September 2006

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Letters To Landover: Pastor's Mailbag

A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

I am writing this letter with a heavy heart. Here I am on a Saturday night, just home from a wonderful weekend of fasting, prayer and praise to get revival going in our hometown and I wanted to do some Bible quizzes, and now I feel sick to my stomach. An aborted fetus is now being sodomized by satan? Are you kidding me? And your logo, "Where the worthwhile worship and the unsaved are not welcome". Is it not our job to win the unsaved to our side, to see Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour? No wonder so many people have a tainted view of Christians when we have this kind of garbage around! I am not saying we should give a watered down, candy coated Bible or sermon to anyone, but surely you must admit this stuff is hard core. I will be praying for you, I pray that your hearts are softened and that you show the love of Christ to all, as it is not our job to judge who is worthwhile and who is not.

Jennifer Provost

I was browsing online at some Christian sites to just look up a few questions and i was litterly appauled to see what you had to write about Catholics and the Church. Even if the connections exists between homosexuality and Catholicism, or if Catholics do "worship idols", who are YOU as a claimed Christian to JUDGE!. You can call a spade a spade and there be no problem. If you have a problem with how Catholics pray, then don't pray that way, but to claim that they are evil dooers and satan worshipers is horrible to claim to about anybody. HUMILITY is one of the best virtues that one can learn, as is PRUDENCE. Judgment should only be reserved for Our Lord, not for some pastor, or active leader in the community saying that he knows better than everybody else. Stop spending so much time worrying about what other denomnations are doing and spend more time actually praying and giving thanks and praise.

Matt Ward

What is wrong with the metal state of people in Landover, IA….I won’t be visiting your city or state if you are any kind of example of the type of mental cases who live out there. I can not believe this article is being published on the internet by a church. I was raised Baptist and this is not what was taught to the children.

Spooky Holy Ghost is Scaring the Devil Out of Children this Halloween!

I am a Christian and I believe the best way to win souls for Jesus is to lead by example such as Jesus did. If you’re teaching children it is ok to promote violence in the name of Christ, this is wrong. The lord did not let the people stone the prostitute in the bible because what she did was wrong. He said “you without sin cast the first stone”. I think the costume idea was great but to imply that you would encourage Christian children to beat other children is immoral an ungodly. These children that dress up are not the demons we are fighting. They are lost sheep who most likely do not have parents to teach them right from wrong. Save the demon and witch hunts for the demons and witches (they are out there) and leave innocent children alone. You say they are demon possessed…even Jesus laid hands on the people who were demon possessed to drive the demons out…he didn’t beat of suggest killing them. This article is very offensive and if I were the pastor I would have whoever wrote this article rewrite it and I most certainly would not support it. To use this holiday to dress up Godly and witness to other children is the right example. As a Christian mom I am outraged…What are you promoting? It most certainly is not the will of the Lord! I understand the whole free speech thing so here is mine… stay out of CO! What would be the difference between living by you or a murderer, rapist or pedophile? A crime upon another person or society is still a crime and God has a way of punishing those who hurt innocent people. You people really need to search your hearts and pray about what it is you are doing. Lord knows I will be praying for all of you.

Godly Christian Mom

Trisha Jones

Is this a joke? I saw fines up to $30.0 per sequin. Also that you would confiscate and KEEP prescious gem stones. (just what do you do with them) With fines. Uhm... I just have to know what's up with this. It seems....ridiculous.

Mark Miller

Never thought anyone could twist the truth like you guys! (Man! There must be a village somewhere deprived of a few perfectly good idiots.)

Actually, .... I thought about writing a few things, but I'm beginning to think that this is just a waste of time.

Walter Rawlings

I hope your website crashes and that you burn in Hell. You have made a total and complete mochary of Jesus Christ and what he stands for. Do you think it is a game? Do you think it is fun? Well we will just see who is having fun and playing games come Judgment Day. And the REAL Judgment will be held at the Great White Throne of God! And I can guarantee that no stupid ticket will save your pathetic soul from Hell.

Heath Ammons


I accidentally went into your church website and I was horrified to read the page that deplicted a horrific torture on rabbits because of their 'alledged connection' to the easter bunny. What you did to the home owners is another issue. I do not understand why anyone would torture (which is illegal and brutal) one of God's creatures because of the misguideance of others? I prey that it was a cruel hoax. I was brought up believing that God has created all creatures great & small and that we should respect them, even when they are meant to be eaten as food.

Peace & Blessing,

Diana MD


Linda Attard

I find it unbelievable that you would nit pick at such an organization about a dancing veggie tales doll, while you have advertisements for despicable things on your website (ie. What Would Jesus Do Thongs) Obviously your sense of value and morals is just as questionable and in bad taste as it would seem the company of Veggie Tales may have been. You should really check your website sometime and clean up the filth that you talk about abstaining from as a church and walk the walk and talk the talk!

Trevor James


I was surfing over the net when an article of yours got my whole intention "The Ramadan Fast: Crazy New Diet Fad Sweeps Middle East!"

I was offended in more than a way. How can you encourage such «recommendations”? How can you ask people to disrespect others' beliefs? And you are calling yourselves good Christians?? No Kidding!!! Jesus is innocent from people like you. Jesus will never ask for such things.

We, Muslims, know Jesus better than faked Christians like you. Our religion thought us how great Jesus was and how tolerant he used to be even with his enemies. This attitude you are encouraging is the fuel of the continuous disasters and hate wars the world is seeing nowadays.

Just for your information, in Islam, if we are forced to eat by another person as you were asking people to do, the fasting day is still acceptable. The only way it won't be, is if we eat during Ramadan without any pressure or threat. Another thing, kids are not obliged to fast. So please give them the candy, your dirty money used to please some young kids. Who are the stupid ones now???

So before you write something about a subject that you don’t master, at least have the decency to check you resources. Not even for our sakes as being Muslims but for the people who are naïve enough to believe every single word you are writing.

We don't ask you to believe in what we believe in, but we ask you to respect our beliefs and if it is a lot to ask ( since only civil people can respect others without agreeing with them) then go back to the bible and read it carefully, and see what Jesus is actually asking you to do.

You know what? You are scary and damaged people; otherwise you wouldn't have gone so low to get what you want. You are scared to deep of the essence of you being because you see that every days, intellectual people from all fields are converting to Islam all over the world and that you are losing your edge. That’s the only reason why you chose to have a dirty and unrespectable campaign against Islam. You are anything but good Christian. I have Christian and Jew friends and I know what I’m talking about. In the Bible it is said that Jesus will deny some people who call themselves Christians, and I'm pretty sure you are in the top of his list. For the simple reason that he tried to teach love and you are only pushing people to hate each other.

May God forgive you,

Bel Weddane

I just want you to know that as a Christian I am ashamed that people are allowed to create such filth. You say that children do not need to be allowed to this site, who is always around to stop them. If you dont want it to offend children dont create the trash. I will be praying that God will cause this page to be unavailable to open to the public eye and that your heart will be changed and you become a Member of God's family.

In His Arms

Amanda C Hunt

I am a Southern Baptist from sparks Nevada; I have to say I find your Halloween suggestions offensive and not at all biblically lead. A bucket of lambs blood? If your goal is to lead someone to Christ, that is not going to do it! The gospel of Christ is one of love and no where on your site have I seen that exhibited. Instead of leading people to Christ you will have them screaming in terror. How do you know that the children coming to the door at your house on Halloween are not Christian? Maybe before you give suggestions you should think what would Jesus do, here is what he said on the matter... But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. (Matthew 18:6,KJV). Instead of condemning Halloween how about offering a Christian alternative such as a Harvest party at your church? Play Christian games, offer sugar free candy, give praise to our lord for the great harvest he has provided for us this fall. Please do not throw any lambs blood on innocent children. Jesus said to enter his kingdom you must be as a little child, don't scare his children away. If you are truly a Baptist church you are in the business of saving not scaring.

Please spread the gospel of love and truth not a gospel of hate and fear!

May god influence all that you write for his good,

Charity Forest

I am a devoted, saved Christian who reads and lives by God's Holy Word - the Holy Bible. The Bible teaches us that we are to love each other. I stumbled onto your website by chance, and it literally made my jaw drop at what your church "preaches". At first, I really thought it was some kind of joke mocking Christians! The books available on your website are apalling....the cockroach representing the Jews?!?! I'm sure you already realize that Jesus was a Jew. The "God told me to hate you!" link....throwing lamb, dog, or goat blood on trick or fecies as 'candy' for kids....torturing children in your basement?!?!....weeks old raw meat in your pocket to represent Christ....the list goes on and on.

I will be praying for you and your church - praying that you and members of your church represent Christians as followers of a loving, forgiving God. Saying that trick-or-treating children, murderers and child molestors are condemed to hell is true only if they do not repent for their sins.....and once they do they are freed from them and are saved. So goes for all of us, including you and your church members (who are also sinners....everyone sins - every day)! We all fall short of the glory of God as we are all sinners. But each and everyone of us has the same opportunity to serve and worship God and all His glory and live with Him in eternity. I pray that your church learns positive, impactful, and loving ways to spread the wonderful and life changing gospel. I also pray that people that your church encounters in a hateful manner are not turned off to true Christians by the practices that you teach.

God's blessings,

Melissa Poland

You are the most corrupt church I've ever seen in my life. "The Largest Most Powerful Assembly of Worthwhile People To Ever Exist. Unsaved are NOT welcome!" How self-righteous is that? seriously!?! How can you say that?!?! God wants us to be fishers of men. He wants us to go out and bring people to Christ. He wants us to be missionaries of our faith, and you people just sit there talking about all the sin in the world. Yes, there is a lot of sin in the world, but WE ARE ALL SINNERS. Stop acting like you're better than everyone that kind of mentality is what keeps people from believing in God. I honestly thought your website was a joke at first, and I looked around and didn't see anything indicating such, that's pathetic. May God have mercy on your souls.


David Holding

I can't believe that you would even make up a fake church to blastpheme God's holy name and totally turn God's word into the hateful crap that you publish! I looked up your town and it doesnt even exist. You people should be ashamed.

THEY ARE A FRAUD! DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY. I couldn't even find a town called freehold in Iowa! We need to stop reading their fake publishings and teachings and get on with our lives! :( The nerve of people!

Thank You

Andrea B.

As a longtime animal rights activist and supporter of children's rights - innocents deserve protection, I believe, and so did Jesus - I took interest in the article about the miniature horses. It seemed like a fine article until I found your announcement that beastiality is a non-American sin. That remark seems purposely obtuse. And it bothered me.

While at the surface it seems to be a point at passing, at its root that comment, and I quote, "As with all sins, this one can be traced to folks who aren't American." is a point of almost sinful pride. I mean, if sins can be traced back out of America, so can just about every family line in your congregation unless your congregation is full of Native Americans. Sir, our country is what, 400 years old? I know the date 1776 is the widespread date of the birth of our country, but our South was infested with French and Spanish, and the North was infested with British settlers as early as the 1600's. Of course all sin "originated" elsewhere. We're one of the youngest countries on the planet!!! Did you think that there were any sins that hadn't been committed yet? Why you would feel the need to state such a thing is beyond me. Frankly, if I were you, I'd be concerned with the sins we've continued, not initiated. Our country seems to continue sins just fine.

On a few passing events of sin, we are also the same country that knowingly gave Pox-infested blankets to women and children of the Native American race. According to Jesus, we must love our "enemies" and hate the sin. Does murder sound correct? Is this also not our sin? Will you also say that because the military was new to this country that the sin of murder was connected to Europe, too? We are the same country that burned women at the stake over jealousy and fake accusations of witchcraft. There are still places in the South where a God-fearing black man cannot walk for fear of being beaten. Would Jesus have beaten or worse yet, hung a black man because of his skin color? When does it become our sin? Ever? Can you think of ONE sin that hadn't occurred somewhere in the world before 400 years ago? Why would you even bother to say something so meaningless and prideful as to say all sins originated elsewhere? Does it really matter where sin originates? I say no. I think it matters where sin continues and is nourished. I'm ashamed of all these things and would not be so quick to pass their origin somewhere else, because we own them, all of us.

I would ask you to consider one of the seven deadly sins, pride, when talking about your country's lack of sin origin or invention. You're treading some dangerous ground, there. I hope you and your whole congregation considers the virtue of humility, because the statement you made is terribly lacking of it. I will pray for you.

daphne procz-shorts

We are well aware of the intent of your site. You Jews - yes, you are not fooling anyone - think that by making fun of Christianity that you can get us to make fools of ourselves by getting us to send in e-mail filled with emotions and other things. You think that you can tempt us with your "funny" ways so we will denounce you in vulgar terms for the atheists that you are. Don't you know that you can't anger us up and make us jump like little monkeys? It won't work. We are not blinded by your "funny" ways (and they are NOT funny) so we see what you are trying to do. You are like bad teen-ages filled up with excitability, and you want people to stare at you and shout at you so you can laugh at us. It won't work, because we forgive you for this and all of the other things that your people have done all these years. You were punished with the holocost for your continued wrong ways. You cannot tempt the forces of all goodness and charity and expect to not be punished. Why not stop it? I know in my heart that if you quit this you will be forgiven and not punished again, but time is running out. The Iranians want to drop an A-bomb your Israeli Jews. You may not believe this, but we forgive you, pray for you and love you. We want you to be happy and released from the turmoil your people brought on themselves so long ago, so please stop this.

Rush Bergman

I was just bouncing around the web looking for a life-size doll to take to a convention that we are going to to show people the safety that our seats offer, when I cam across your website. I was shocked at some of the things that were posted on your website, I can understand the Jar Jar Binks doll, but to say that he is demonic and erotic is ridiculous. Strictly from a business stand point there is no reason to purposely make a doll like that because it doesn't make business sense. And to say that they should ban all life size dolls is just ridiculous, we had a larger than life stuffed dog when I was growing up and there was nothing wrong with that it, and we never used I to masturbate. The point is that if a kid wants to masturbate then they are going to, it has nothing to do with the doll. Also another point for you to think about, the reason that children can not take a bible into school with them is because some atheists decided that they were offended by it, and we have been fighting it ever since, if we do the same thing then there is no chance that we can ever get that right back.

After being surprised by your site I took another look around and realized that your site is very hypocritical, in one breath you say outlaw all this so our children are safe, and in the next you have advertisements for "sexy Christian wear" and "what would Jesus do thong" yeah,those are both Christian things. It pisses me off because there are so many good Christians in the world, but most people will find a site like yours and be totally turned off and think that all Christians hate them and are off their rocker. I also saw where it says "unsaved not welcome" now I know at one point in time you were not saved, at some point someone shared the gospel with you, and you got saved. According to you, you would not be welcome, and if someone hadn't then you would be going to hell. Also most of what you say is not biblical, If you have a bible take a look at it, how many times did Jesus leave the unclean people and go to where the clean people were? none, because his purpose and our purpose is to bring the unsaved to Christ, not to have our own little click where it is just us and nobody else. He is a God of LOVE not of hate.

I feel that this is falling on deaf ears, but I pray that it does not.

Eric J. Sebast

Vice President , CNE

To the congregation of Landover Baptist Church,

I am a born again Christian who has devoted my life to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I daily pray that God will lead me closer in a relationship with Him.

I recently came across your site while engaging in research online, and it saddened my heart greatly to read your message about condemning non-believers to such an extreme. Please don't take me wrong, I do not tolerate pagans, nor do I tolerate the unsaved; I do, however, love the Image bearer. All are made in the image of God, and therefore are worthy of his love. The Bible clearly states that Jesus mingled with sinners during His time on earth. If we are to live lives honoring our Lord and Savior, how can we then go against what Jesus so clearly did and not accept sinners in our midst? It breaks my Holy Spirit filled heart that you so harshly condemn sinners to not set foot inside your place of worship and also severely punish those in your congregation who sin.

Robert Lodge

In His loving name I write,

Ben Muser



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