. I am sad to see that you call yourselves Christians, but are nothing but intolerant, narrow-minded, pigs. You may believe that Christianity is the only path to God but we are all children of God and in his eyes we are all the same. To truely see the light of God you must look through his eyes and see people the way he does. We are all just people.

I would strongly advise you to brush up on your reading and stear clear of anything with blood and gore, for that is not true Wicca.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing your reply.

Blessed be!

Caitlin Crosby - celticgoddess03

Why does you organizations website notify the viewer that it is for people 18 and over but has a section entitled "Just 4 Kids"?

Ryan King





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