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Effeminate Man Asked to Leave 11 A.M. Service
Church members were disturbed by the presence of an effeminate man during Sunday's 11 a.m. service. "His high pitched singing and lengthy, peculiar handshakes during greeting time left us True Christians™, and our Lord feeling a bit uneasy," said Pastor Deacon Fred.

The service was interrupted in the middle of Pastor's sermon to have the man forcibly removed from God's Holy House.  The congregation learned later that the effeminate man was holding eye-contact and pursing his lips at Associate Pastor Ben Hurney for nearly 15 minutes.  "We acted quickly," Pastor Deacon Fred told the congregation. "It is our duty to remove trash from God's house."

Matters were further complicated outside of the church when the effeminate man started flailing his wrists and yapping at church Deacons in early Ebonics as they struggled to stuff him into the trunk of a Baptist police car.

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