January 2009

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Letters To Landover: "Pastor's Mailbag"

A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

Hi.  I was looking at your website and I just wanted to make a comment.  I hope you don’t mind.  If there are unsaved people in the world and they want to come to your church but are unable to afford clothing that you think is proper, are they turned away?  I am just astonished that there are churches that still do this.  I also read a part on the website that you had to put the unsaved in the back of the church.  I believe that being saved or not is between that person and God and they should not be pushed to the side.  I would be ashamed of a church that fines people.  If I show up wearing my p.j.’s, God knows where my heart is.  The person who you think doesn’t dress properly and is turned away, may be someone who really needs Jesus.  Is this church out to help save souls or are they out for the money? 

Amanda Cartwright

Dear folks,

Having read one of your webpages (http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news1100/science.html), all I can say is your ignorance and hubris is only outpaced by your fears, xenophobia and adherence to silly mythology.

By the way, nice try on the first web page presented after clicking on the e-mail button, but I do not consent nor are you allowed to you use this e-mail for any purpose without prior written authorization from me.

Keep snake-oiling for the money, though, as your obsolescence and irrelevancy continues to increase with each passing generation.

Have a nice life.


Atheism is the fastest growing "religion" in the world. It has grown from 5% to 15% of the worlds population in just the last 20 years. As we grow as a species and the world becomes a much smaller place due to technology, the ignorant superstitions of an all powerful omnipotent being controlling our existence has become very clear. There is no such thing. Science will not "KILL" God, it will just prove he never existed in the first place. All the killing, torturing, lying, children raping, and mind altering aboritions that have been predicated in the name of "Religion" will finally have the brightest spotlight imaginable cast upon it. The "Rats" that claim to be WORD of the almighty will have nowhere to hide and will simply have to kill themselves or relinquish themselves to the real world. I am not being mean. I am just trying to help our human race survive our infancy. The human race is not stupid, just very gullable! Is it not strange that if you grow up in a Christian community, there is a 95% chance you will be a Christian. If you grow up in a Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and so on, and so on, community the same percentages apply? If they are all right, they all must be wrong! The only way we can achieve a complete, harmonious, loving, caring earth is to eradicate the prejudices. Religion is the ULTIMATE PREJUDICE! Think about it.


Hi, I have a few questions for you. These do not mean that I am discrediting your principles and beliefs in any ways, I am just looking for answers. Now for some backround on me. I am  young white republican baptist female, but I have found that your beliefs are a lot more conservative than my own, though I am considered very conservative.

- I can tell from your website that you are rascists for the most part.    

Where in the Bible does it say anything about white people being better than others?    

- Are black people allowed in your church?

- From my prior knowledge, I thought for the most part that Baptists are against speaking in tongues. I saw on your website that at a youth party people were speaking in tongues.    

- Can you please brief me a little more on your stand on speaking in tongues? - I also read about your church's stand on rape.    

- What do you think should be the punishment for a women that has been raped? - Also, about your view on womans modesty and a womans apparel    

- Why do you think that a girl must always wear a dress, aren't loose pants just as modest? - Finally, why do you charge money to come to your church?

- Don't you think that our responsibility as Christians is to spread the Gospel without making a profit?

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and I would appreciate if you got back to me. Have a blessed day.


I am sorry, but I have inadvertently come across your site.  ARE YOU REAL?  Banning the Leapfrog Play Table and the comments made, make me sick.  So do the comments made about other items.  You only see sick when sick yourself.  If you are a "joke" then fair enough ; but if not ! please go away.  There are enough evil/sick/perverted people in this world as it is - and childrens toys do not make evil, its the perverts that want to play them thar are.  Leave the kids toys to the kids and you go and play with adults OK.  You have made me shudder  URG!!


I never knew that your Godly Pastor, Deacon Fred was nuts!! 

And you can quote me.

bob. fearn

You really need to do your research before you bad mouth wicca. 1st of all wiccans DO NOT worship the devil, we don't even believe in the devil, we believe to give evil a name is to give it power. The devils is purely a Christian belief and its unfair 4 you to associate it with my religion. 2nd, we don't sacrifice cats, or any animal for that matter. We abide by the wiccan law which is "an harm ye none do as thee will". Plus , I'd like you to think of one war that was fought in the name of wicca, none. Its the Christians who have wars and hung wiccans for stupid reasons, so whos the evil one? Also unlike Christians you don't see wiccans going around bad mouthing other peoples religions, or going door to door trying to convert more followers, you say wiccans are evils but from what I've read on this websita your not one to talk. Wicca is known as the old religion and it dates alot farther back then Christianity. AND WE ARE NOT ALL FAT!!!!!! I see alot more fat Christians then I do wiccans. So next time you want to bad mouth a religion that you believe to be wrong get your facts straight. Its people like you that start wars and killings by saying shit that you really don't understand. And also just because my email address says spawnofthedevilsgoddess, don't take it seriously it was a joke meant for stupid people such as yourself. Also, I may not believe in the devil or hell but if they do exist people like you who are hypocritical and bad mouth everyone are going to end up there before wiccans who don't like to say anything bad about anyone unless, like in this case, they are defending themselves.                         

Sincerely pissed off-                               

Morgan Smith

To whom this may concern,

I recently read Pastor Harry Hardwick's sermon about vegans. To say the least, I found this sermon to be ignorant, absurd, and extremely irritating. If he had actually spent the time to talk to vegans, he would've learned that many of them really are good people.

I am a vegan and Mr. Hardwick's sermon could not be farther from the truth. It is completely ridiculous of him to claim that I am possessed by the devil for this, and please, do not call me a "satanist," as I most certainly have faith in God. The type of food that a person chooses to eat has nothing to do with his or her theological beliefs whatsoever, and I outright refuse to eat a certain type of food just because society tells me to eat it.    

Veganism has been nothing short of amazing for me. I have become a healthier person, I am now stronger, I have more endurance, and I am also more confident. I am the healthiest I have been in my entire life, thanks to following a vegan diet.   

Many health benefits to following a vegan diet have been discovered through technologies that were not available in biblical times. For example, vegans are nine times less likely to become overweight than those who consume animal products. Also, veganism drastically reduces a person's chances of heart disease, diabetes.  

By saying that God created animals for "one purpose only" and that purpose being to eat them, is completely indefensible. According to this, the only purpose of having my three pet cats would be to eat them.  

I have done my share of studying the Bible, and although you quote Jesus directly, He never said anything remotely along the lines of what is claimed in this sermon. By using the term, "real men," you are sticking to the old-fashioned gender bias. As I have already stated, the assumptions made in this sermon are based on the first century, we are now in the twenty-first century, two thousand years later.  

The points made in this sermon are extremely typical and closed-minded. I advise you, take a look back on what you have said. Statements like these do not attract people to churches, but they do the exact opposite, and many times, will make someone lose interest in religion.

P.S. If it is possible, I would certainly appreciate a response from Mr. Hardwick.

Jordan D.

I pray that you guys renounce you demonic ways and become true servants and worshipers of Christ. I so pray that you see your ways as evil and desist.  Man, Satan has you in a strong hold Blessed Be God I pray for you fellow bretheren (WACKO YOU MAY BE) but bretheren non the less

                                                  Love, thru Christ             
                                         Disciple Saint Standridge

You people are wrong and demented and will all go to hell. Congrats.

Brittney Brier

Just a word of warning friend.

Do not mock our God. He paid a very dear price by giving his Son so all who believed can be saved. His love was so great for us. I do not see the spirit of Jesus in your website. We must worship our God in spirit and in truth. You are only focussing on the truth. We must also dwell in the spirit of Jesus. Meaning the kind hearted loving person He was when He walked the earth. He loved sinners, so should we. He mixed with the poorest of the poor and loved the people that committed the most horrific sins. We should  also loved as He loved. One does not win souls by keeping your ministry on the edge of blaspheming. Ask Jesus to fill you with His Holy Spirit. It happened to me friend, and I received the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I speak in tongues and know also the discerning of spirits. The Holy Spirit was not comfortable in me while I was looking at your website. I went to no bible school or have any diplomas or degrees. I only know my Saviour and His word the bible. I also know He is very holy. Even angels cannot look at Him for His holiness. Stop mocking and making jokes with what is holy and precious to many.

From a farmer friend in South Africa

Tobias Basson

This is not a loving way to witness to a wiccan.

If I were one, you would turn me away and validate hypocrisy.you maifest satanism and are in need of an exorcist

Zero tolerance is not being “wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove” of which I can state having dealt with/ threatened by those in the occult.

Question: what do you offer as a replacement for those in wicca? Self?

What your site states is hatred, shows no discernment. You also show no knowledge of scripture as to what it says before and after quotes, and to who at the specific time.

This is not to justify acts by wiccans

Viewing your sales dept; you are no better than wiccans. Same publication as to stanist poop is the same excrement posted in sales dept.

You rely on self and not the power of God.

True body of Christ.baptists? know ye not that all members of the body are for edification of the church? True Baptists like true jehovahs witnesses or mormons.

As to saving life.. those who lose this life for Christs sake will find it; not by might, not by pwer but by my Spirit says the Lord God of hosts.

Stalk/ hunt and trap live wiccans?

Is naughty products/ nasty gift ideas a fake or real??

You state the things on website and sell this? Be not deceived. God is not mocked. Whatsoever you sow, you will reap

The gospel has not been preached to everyone. It is time for harvest. Not “settle” down.

As to family: he who loves mother or father more than me is not worthy of me………………..and is not a works gospel. Salvation is by faith through grace. Not of yourselves lest any should boast.

Malcolm in uk mi6 {intelligence} wants to talk about plastic/ hydrocarbons and q dots exhibiting the same ignorance shown on website.

Thanks for a depiction {as you represent} of those in iowa and evidently don’t know the powers you deal with

You are also confiming fornication. By your mouth and advertisements.

Jesus will not sling children into hell until the age of accountability

You are not the example for the Christian community

Burning: again taken out of context

If I spoke my mind about you, you would think you are being persecuted for rightoesness sake.

You must have gotten the messages on your website from your “taint”    

resonse requested

So nice of you to exclude the poor sinner and unbeliever from hearing your message.  Doesn't it bother you just a little bit to be so smug and elitist?  The poor sinner or unbeliever needs church more than you do.  Maybe not.  Read the scriptures to see what Jesus said about sinners.  Pray for wisdom.  My email address is mwildeboer@yahoo.com if you dare to respond in your self-righteousness and smug attitude.  Satan is especially pleased to know that you keep the sinners out of church.   Mathews Chapter 9 - 10 through .13  

What really irks me is that you have the nerve to call yourself a Baptist.

Marion Wildeboer

I happened upon your web site and am appalled by the content. I am not sure how you can claim to be Baptist, your perversion of scripture is unmatched by anything I have ever seen. In fact, the Jehovah's Witnesses and LDS churches have more biblical doctrine that you. What a shame, it will probably only be after you die that you will realize your gross perversion of Christianity.

Morgan Massie

Intelligent Geek

Dear Landover Church.  

Where to begin.  I just feel sorry for the members of your church.  The information on your website is the most divisive literature I think I have ever read.  It's really gross.  Obviously, the head of your Church doesn't belive this crap, but it's the people that go to your church that probably do.  Very scary.  

What's the motivation for such crap?  Money and power I guess.  

I just hate to see folks who are probably not very educated to get sucked into this type of crap.  

You should really feel bad about yourself for such bahavior.

Clay Earl



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