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Dr Mahatma Henriquez Sanchez Jefferson Delcid Ching Jr. III  possesses the physical appearance of 7 combined races, speaks 7 common languages and 14 tribal dialects. He is 28 missionaries rolled into one. He is able to relate the gospel to anyone he meets, in any language, anywhere, anytime, and any place. Because of his unique gifts and amazing linguistic talents, God has called him to live in Freehold Iowa on the Landover Baptist Campus. Pastor Ebeneezer feels that he can accomplish more for the cross here in Iowa than anywhere else in the world. "We know that Pastor Mahatma Henriquez Sanchez Jefferson Delcid Ching Jr. III, has been blessed of God with some wonderful missionary gifts," Rev. Smith notes, "that is why the Lord has called him to live his life out here among Christians. He is the most encouraging and uplifting person I know. He encourages and uplifts others just by being here."

Although Pastor Ching's outward appearance is offensive to many Bible believing Baptist Fundamentalists, Rev. Smith assures major donors, and traditional church members that, "Pastor Ching does not bite." 

Pastor Ching teaches American Missions at Landover Baptist University. Currently, Pastor Ching is undergoing reconstructive facial surgery that will allow him to gain entrance and to finally preach in The Main Sanctuary. Dr. Frederick Fingers, Church Plastic Surgeon, informs members that Pastor Ching should have a 'whole new look' by late next year. "He will look like a Christian."

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