A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received July 2004  (unedited and in original form)

WRONG ANSWER!!! read your bible, you unsaved idiot!!

Thats one of the first thing i saw at your site... 

id·i·ot: A foolish or stupid person. A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.

I have read my bible, but dont feel the need to spend my life trying to figure it out; only small minded people with short attention spans would make a site like that and then go act like they give a damn about anyone else that's not a babtist...

Want a message from GOD??? Here it is 3.14159

P.S. I had considered joining another religion for the past 6 months, thanks for sending me the other way "running"

Ryan Coldwell

I hate to say this, but you people,In The Name Of Jesus, Have reached a new level of STUPID.........I am NOT GAY,

But I Thought Some one Should Let know, That this is not the way to win GAY people To Christ,........I Think of myself as one which will go to Heaven, BUT if People Like You Are Going To Be There......I Thing I Would Rather GO TO HELL

If they Gave Awards For Stupid......... YOU PEOPLE WOULD BE IN A would Be in a Class By Your Self......

Jesus Would Be Ashamed Of You.........

Retorisce@iezpc.com Dan Wiggins

O, I Will Pray For You.....Not That Ithink it will do any good..

I cannot believe that you call yourselves Independent Fundamental Baptist. I checked out your web site and your home page is disgustingly worldly with pictures I would not show a child. Shame on you. You are hurting the cause of Christ. Your congregation must be filled with members that enjoy tickler's of men's ears.

Cathy Gapski

Buckley Road Baptist Church

Liverpool, NY

    Recently I browsed your website and found some claims made by your denomination about the special “Mormon underwear” worn by endowed members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day saints.  I am an endowed member of the church, and I simply wanted to “remind” you that the so called Mormon underwear you parade on your website is not what endowed LDS members wear.  I repeat.  Your display of white boxers and tank-tops etc., with the star hex and so forth is not anything remotely close to what endowed members of the church wear.  I have a feeling that you know what you’re displaying isn’t true about the holy garment, but you do it anyways.  I don’t understand why.  Another peculiar thing I noticed from your website, are the “flattering” titles which you have given the members of the LDS faith.  “Cleric level 42”, “Arch-mage level 16”, are not titles used by any member of the church, publicly, secretly, or in any other circumstance.  Nor are such titles secretly given as, “never to be revealed to anyone outside the church” names.  Please remove the skewed displays of the holy garment on your website, for such underwear is not what endowed members wear.  I do wear garments, and I know that they are a sacred part of covenants made with God in Holy Temples.  Please respect my beliefs by not misleading others who visit your website to believe that we wear such clothing, for we do not.

Ammon Heinzen (BYU)

Good Morning Pastor- I apologize in advance if I've used the wrong greeting. I'm Catholic so I'm use to father.

Though I'm not interested in getting into a debate with regard to the sins of homosexuality. I find your tips in the article "Is My little baby going to go gay" as humorous but are based on someone's opinion and not the teachings of Christ.

Families are much better served by positive support that could preclude homosexual tendencies. I think that a loving family environment with a stable mother and father figure has more to do with the character of a child than say sitting on a toilet to pee. It is unnerving to see people of the cloth presenting their own opinion of the causes and fixes of character issues as gospel. Unfortunately, articles like this indicate that strange things cause homosexuality. I also find it curious with regard to your reference to enormous (Negro) penises or not to wrestle, especially if your son is a strapping, handsome and sporting a noticeably turgid crotch. Just for your information, this is a stereotype and again kinda humorous and the author sounds like they may be susceptible to penis envy. I wonder where the author got his information? Unfortunately, if this article is representative of what the pastor preaches, your part of the problem, not the answer. Your assumption that if a boy eats everything on his plate, wears thick white underwear and stands up to pee will not be gay and thus have a place in heaven is ridiculous and does not give parents what they need to assist their children through the perils of society. Parents are the key, that's love each other, lead by example and love and guide their children. Interesting that the author does not seem to think these or other factors have anything to do with how a child grows to flourish in Christ's kingdom. This article is a disgrace and does nothing to arm parents for the good fight. Sincerely,

Lawrence R. Johnson

parishioner of St. John's

I think that the article addressing early signs and stages of homosexuality is definitely the stupidest thing I've ever read and whoever wrote the article missed a very important detail and that is that homosexuality can't be dealt with by not allowing a child to watch cartoons because cartoons don't make anyone gay. If cartoons were to turn everyone that watched them into a homosexual then almost all of America would be gay. I could go on with countless ways on how stupid this article was, but I know that the majority of this e-mail probably won't even be read and whoever does read will suredly dismiss my forward opinion so I'm going to end by saying that I hope no one reads this article and thinks, "No more sandle for my little boy, just thermals and boxing. That way I can protect him from becoming a massive queer." In fact I honestly hope that no one reads this artilcle.

Tori (Pope) Chesney

I was once told the way to truely know your arguement is to know the opposing sides viewpoint better than they do. Oviously with this link: http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news0303/yoga.html You have absolutely no knowlegde of the history of yoga. I think I will write an article Christianity the religion of pediphiles. You know...I was going to be nice about this, but after looking at your article again...you are a moron!!! Did you actually read the bible?! You have pulled a couple of quotes out of context and used them to serve your purposes. Christ welcomed ANYONE! ESPECIALLY those who had not yet followed his path! It's people like you who give Christianity a bad name!

Get a life, and maybe try saving yourself...obviously you are going to need it!

Disgruntled Christian and Yogi-

Chad Fatino

I am finishing up my masters degree and just recently read the article about your church recruiting African Americans with the contingency that they passed the paper bag test, pencil test etc.

In all honesty I could not worship with white people any way because I always felt that we served different Gods. After reading the article, I am convinced that we serve two different Gods.

Usually I pray for ignorance but in this instance there is no use because I feel that in the next three weeks..God is going to show the congregation who is in control.


I AM A CHRISITIAN resident in nigeria. i read your article on the above subject. while i symthise with your for the time and resources wasted in coming to nigeria to receive a donation from mr mobutuu, i believe you are to be blamed fro being too gullible.

more importantly your article posted on the web site on the episode is rwritten in a rascist language and does not potray you as good christians.


babatope babalobi

I surfed all over your website and I realize that your church dont worship the living GOD instead I saw your church as an terrorist organisation of racist, homophobic, pedophile, hypocrit, hatred and demon worshipper. May the US government hunt and tear down your church and put all those demonic worshipper in jail. May that false blonde haired blue eyed jesus of yours burned, sodomize and condemn your members to the firely pits of hell.

Josh Culo

You are SICK!

I can't honestly belive that you try to pass the ridiculious filth you put on your website as religion, what I just recently read on your site about homosexual prevention is completely and entirely DESPICABLE! If you think homosexuality is a huge sin, then you are gunna have something else coming when you face St Peter at the perly gates. What you said on your site completely defiled the definition of "christianity", we must accept and embrace all types of people no matter what their race, gender, or sexual orientation may be. Alienating them and telling them that they are not good enough in the eyes of the lord is a total SIN. Ask yourselves this: Why would god have created them to be homosexuals if he didn't want them to be? And don't say the devil interfered because that is a total and complete LOAD OF PERVERBIAL BULLSHIT! ONLY GOD CAN DECIDE HOW A HUMAN IS MADE AND WHAT IDEALS THAT THE PERSON IS INTENDEDTO HARBOR!!!!! I hope you prey for yourselves at night because with what you are flaunting about the internet is giving you a one way ticket to hell! Now instead of being angry at you, you have my deepest sympathy because you can hide what you are doing from several people, but no matter what you do god is always watching you and you will not be able to escape his judgement in the end, God created all of us to worship and respect him, not warp his teachings to a point where we are manipulating everything to scare people that are unsure into believing exactly what we tell them!

I have also sent a copy of your hiddious webpage to Human Rights, and you should be hearing from them within a matter or days!

My deepest pity and sympathy go to all of you who support half that crap!

Ryan Johnson

Hi, I think your website and whole "religion" is totally fucked up. I hope you somehow come to realise this sometime before your time comes. I shall anal-ize this following link: http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news0704/homoprevention.html

1. A person may wipe the toilet seat in an act of personal hygeine, especially if the seat shows signs of urination upon it. Where is the proof that gay people actually do squat over the toilet every single time? Negro is a rasict term and again where is the proof that black people actually have bigger manhoods than whites or asians?

2. Many people nowadays eat fast food, because it is cooked quickly and easier to eat on the go. Nothing is wrong with corn on the cob, unless it is "satanic". Not all women smell of tuna or have vaginas that look exactly like artichokes.

3. You spelt paedophile wrong. What is wrong with the lack of wearing socks? Jesus wore sandals or walked bare-foot, does that mean he was gay? And your views on gay priests?

4. Enlighten me on the evilness of cartoons, children enjoy watching wacky adventures with funny characters and soon grow out of them. Why is soccer a poofs game? And american football is such a mans game, with girly men running round in 50-60 lbs of plastic padding....? In england women don't usually grow mustaches, do they in america? (oh yeah american footballers!) And english are uneducated, why do people come from around the world to learn at our universitys?

5. Fair enough, boys don't play with dolls, but not even G.I. Joe or action man? And your way of preventing your son playing with them is both humiliating and liable to make them hate you, which is not what christianity should be about, you seem to preach it openly.

6. Is there some kind of problem with children holding their hands above their waist?

7. Totally what the fuck? No difference between europeans and homos! I shall tell you something, many american men are gay, do they suddenly become european? And are europeans instantly gay? What about Australians?

8. Dumping a baby in ice-cold water is horrifying. If emotions are not to be shown and you are preaching hate, that shows anger and resentment, which is a sin, and also feminine. So you contradict yourself. And if I came after you with a machette and a few knives I'm sure you'd show fear with is an emotion (bunch of pussies).

9. It's just A FUCKING COLOURED CRAYON!!! And the problem with curved lines being related to the shape of a phallus I presume?

10. Hopscotch is a game for children, it was not designed by gays, for gays. It's merely a game for children with extra energy to play. There is nothing wrong with poetry. Shakespeare, Alistair Crowley and Edgar Allan Poe were poetic, there is nothing feminine about them. Why would male children steal skincare products? if they were raised properly they'd know stealing was wrong. Is there anything about lesbianism as well or is that considered acceptable?

I would like an answer to ever question that I have asked you, with a valid reason, not a dumb-arse opinion of your insanitized religion. I think you are all a bunch of closed-minded, sexist, racist, descriminatory pussys who want dont like people with other philosophy's on life.

May belphegor come for you.

Yours sincerely
James Doyle

I stumbled acrosss your website www.landoverbaptist.org, and in an instant, my insides began to twist around from the evil displayed just on the home page. I couldn't even read the articals or search the site because I was so appalled by the pictures and the language. Perhaps this site was created in fun, but it is disturbing and incredibly evil. The god I know and love with all of my heart still loves you dispite the horrible things you post on your site. I pray that the next tramatic thing that happens in your lives will open your heart and soul up to the wonderful love and compassion of the lord. You are in my prayers

Crystal M. Hargis

You must have the most politically incorrect website i have ever laid eyes on.You demorolise every one and anyone who does not beleive in your beleifs.Well let me tell you something about myself.I am living in sin and have been for over 13yrs.I have a wonderful child born out of wedlock.I smoke I gamble and I masturbate with my husband.I wear skirts that are above my knees.I wear high heels.But I am a good mother,a good wife and I have a damm good life.My family is happy.We are not pregiduce against anyone.We have many freinds and we beleive in god.We choose to live our life the way we want to.We sure as hell wouldnt listen to fundamentalists like you that are more interested in making money than really preaching about the lord.Besides you really dont have many followers do you.Look at the catholic church.They have millions of more followers than you do.And I would rather follow them than a bunch of rednecks like you.

Michelle Power

Your website is offensive and wrong. It seems to me that all you care about is money and you sound like a cult. No one should have to pay to visit a church. That is ridiculous. You are ripping the public off! I took one of your quizzes and if I got an answer wrong, I was called an "unsaved moron." That is not right. How do you expect to save souls if you treat people like dirt. You are in no way being God-like. Your website should be shut down. Selling sexy underwear is a sin too, yet you advertise them on your website. I cannot say whether you will go to Heaven or Hell, but I feel that if you do not change your ways, you will end up in that fiery pot with Satan. You are completely misinterpreting God's Word and it is not only disheartening, but sickening. I will pray for you all.

Elizabeth Ulrich

You guys.......ARE GOING TO HELL! YOU GO TO HELL! YOU GO TO HELL AND DIE! I'm a Baptist and I don't act a thing like you guys and neither do other Baptist I know! You guys can't burn kids on a furnace just for trick-or-treating! How are they suppose to know that it's Satan's birthday!? And you shouldn't be punishing your own children in such cruel ways! Sure God says to punish your children but not beat them up! Also , children should NOT hate their parents! I know you've heard this countless times but it's the truth! And you shouldn't hate unsaved people! Jesus says to love your enemies. Instead of having nothing to do with them , you should help them become Christians , Just as I am trying to help you Christian wannabes! Believe it or not , you guys are NOT Christians. Some kind of cult is more like it!

God bless you!

Vickie Blew

I took serious offence to your article about “is my baby going to go gay “You people are the most ignorant people I have ever come across in my entire life. Please take off the propaganda on your web site you are teaching HATRED and nor GOD or Jesus would have stood for that. I hope you Burn in hell. Have a nice day


Just looking at your site. I am a Baptist and have been one for many years. What is this mess about paying fines for not accepting punishment or dress code violation. I'm so sorry but you people are twisting the words and beliefs of our Lord and you should be ashamed. I think if He could be here today He would be truly ashamed of the way His believers and followers are using their positions. What is wrong with you people the Bible does not say these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop tearing this religion apart you make the rest of us Christians look horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William Tribbey

How dare you sell salvation for money! Repent ye false teacher! It is a free gift from God through Jesus Christ! He already paid the price on the cross! You money hungry whore! REPENT OR STEP DOWN! I repeat, repent and remove anything that references to assuring people salvation through a large donation, IN FACT THAT ENTIRE WEBSITE, or step down NOW! You are greiving the Holy Spirit whom you know not, and you are dishonoring the name of Jesus. REPENT OR STEP DOWN, OR BE JUDGED GREATLY! You shall receive swift judgement straight from the Throne of God, lest you repent or step down NOW and I mean NOW! I repeat, step down now and remove that wicked website! If you so refuse you will be smote so quick you will not know what happened! REPENT OR STEP DOWN! Repent or step down now! This is the Lord's final warning to you! He will not have you dishonor his name, ye worker of darkness! Repent or step down! Put an apology in place of everything on that wicked website! Repent now or step down now! You will not have a chance too much longer! This is your final warning from God! This is your final warning!

Joe Urban

I have to say, that if anything, you gave me a good laugh about your article "Is My Little Baby Going to Go Gay"? I have to ask where did Christian Doctors get their degree? Or do you just call them doctors?

I, of course, am gay. And let's see going back in my youth. I did not sit on the toilet to pee. I always ate everything on my plate. Socks, is a must, unless I wanted blisters. Think about this next one "A boy must not be allowed to watch cartoons". Now, I don't see where a boy would find cartoons appealing, but watching sports, wow, now there's something to look at.

And the next one "A boy must not play with dolls". I believe if anyone takes your advice they should have 241-KIDS called for child abuse. Question about the underwear. What if you don't wear underwear at all? What would I be called then?

Again, with the next one. " A Boy must never cry". One, I doubt that anyone remembers seeing their mother's vagina at birth. Second, a submersion into ice water is child abuse. Crayons? What will you think of next? Well, I guess then the world needs to destroy all colored forms of art. You know colors of the rainbow have been used in several forms of art. So, we should destroy them. You know your web site has some colors of the rainbow on it. I think you should destroy it.

Skipping and prancing. Well I hated gym and never had the opportunity to be taught to skip or prance. So let's just ban gym from our schools. You know gym classes may be the very cause of homosexuality. I mean, God forbid you have to take a shower after gym class. Guess what you get to see? A whole shower room full of penises.

Just think of all things Christians could do in the world if you focused your time and energy on the economy, homeless people, the wars, etc. Instead, you focus your time and energy on homosexuality. Why is that? Do you want to know why I do not attend church with people like you? One, you claimed to be a servant of God, but yet I hear the word hate come from your mouth. Hate is why the world is where it is today.

I don't hate you, if anything I feel sorry for you. Don't forget God created man. Oh my God! Do you know what that means? He also created homosexuality. So, I think you may want to sit down and have a talk with your God! You might be surprised to hear what he has to say about your hate rallies.

Wish you a long and happy life.

Love, Y

our Gay Friend! (Bobby Miller)


Satanic Follower


Connor Wall

this site truly saddens me.

Josh Owens


First of all, I am deeply sorry about your traumatic experience with the dead cat and the wiccan girl, but do you know for a fact that she was a Wiccan? Obviously she was insane and had mental problems, but it does not mean she served Satan. Maybe she even just had a behaviour problem to kill the cat, I don't know but it wasn't witchcraft that did that to her.

Christianity is obviously very important to you, and I respect that, but you cannot now assume that you know everything about Wicca.

First of all, Wiccan's don't dress in black, people that wear blacks are called Goths, they are the ones who serve Satan. Secondly, Wiccans are just like you, but with a different religion. You and your religion try to make to world a better place and me and my religion does the same thing only different. We try to 'unite with the divide' as you quoted, yes we do, but only in a sense so that we can receive Her messages to make the world a better place and to help healing people with herbs and natural elements rather than western medicine.

Also, did you know that Wicca or Paganism predates Christianity? If it predates Christianity, and has survived all this time, maybe it's because people have believed in it and continued the Craft, to the extent that it has made me and countless others to join it. It was not magickal influence, it was a feeling in my gut that it was right for me, it was my path, just as Christianity is yours.

Christianity isn't the only religion in the world, even if you wanted it to be. There are people out there with different ideas to how the world was put together and at the end of the day, the Christian way, is just another idea, based on a huge book named the 'Bible'.

As to why Wiccan's are loners and why they are smarter, maybe because they are loners, they have no friends to play with because the Christian's think that she or he's a freak of nature, just because of the religion he/she has chosen. And they are smart because they have no friends, so they study more because they are bored, therefore learning more. You cannot blame their intelligence on Witchcraft, it is hard work and if you condemn them for working hard then you are going against everything America stands for, everything Americans have worked for their entire lives.

If you continue to punish those who aren't like you, you will be no more evil than the devil you are trying to escape. Evil is among us, it will never leave, but you cannot judge who is good and who is evil, you need someone who you can rely on, someone like your God. Isn't He the person you are supposed to be listening to? Isn't He the one you need to make those kind of judgements? If you are appointing yourself as the Judge, then are you not blasphemening? I do not mean any trouble, but you need to take into account that, Wiccans, Christians, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhas, we may all be of a different belief, but we are all human and there have been enough battles in this world, enough deaths in these wars to cause enough destruction, and so now I ask you, are you willing to let your fear of another religion bring us into another war, because if you start judging and then killing, it will eventually be another war, another load of deaths because someone was too afraid of someone elses mistakes.

Consider where your hunt will go to, consider how far you will go, in making what you think is a perfect world, will you lose yourself? I'll give you some advise, it can never be a perfect world. In dark, there is light and in light, there is dark. It's not a black and white world, it's a shade of grey.

Make your decision. Live with the consequences. There always are.


Dawn Cresentmoon (Steff Ransom)

The holy spirit tells me all is not right here...............

Ken and Mary Eib

I was appalled when I came to your site!!!! I can not believe you call yourselves Christians!! Talk about Puffed up, haughty and totally mislead!!!!!! Christ's return is near, I hope you examine youreselves and the filth that is pouring from your mouths! What Would Jesus Do Thongs??? Are you serious??? Accept Jesus and get a free phone????? Churches like yours are all throughout the Bible.

God gives us choices! We can choose to follow him or not. He is our judge. Who are YOU to force people into what you believe? God is the punisher...look out! Jesus loves the children, you want to banish them if they make a mistake! Put their hands on a hot stove??? Ship them off??? Thank GOD you are not my father! I was taught love and patience because God is over abundant in both. The scary thought is that there is a whole clan of you out there and you are misleading thousands of people straight into hell! You are teaching hate!

"Pig hating towel headed cavemen"? Oh my my my.

We are suppose to love and pray for our enemies, not look forward to roasting them in hell! Or in your own words "barbeque". We will get to heaven by Gods grace...not through how many witches we kill or how we punish our children. I am literally sickened and vexed by your site. I will pray for your souls and for the people you are teaching.


When there are no sports on TV, take your boy out in the backyard and throw the football or play catch with a very hard baseball.

This quote is on your site but is it not true that one of the Levitical laws says that we cannot touch the flesh of a dead animal....Hence we cannot and MUST not touch the pig skin in the Footballs and the Leather in the Basketballs. PEACE In CHRIST

Paul Cyfibrosis

Who the hell do you think you are? As far as I'm concerned anyone not allowing a child to color or play soccer should defiantly not have anyone in office...do you know how fucked we are if Bush wins...I'm not 18 I'm 17 but I don’t care because even in 2000 I knew bush was the worst person for the job...his family is all fucked...and no one needs religion in politics. you might as well kill every single person in this country who doesn’t believe what you do. And that’s not what we stand for...I hope bush gets sent to Iraq and really see's what's going on. He's killing innocent people and NO ONE LIKES HIM

Cherron Arens

you so called "christians" need not to bribe these childeren into christ but influence and encourage. What you guys are doing is wrong and I pray that you will stop. Telling kids to steal their parents's credit cards is so blasphemous and you have better stop(thou shall not steal). Is this actually a satanic site because it seems like it. You better stop, NOW!!!!!


Irwin Vang

I am outraged. How could you go on the internet and lie about atheist? I am not over weight and I dare you to call the police or FBI. They will laugh in your face. I hope that your god helps you to be more tolerate of other religions and beliefs. You all are terrorist.

Chastity Bowling

Dear Pastor:

I accidentally stumbled on your web site, I have been a Baptist and a christen from the age of 7, I was shocked and surprised that a pastor would put such hate and ill will towards an actor, Billy Crystal. Sounds as if you hate Jews I hope not. You should pray for MR. Crystal not condemn and as far as him playing a testicle how could you even begin to think or believe that little green thing with one eye anywhere resembles a male testicle? Where did you get this information? I called 700 club and asked them to pray for you , maybe God will soften your heart, remember the bible verse Judge not lest ye be judged with what measure ye judge ye so also be judged. I am sad to see such a website exist it just goes to show me Satan is alive and well spreading hate and prejudice.

Love in Jesus Christ

Renee Mariani

I really don;t care if you use any part of this E-mail, feel free you Bigots, you are all horrible people and if you think inspiring so much hate in the world will get you into heaven you are dumber than I thought. and for the record Jesus was not white, he was Jewish and looks like the Jews in Israel, not white at all. all of your teaching are stupid and hateful and you should all pay in the afterlife, whatever it may be. You must have horrible karma built up from so much insulting and glorifying hatred to other peoples, white people are not special in any way and believe me even if Christians are right all of you will burn in hell!

Alexander Mool

I was given your website to look at it. I honestly have to say I just have to laugh at what is in it. Do you have a staff of people that sit and write about this stuff? I do have to give you some advantage here – you do have a creative point – maybe you and your staff should go and write fiction and sci-fi stories.

What really gets me is your creative point in writing only saved people are welcome and the unsaved aren’t. For your information my loving, gracious Lord Almighty Jesus Christ has commanded me and His followers to go out into the world and spread the world of God to save the unsaved. To what you have on your website it’s the opposite of that- your condemning those who don’t fit your profile and your stats.

Things like “Accept Jesus and get a free phone” “The Largest, Most Powerful Assembly Of Worthwhile People To Ever Exist, Unsaved are NOT Welcome!” and this one really gets me “Please note: If you do not have the same beliefs as we do, you are going to burn in Hell forever.” “Accept Christ and get free Playstation 2!! WOW!!!!! May I get my free phone and playstation 2 cause I have accepted Jesus Christ my Lord & Savior? If not, why? Is that false advertising that your doing? Hmmmmmmmmm I hope your not talking about my God, my Lord who died on the cross for my sins. Otherwise, your giving false information to millions and millions of people and leading them astray. Get it.

One article I need to comment on is http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news0604/escape.html one – in the story there is no place called Buckford, North Dakota – and then the name of the town Freehold, Iowa doesn’t either exist at all. For North Dakota – I live here in North Dakota, and looked up Freehold, Iowa, no such place, not even the newly updated maps know this place. Give me a break dude.

As I go through the pages and read them – I just laugh at what you have and your staff have written. I do have to say again you make good stories, but none of them really hold water. No truth and no really based facts. You put them side to side – they say the same thing over and over. As a researcher, I have researched several of these stories and they come up false.

Please for your sake, stop this insanity of false witnessing and making up false information to people. You doing harm to a lot of people, than good. Have a good day and take care.

Chad A. Peterson