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Church to Sterilize Demon-Possessed Infants!
The first thing we do," Landover Pastor, Deacon Fred explains, "is put a Bible on the floor. If the baby crawls away from the Bible, it immediately becomes a candidate for sterilization." The possessed child is then placed in...
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Even Chickens Can Get Demons!
There were more chicken pieces on the floor than at an NAACP picnic. "It was so horrible," recounts farmer Rollins, "that only moments before, I had seen a...
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Do You Have Demons in Your Colon?
But when you smell sulfur, you know the Devil is around.  Friends, have you ever sat yourself down on the toilet to do nature’s necessity and been overwhelmed by the smell of rotten eggs?  It is sulfur.  A clear sign that demons are living in your bottom...
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Full Blown Demon Possession Misdiagnosed as Epileptic Seizure by Unsaved Doctors
In the case of Mr. Kidwell, Pastor Deacon Fred recalled, "The Holy Ghost living inside of me made it plain and clear that the old coot was chock full of demons! And when the Holy Ghost says, 'JUMP!' boy - you'd better JUMP!"...
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Download Your Free Demonology Diploma
This is to certify that you have passed all requirements to become a True Christian™ Demonologist...
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Can My Dog Get Demons?
Is your household pet possessed by demons? Find out by consulting Rev. Mitch Walker's Helpful Guide to Demon Possessed Canines...
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Forget the War on Terror, We Got Demons!
Demons which visiting Pastor Needham had intended to send into a herd of pigs according to the Bible verse, Matthew 8:31, inadvertently entered hundreds of thousands of squawking turkeys at Bob Kidwell's Turkey Farm...
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Rectums: The Resort of Choice For Well-Traveled Demons
Dr. Edwards balked at first, noting that the job of setting up camp at the entrances to thousands of men's anuses in hopes that a demon might peek out in an unguarded moment seemed...
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Demon Possessed Lunatic Escapes From Church Facility
Some older church members will recall that little Benjamin was shipped off to North Dakota in the Spring of '59 after being found barely alive under a burnt mattress in the smoking debris of the old Calomiris estate in East Freehold...
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Demon-Possessed Baby Bites off Pastor's Thumb During Baptism
Rev. Harry Hardwick, who was seated on stage, was awakened by Pastor's shouts and instinctively jumped into the pool. "There was an enormous splash...
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Demon Hunter, Mitch Walker, Traps 3 1/2 Inch Succubus With Nothing More Than a Bread Crumb and a Roll of Paper Towels.
Rev. Mitch Walker is the sort of a kind of a man of God, that makes the hair on your neck stand up when he passes you by. He has been all over the world, tracking and hunting demons. This is...
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Pastor Expelled for Praying to Moses!
I don't care if secular doctors have diagnosed him with a fancy disease called 'Alzheimer's'. If you ask me, it's demon possession! And we will not allow a demon-possessed man to...
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