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Dr. Edwin Thorndike is the leading Research Analyst in Landover Baptist's International Creation Science Museum and Laboratory. Working in conjunction with Dr. Neiman, Dr. Thorndike has tackled many outstanding scientific issues within the church. His recent essay on Pre-Post-and Mid-Umbilicism (the three important positions on the question of Adam's belly-button) has won him critical acclaim in many circles. 

Dr Thorndike, amazingly,  has come to 'Know The Lord' solely through a delicate process of intellectual reasoning. He has leaped beyond faith into pure mental deduction. He is convinced of his eternal security because of a unique and Divinely Inspired  mathematical process. The Godly equation is based on intellectual Baptist fact, and therefore has no need whatsoever of any faith whatsoever. Only Dr. Thorndike understands the equation, and church members believe this 'English Gentleman of Anglican descent' is far beyond the spiritual evolution of the common man.

Pastor Smith jokes, "It is because of Edwin's absolute 'assurance of salvation without a born-again experience' that he is officially declared 'Emergency Pastor.'" He then added, "Should anyone be left behind come rapture time, assuredly, Dr. Thorndike will remain to attend to their needs."

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