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Do You Hate Your Mother as Much as Jesus Hated His?
Even for a Jewish mother, Mary was clearly a pest... Get a Free Mother's Day Card>

Star Wars Sex CandySexually Suggestive Star Wars Candy To Be Marketed To Children!  Read This Important Action Alert! Click Here!>

Chicago Catholics Spot Virgin Mother's Vagina The Shrine of The Virgin Mother's Impenetrable Vagina  Mrs. Dick Cheney addresses Mary Worshipping pilgrims in Chicago. More>

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The Pope's Message From HellThe Pope's Message From Hell  Brother Hardwick surmises what the Pope might say to his followers now that he finds his withered body toasting in Hell...  More>

Lucas Watch ™Inside the Sick Mind of George Lucas  
Mr. Lucas is the sort of person one becomes when they don't play enough sports in high-school...Full Story>

Tips on Sharing Jesus with Gnomes, Dwarves, Dark Elves and More!Christian Video Gaming News
Winning Souls to Christ in the World of Warcraft
  Christian gamers accept the challenge of sharing Christ's message in a perilous, virtual, lava-soaked, environment. Full Story>

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Pastor Applauds Vatican's Selection of Pope 

After making absolutely sure that Bene-dict is not Latin for "well-dicked," Pastor Deacon Fred sent written congratulations to the Vatican last Tuesday on selecting one of the handful of priests not implicated in sexual debauchery to serve as Pope: "While you will all surely burn in Hell for joining the filthy Roman cult, we at Landover Baptist nevertheless commend your decision to spend the little time you have left before roasting in eternal fire selecting someone we all know is innocent of the charges facing most of your kind.  After all, even the youngest of altar boys would take one look at that winking old mug and jump right through a stained glass window."

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