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Expert Christian Advice

Expert Christian Advice

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Ex Injun to Deliver Thanksgiving Sermon  He gave up the sex, firewater, and public ding-dong wagging that are so much a part of the Injun lifestyle and allowed Jesus to... More>

Attention Citizens Living in God's Country Without His Permission!  An invitation to become a Real American™ Go!>

The Incredibles: Not as Incredible as the Lord Jesus Christ!  Phooey on scantily clad, sexed up rip-offs of the greatest super hero there ever was, Jesus the Christ! More>

How to Tell If You Are Living in a Red or Blue State  Mrs. Betty Bowers drafted a handy quick reference guide to determine if you are living in a demon-infested Blue States – or Jesusland!. More>

Done! Now Let's Get Back to the Killing!  Brother Hardwick tells us that the end of the world is right around the corner. More>

Demon Possessed Turkeys and More! Take a hair raising trip through Landover Baptist's Thanksgiving memories. More>

George W. Bush Victory Ornaments!  Your President's reaction after hearing he won that, "election thing" More!>

The Ramadan Diet Satan's sinister new weight reduction plan takes the Middle East by storm! Read More>

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Pastor's Meeting With Diebold Officials to Review Freehold Precinct Voting Results in 3 People Being Forcibly Removed From Their Pews on Sunday. 
"I'm not having homo-lovers sneaking into voting booths to vote against our President in this Church, so help me Jesus!" Pastor Deacon Fred, told church members as he unmasked a secret Democrat with his 17-pound King James Bible this Sunday.  Church members who were not in attendance should know that Mrs. Kathryn Fowler and her entire family were dragged down the main aisle of the Sanctuary and slung into the parking lot during the 11 A.M. service.

Tampons: Satan's Little Cotton Fingers!  
A candid discussion among church members who are fed up with local drug stores who won't pull the plug on Satan! More>

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