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2006 Newsletter Archive

December 2006
Santa Claus Brutally Horsewhipped by Angry Children!
Baby Jesus Leaps From Manger and Goes Nuts During Live Nativity
Does God Approve of Our Yuletide Rituals? Bible Quiz!

November 2006
Teachers Punish Stupidest Students by Making Them Play Injuns in Thanksgiving Pageant
Free Holiday Leftover Meal For Homeless Who Sign Contract and Confess Christ
Creation Scientists Trace Origin of Little Red Puppets to the Lake of Fire
Legal Threat From McDonald's Posted

Pastor's Daughter Wins Miss Baptist 2006 Beauty Contest

October 2006
Wiccans Found Dead in Church Garbage Dumpster
Christianity Today's "Sexiest Pastor Alive!"
World of Warcraft True Christian™ Guild Charter
Legal Threat From Backstreet Boys Posted

September 2006
A Peek Inside Our New Book
The Devil Wears Sequins
Bestiality Bust at Local Miniature Horse Farm

August 2006
Landover Baptist University to Offer Advanced Degree in Motherhood
Baptist Missionaries Remove Thousands of Jewish Prayers From Wailing Wall
Christian Kids Wanna Know: Why Doesn't Jesus Just Zap All the Evil Doers?
The Secular Humanist Bible Quiz

July 2006
SUPERMAN RETURNS to Rape Your Girlfriend and Destroy Your Family!
Landover's July 4th New York Times Burning Covers Des Moines in Blanket of Soot and Ash

June 2006
Christian Parenting Alert: If Your Child Was Born on 666!
Church Responds to X-Men 3 Movie With Comic Book Bonfires
Betty Bowers Reviews: Ann Coulter's New Book, "Godless"

May 2006
Does Jesus Watch Me Go Poopy? Christian Kids Wanna Know!
Outreach Ministries Closed in Observance of National Prayer Week
Winner of the 175th Annual Personal Testimony Contest
Betty Bowers Reviews: The DaVinci Code

April 2006
Easter Bunny Stew Recipe!
Goodbye Padded Pews, Hello Luxury Recliners!
Regarding The Ads For Body Piercing On Our Church Web Site
Easter Bunny Bludgeoned to Death

March 2006
Children Will Be Dragged By Their Necks!
St.Patrick's Day: Does America Need Another Excuse for Catholics to Get Drunk?
Unsaved Unwelcome: Even On Easter Sunday!
The Terrifying Truth About Saint Patrick!

February 2006
Pastor Hospitalized Over Panic Attack Related to Success of Brokeback Mountain
175th Annual Personal Testimony Contest
Valentine's Day Bible Based Sex Archive
Should Christians Celebrate Black History Month?
Was Jesus Black?

January 2006
Christian Kids Wanna Know: Do Pets Go to Heaven?
Victoria Osteen Tells All to a Landover Lady
The 2005 True Christian™ Year in Review






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