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Tsunami: Oriental for "God's Wrath"Tsunami: Oriental for God's Wrath
God Fails to Break His Own Record for Killing True Christians know from the Great Flood that one of God's favorite ways to indiscriminately kill enormous swaths of children is by drowning them... More>

The 2004 True Christian Year in Review  God's Headline News Look Back!>

Landover Deacons Detain Liberals on Canadian BorderChurch Deacons Join National Hunt
Liberals Attempting to Escape to Canada Will Be Shot on Sight!
  "So long as I have one index finger that can squeeze a trigger, no Communist is gittin’ by me." railed Pastor Coleman... Full Story>

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Mrs. Betty Bowers Reviews the Film, Kinsey
Mrs. Bowers reflects upon the rather useful Baptist miracle of making facts vanish by simply not talking about them. Movie Review>

Tips on Sharing Jesus with Gnomes, Dwarves, Dark Elves and More!Christian Video Gaming News
Winning Souls to Christ in the World of Warcraft
  Christian gamers accept the challenge of sharing Christ's message in a perilous, virtual, lava-soaked, environment. Full Story>

Learn to Yap Like a Pew Jumpin' Kook'is'maniacSpeak in Tongues in 5 Days or Your Money Back!  You'll make up things that even you can't understand in a hot-footed hillbilly trance.

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The 2005 Creation MEGA Conference

Dr. Jerry Falwell invites the incredible Ken Ham and dozens of other great faces of Creation Science to this year's annual 2005 Creation MEGA Conference at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Don't miss Dr. Russell Humphreys' presentation: "Helium Leaks Show the Earth is Young," or Dr. Emil Silvestru's presentation, "Rocks Around the Clock: The Eons That Never Were."  Be sure to register today! 

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