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December 2005
This Christmas, Just Say NO! To Santa's Lap
Is the Xbox 360 Cooler Than Jesus? Christian Kids Wanna Know!
King Kong: An Ape's Lust For a White Woman
Christmas at Landover: A Look Back With Baby Jesus

November 2005
American Injuns: The First Terrorists
Satan Serves Up a Little Chicken for Thanksgiving: Chicken Little Movie Review
Win 25 souls to Christ by Dec. 25th and Get a Free iPod Nano!

October 2005
What Causes a Wiccan?
Our Wild and Crazy God: Bible Quiz
Crashing Satan's Birthday and Ruining Halloween

September 2005
Win a Vacation With President Bush!
Help Us Send Bibles to the Victims of Hurricane Katrina
Tattoos: Removing That Which Offends the Lord

August 2005
Cults: Our Handy Reference Guide
The Corpse Bride! Hollywood's Obsession With Necrophilia

July 2005
The Fantastic Three
Register Your Sissy Boy For Vacation Bible Gun Camp!

June 2005
New Evidence Suggests Noah's Sons Rode Flying Dinosaurs
Approved Summer Reading for True Christian® Kids

May 2005
The Bible Poop Quiz
Do You Hate Your Mother as Much as Jesus Hated His? (Mother's Day Card)

April 2005
The Pope's Message From Hell
Inside the Sick Mind of George Lucas

March 2005
Extreme Testimonies: Hardcore Salvation Action
Satan Calls Another Pope to Hell!
Easter Archive

February 2005
Why Did Jesus Have Long Hair Like a Homo?
We Decent Christians Mustn't Celebrate Negro History!
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

January 2005
Winning Souls to Christ in The World of Warcraft
Understanding How God Uses Tsunamis to Slaughter Sinners
The Great Flood Bible Quiz
Liberals Attempting to Escape to Canada Will Be Shot on Sight!
The 2004 True Christian™ Year in Review


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