Devil Chasin' For Sport!
Rev. Dr. H.R. Stone
Pastor M.H.S.J.D. Ching
Dr. Edwin Thorndike
E. Henneth Carns
Dr. Harry Zeig Vaudner
Pastor Tilly Von Reagan
Pastor Yokum Barnes
Craig Mitchum Esq.
Denton Marshall
Rev. Noon 
Pastor Ivan Eichaman
Pastor Rudolph Achtin
Rev. Adolph Gerney
Rev. Leap Pro
Dr. Benjamin Hinston
Elvis J. Townes
Tom Crook Jr. III
The Bible Answer Man
James Stewart
Charlie "Right" Pinston
Waxy "old man" Menson
Tenny Bee Bee Schleiser
Joshua Jonas Jackson
Rev Chuck Swindle
Most recently, H.R. selflessly lit himself on fire during a crusade in order to prove a point about the heat of Hell. He suffered third degree burns on his face and chest and had to have his left ear replaced. 250 people came forward that night and gave their lives to Christ because of H.R.'s inspirational performance.

H.R. used to ride into Freehold Iowa on horseback when Landover Baptist Church was nothing more than a two-bit church with 51,000 slouchers for members. He is still known as the last remaining Christian Cowboy, and carries a Bible and a gun (both legally, praise God!). His crusades are old fashioned, saw the branch you're sittin' on, hell-fire and brimstone country preaching. Folks sometimes have seizures or go into convulsive shock when H.R. preaches on the torments of hell. He is one of the last remaining Circuit Riders. He knew Billy Sunday, and won souls with B.R. Lakin. He was there when Bubba T. Gatlin shot a man dead for insulting Jesus.

You can bet the bottom line that when H.R.Stone comes into town riding his horse, wearing his gun, tippin' his cowboy hat, and holdin' his 1611 King James Bible high above his head, hollerin' at the top of his lungs "Turn or Burn!" Rest assured there's gonna be some poor lost soul who's gonna give his life over to some old time religion real soon, whether they like it or not.

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