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Xbox 360 - Cooler Than Jesus?Is the Xbox 360 Cooler Than Jesus?
Christian kids wanna know! What's up with that jerk, Bill Gates and his stupid Xbox! Read More!>

King Kong Christian Movie Review!King Kong: Bestiality Is Booming At the Box Office Our Pastor says, Enough is enough! Movie Review!

Sit on the Lord's Lap this Christmas!Guess Who Wants Kids to Sit on His Lap at the Landover Mall? Say "No" to Santa and seal your verbal commitment to Jesus Christ with a framed photograph for only $48.99!  Click Here!>

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Humorous Religious Christmas CardsOrder Your Landover Baptist Christmas Cards! Happy Birthday Baby Jesus, Please Don't Burn Us in Hell! Shop! $2.00 Off Till Nov. 14>

Win Souls to Christ and Qualify for a Free iPod NanoWin 25 Souls to Christ by Dec. 25th & Get a Free iPod Nano!  Announcing our 11th Annual Soul Winning Contest!. Read More!>

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Is Santa Claus Satan?

Hanukkah Horror!

Gimme Your Toys, Kids!

Kwaanza: Fake Holiday

Tiny Penis on Grinch Toy!

Santa Didn't Die 4 Your Sins

Xmas Tips From Godly Gal

Baby Jesus! Please!

Unsaved Free Christmas

Shocking Holiday Gifts

Holiday Movie Reviews

Hog Roast For Jew Converts

Dog Chews Jesus' Head

The White House Gift Shop
Season's Greetings From Guantanamo Bay
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