January 2006

Deacon Fred Godcasts

A Look Back at What Was Most Important to Baptists in 2006


The list of articles linked below are the top ten most popular news stories from the Landover Baptist Church in the year 2006.

Demon Child!If Your Child Was Born on 06-06-06!  Will your newborn baby be the Devil's Son?  Take steps to prevent a tragedy.  Read our important checklist for concerned Christian mothers! Read More!>

Christian Kids Want to Know!Why Don't Jesus Just Zap All The Evildoers?  I believe from the looks of things little Ralphy, you might see the "Great Zapping" (as you eager young Christians call it) in your very own lifetime..  More!>

Dear Pastor, Do Pets Go to Heaven?Pastor Hospitalized Over Panic Attack Related to Success of Brokeback Mountain  The bottled stress from having to keep the Holy Spirit silent about this particular movie became...Read More!>

Betty Bowers on Ted HaggardChristian Concern For Ted Haggard's Delicious Disgrace "As an evangelical preacher, he is clearly too used to getting up in front of people who believe anything he says to lie convincingly to those still fettered by thought." More!>

Dear Pastor, Do Pets Go to Heaven?Do Pets Go to Heaven? "It breaks my heart when I have to answer a question like this. I understand your concern, but I won't lie to you. According to the Bible, there will be no animals in heaven except for horses." Christian Kids Wanna Know!>

Heather Hardwick's Conversation with Victoria OsteenVictoria Osteen Tells All to a Landover Lady  A decision to storm the cockpit because a flight attendant said it would be a minute before she could clean Mrs. Osteenís tray table constituted bitchiness that would make Diana Ross blush. More!>

Easter Bunny Stew RecipeEaster Bunny Stew Recipe "I mean to tell you, this is one tasty stew worth rising from the dead for!  You can fix this crowd-pleaser in a snap, a snap that starts when you snap the neck of a cute little fuzzy bunny rabbit.  More!>

The Secular Humanist Bible Quiz!  
What is the Lordís opinion of those who, after critical analysis, opt for a belief structure other than Christianity? Click Here For the Answer>

Stupid Students Punished by Being Made to Dress Like Indians in Thanksgiving PlayTeachers Punish Stupidest Students By Making Them Play Injuns in Thanksgiving Pageant   What a wonderful way of teaching youngsters what happens to lazy failures who expect everything to be...Full Story!>

Christian Kids Wanna Know!CHRISTIAN KIDS WONDER:
"Does Jesus Watch Me Go Poopy?"
  The Lord knows that toilet time is a dangerous time, filled with horrid temptations of the flesh! Pastor Answers>




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