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2004 Newsletter Archive

December 2004
Lucifer's Toychest
Speak in Tongues in 5-Days or Your Money Back!
How to Prosper During the Coming Financial Apocalypse

November 2004
Ex-Injun to Deliver Thanksgiving Sermon
Apocalypse Now! Vote Bush!
The Incredibles: Not As Incredible As Jesus!

October 2004
John Kerry's Bloodcurdling Agenda for America!
What to Do With Sissy Boys Who Say "No" to Sports
The Ramadan Diet

September 2004
Aquapets: Penis-Shaped Toy Marketed to Pre-Teen Girls!
Jay Leno's Anti-Christian Agenda
Introducing the "Kristian Kids Korner!"

August 2004
The Plight of Women Bible Quiz
Christian Republican Guide to Jew York City
Swarms of Africanized Killer Bees Invade Freehold!
Wiccans in the Woods: "The Village" Movie Review
Free Taxpayer Dollars for Your Church! White House

July 2004
Is Your Little Baby Going to Go Gay?
Congregation Stripped Naked in Mormon Underwear Bust!
Will I see My Grandpa Naked After the Rapture?

June 2004
The Payback of the Christ Flash Movie Preview
Are Our Godly Troops Doing Enough to Torture Unsaved Iraqis?
Creation Scientists to Search for Talking Snake Bones in Africa
Demon-Possessed Lunatic Escapes From Church Facility

May 2004
Oral Sex: A Dangerous New Trend
Baptist Pastor Under Investigation for Speaking in Tongues (Audio Included)
This Mother's Day, We Ask You: Can You Hate Your Mother as Much As Jesus Hated His?
Effeminate Man Asked to Leave 11 A.M. Service
Your Sissy Boy Needs: Vacation Bible Gun Camp

April 2004
Easter Bunny Bludgeoned to Death Before Cheering Crowd of Christian Youngsters
How Do Folks Get Saved if They Are Not Permitted to Attend Our Church?
Christian Tourists Rave: A Visit to Landover Baptist is Like Being Born Again, Again!
Children Will Be Dragged by Their Necks Into the Church Parking Lot on Easter Sunday
Unreal Tournament 2004 Bible Based Maps & Characters News For Christian Gamers!

March 2004
The Passion of Christ With Popcorn Graphic
The Terrifying Truth About Saint Patrick
Did Jesus Get Zits?
Brother Harry Discusses Christian Tolerance With a Negro
Movie Review: The Passion of the Christ Betty Bowers

February 2004
The Bible Sex Quiz: Part III
Filthy Farm Sluts Cuffed and Busted!
Tithing: What is Jesus Buying With Your Money?
Valentine's Day: Get a Heart On For Jesus!
Surfin' the Web With Jesus: February 2004 Edition

January 2004
Accept Christ and Get a Free Playstation 2!
Christian Children: Report Your Unsaved Parents to the Federal Authorities
Rapture Alert System
Pastor Shoots Family Dog for Chewing off Baby Jesus' Head
Surfin' the Web With Jesus: January 2004 Edition


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