A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received September 2004  (unedited and in original form)

I came across your website after being told about it in my political science class. I was amazed at the stories that my professor was quoting from a website of a church of all things. And sure enough, he was not lying. I am horribly amazed that there are people out there as extreme as you. I saw that you mentioned that among many groups of people going to hell, were Muslims. But I cant help but find an uncanny similarity in the Islamic extremists, and your very extreme beliefs. I still ca not really comprehend what i read in a matter of five minutes, and have no idea how people can be so judgementale and narrow-minded as i've just witnessed. I understand your want to be true to your faith, but it's one thing to preach Christianity, and another to preach hatred of different cultures, ethnicities, and who knows what other hair-brained minority you can find. If this is in fact a real chirch with actual followers, the united states and the world is looking a lot scarries to myself.

It seems almost fitting for yall to support Bush as well, as he is an ignorant and narrow minded idiot. You have every right to vote for him, i do concede. I personally would rather have a monkey in the white house than that excuse for a president.

Anyway, now that I have gotten way off track, i would actually like to thank you for the future hours of entertainment and discussion among my peer of your outrageous community. With out people like yourselves, there would be a lot less laughter, and a lot less eyes opening to the ultra-conservitive wing of the united states that scares the shit out of me.

Please feel free to respond to my email, and I even encourage you to share it with your community.


Spurs Fan

Hi my name is Brian Covert and I am a Reformed Baptist in Mesa Arizona. I was just reading your churches article on science. I would like to say that you could not be more wrong. Science was originated by Christian men who wanted to further explore their God and Creator. These men wanted to know more about their Father and the science of the things that He created. I agree God has a plan and that everything works according to His good pleasure, but to say that it just happens like magic is absurd. To say that our vehicles work by magic because Jesus wants it to is plain ignorance. We are image bearers of God which means that we also display many of Godís attributes in one way or another. One of those attributes is creativity. God created the heavens and the earth and everything in it and He also created man with ability to be creative and to create things. Man has invented and created many things and those things have a science to them. These things donít just work by magic there is a logical and mechanical explanation behind those things I would like to suggest a few books for you to read written by CHRISTIANS. First book is Christian Men of Science: Eleven Men Who Changed the World by Julia Mulfinger Orozco and the second one is Loving God With All Your Mind: Thinking as a Christian in the Postmodern World -- by Gene Edward, Jr. Veith. Please read these books.

Brian Covert

To Whom it may concern,

I am Roman Catholic. My wife came across your troubling website recently and forwarded it to me. My best friend is Southern Baptist and was also shocked to read some of the amazingly ridiculous statements you make. The Jesus thong for sale is also a bit troubling... but I digress.

I would like to clarify some things to you about us "unsaved, hellbound, Catholics." I am no seasoned apologist, although I know many who are, but after reading several of your bigoted anti-Catholic sermons I am confident I can explain some things to you about our Lord's Holy Roman Catholic Church.

You pick the first topic and we can get started. Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, Mary, the Eucharist, etc. Anything is fine with me... you pick.

Finally, your condoning of violence is sad. In your "Spooky Holy Ghost is Scaring the Devil Out of Children this Halloween" article I was saddened to read that you promote fist fights among your youth. Perhaps you should spend more time in God's HOLY word. Our Lord was speaking to all of us when He said, "I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another" (John 13:34).

In His Service,

Ron Pereira

You viper. You are apparently a child of satan, and not of my Father. You humour is what casts dought on christians who are realy doing God's work. you need to practice what you preach! God is no laughing matter, where is youre respect for the Father. Your web site is mocking the messiah and the father. You need to Repent, and clean out your own closet! your joking sence of humor about my Yeshua is sick and evil, from the mouth of the serpent!

Rick Hilaman

Boy, this made me laugh, then shudder. "Serving the Saved". "Unsaved not welcome". I have to question whether or not you have a new testament. It is certain you haven't read it, if you do. The disturbing thing is this was approved by people who are "Christians".

Let me see, did Jesus serve those in good shape spiritually? Did Paul reach out to only those who believed? Peter? Shall I say any more? It seems to me this web-site is built only to flatter yourselves. Only you, the "Saved", deserve the right to have this kind of site, which is bi-furcating the saved from the non-saved, or "hell-bound". The word "hell-bound" is a way to hide in plain view that your not particularly interested in reaching those you have pre-judged in your own heart. No wonder the modern "religious" church is garbage. They're not teaching about God, just simply there own ideas. I am a member of a baptist church, but I tell people I'm a christian, not a baptist. Organized religion is man made. Spirituality isn't. My advice: Be a little less sarcastic to the web visitor. Don't let them know your existance is soley for the saved. If your existance is soley for the saved, as your site implies, it is futile and pitiful. Please try to have a less antagonistic view of the unsaved. They are the harvest. We are the workers.

May God Bless You.

Greg Treaster; 24 year old male in Missouri, saved since '93.

It sounds like this neat little toy is allowing adults already in the know to give themselves a little pleasure. Where's the harm in that? Also, if you have a such a problem with the toy, why do you have the picture linked to amazon.com where one is able to purchase this toy? That doesn't seem right to me. Personally, if my daughter wanted an aquapet, I would be more than happy to buy it for her.


Peter Kohner

Dear sir, Just read the article published on your web site - a trascript of a Zechariah Hosea.

Hmmm. Well either its a joke, or you really are desperate to dig up any old trash.

Should be ashamed of yourselves, grown ups acting like that!

All the best, from some one who has actually been through the Temple.

Robert Smith

Greetings from Virginia!

Hello, my name is Emily Mussy, and I read your article on how terrible Disney is. Let me congradulate you and reassure you that you have many people out there who agree with you. Disney is a terrible and wretched company for allowing such perverse toys to be anywhere in the vacinity of children. It apalls me. I would like to take this time to tell you about the group I belong to at my highschool called "RR", or "Republicans Rock". It was started about 15 years ago, and everyone in my family has been a part of it. I'll bet those lousy liberals have been creating scandalous toys to turn our children into sex fiends and currupt them, and we need to put a stop to this. The club and I are considering boycotting Disney movies and products. If you have any suggestions, please respond.


Emily Mussy.

the article on the ab toner is completely false and you people should be sued off your asses for posting such a stupid article. you think anything secular sinful FUCK YOU

Danna Arant

Excuse me, as a parent of my child and a current and active member in my own BAPTIST CHURCH, what your telling me to do with my child is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD. The way he eats or goes to the bathroom has nothing to do with him being queer. In fact, MAYBE thatís a sign that Gays are born that way. Why try to ship someone GOD MADE TO BE THE WAY GOD MAD to some convent for changing at such a young age. I happened to have a gay son who is 17, he never did that when he was young. As of now, I donít really know what he does for he has grown into a very respectable young man unlike his HETERO SEXUAL brother who treats women like a normal disgusting hetero man would do. My husband did a fine job at teaching the the boy how to "act like a man" its disgusting, gay people have better manors, and their relationships are strong. My 17 year old joined the US MARINES, along with his father and is openly gay and extremely not flamboyant. He didnít do any such thing, and the things Our pastor says to what your saying is much better. He isnt going to say its not a sin, but it isnt as bad as you seem to be making it out to be. All sins are forgiven. My son accepted christ when he was 6 years old, I was so proud I donít know he relised he was gay but it didnít change my opinion. In fact he felt it was wrong and went to some couseling and IT DIDNíT WORK! It actually m,ade him fall into a GOD DAMN DEPRESSION and I got a call from St Francis PSYCH ward saying he tried to commit suicide! How do you think as a single mom that made me feel? Your little convent didnít work, it made my son something he apparently was not made to be. But I suppose you people would say " ask for forgiveness and then kill yourself" so he doesnít live out a sinful life. Get real, seriously GET REAL. Ill give you 1 credit. Thanks for voting Bush, my gay son (who actually JUST turned 18) is voting for him too because he knows what a good president is and a bad one. Your website offended me big time, and I even printed it and brought it to church with me and I have a lot of people on my side. What school did you graduate from, wait! I donít care. You disgust me ,

Nancy Baker

Dear Pastor,

After reading the article on Landover Baptist Church Website that a friend had shown me, i was reminded once more why it is that i do not go to church or pray to "God" or any other god, although i'm sure you'd find any other but yours to be fake due to the lack of acceptance in your heart.

It is in fact people like you and those of the Landover Baptist Chruch that sadden me and it is my belief that a great deal of the world's troubles and unwelcomed violence is stemmed from those like yourselves. As you clearly encourage your children to carry out violent acts.

Your kind preach peacefulness and the ways of the righteous man yet you take up arm against those who do not share the same belief as yours. If you and your god is so grand and your beliefs are so superior to any others, why force the rest of the world into it? There simply would be no point because if it were truely that grand and wonderous, than no one would have to be told so. Not to mention you completely contridict yourself and your beliefs when you force others into your following.

This is exactly the reason i do not believe in the church or a god. Because of the example your kind has set upon me and many others across the world since i can remember, an example that encourages violence, judgment, discremenation, and so many more negative things i care not for in this world.

It disgust me that anyone would encourage such actions and show such hate, and i simply do not agree, nor do i think i ever will.


Laurel Weaver

I'm just wondering what is the point of this website? I mean literally do you think that by creating these products you are doing anything good? How can you call yourselves Christians? Just wondering what the deal is.

A concerned Christian

Hello i came across your site a few days ago and let me tell you i have never been so sick to see something like this on the web, in fact i thought this was a real church and was actually thinking of turning you in to authorites. i have just discoverced that this is a parody site THANK GOD. but regardless it is still wrong i have turned you into the N.R.A for using there name basically, and what they stand for is NOT kids using guns you should be ashamed of yourselfs and hopefully no kid of yours our some kid you know takes that serious and kills themselfs. I hope the N.R.A. slaps you upside the head and takes you for everything you have. you SICK, PREVERTED, TWISTED, SONS OF BITCHES! I HOPE YOU TRUELY BURN IN HELL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE JUST REMEBER KARMA CAN BE A NASTY THING

Micky Ward

dear Pastor.,, Shalom!!

Like you sir, i am also a soldier of Christ from True Vine Baptist Church in the Philippines. i am one of youth leaders in our church and one of the most common thing that influenced many young people is the music. May i request Sir to please send me some examples of Backmasked songs. Some famous songs that commonly played by youth.. i need the lyrics, both forward and reverse, to positively influenced our youth.. i hope for your kind giving.

GOD Bless

Jan Michael Lim
True Vine Baptist Church

The article Pastor Exposes Perverted Little Cartoon Character was the most ridiculous and outrageous thing I have ever read! I cannot believe a Christian website would put such made-up and ridiculous lies about an innocent cartoon for everyone to read. I was very disturbed by the pastors quoted, "reacted immediately to what I saw there, and was able to flip over and grab my grandson by his hair and fling him across the room, thankfully, knocking him unconscious long enough for me to get to the remote control and switch back to Fox news, where they were showing Godly footage of our Christian troops blowing up ignorant Arabiacs." If you've ever seen the cartoon once you would know that it is a creative and funny cartoon suitable for all ages. I found this article by reading a quote on a non-Christian website. Thanks a lot for making Christians sound like awful and hateful people! This article is not news it's complete nonsense! Infact your whole website ludicrous a "true Christian" would not put the things that you have on this website! I hope and pray that you all will really find Jesus and that you will not cause anyone to stumble in their spiritual walk.


Dear Sir, I cannot believe that there is actually a church or should I say community that believes the way your church believes. I was raised a Southern Baptist woman and believe me when I say, I always thought they had strong beliefs about God, Jesus and Church. I cannot believe that you would say that the unsaved are unwelcome. I always thought that Jesus Christ would accept anyone, be them poor, homeless, unsaved, etc.....how else would the unsaved learn about God and Jesus, unless they went to Church? In my opinion, your beliefs are not with God, but how you want the world to be in your eyes. Yes, you do have scripture passages that are in the Bible (KJV) but, I was always taught to accept Jesus as your lord and Saviour and when you pass on, you go to a better place, which is heaven and sit by the throne of God the Father. Your website is not for any one under the age of 18, but doesn't your church have Sunday School for the children? I loved Sunday School because I learned about Jesus and the Bible and then got to sit with my parents during worship service. your website makes it look like Church for children is a sin or something and you even penalize your congregation if they do not dress the way YOU want them to. I was always taught, that it didn't matter what you wore to church as long as you were in the congregation learning about the Love of God and Christ. As you will see by my Screen name that the word witch is there, but I have always had Christ in my heart and still believe in the word of God and yes I still read the Bible as well. And this Betty Bowers person saying God told me to hate you, well that is just a bunch of nonsense. We have a loving God who forgives us for our sins and transgressions and not to hate or judge anyone. I cannot believe this type of Church as you call it exists. It makes me angry to know that you people think this way, to me its unchristian and certainly not what God wants for his people. Thank you for letting me give my opinion. And also I am a 49 year old woman who believes in God with her whole heart, And being a wiccan, does not make me a bad person, because we believe in god and all the earthly goods that God has provided for us.

May God Bless YOU,

Debbie Meiborg

My Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Sasha Raven Warner. Recently it has come to my light that I am surrounded on all sides by people who speak of always trying to spread christs love. I wish to ask you, if you love everybody around you why speak hate and anger on your web page? On your site which I found at http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news1100/witch.html I was appalled to read an article on the movie Blair Witch 2 written by a Mr Harry Hardwick. He mentions first off that co - chairs a committee called SCAM or Society To Cure Ailing Morality, and states that he had "recently attended a festival in Hollywood that offered sneak previews of upcoming holiday films" Mr Hardwick goes on to state that "The purpose of the trip was to make a list of the Satanic movies that all Landover members must avoid." After making that statement he adds "Given the racy content of many of these films, I ordered my lovely wife, Heather, to stay home with the children." My first question is, if the films are so disturbing why is Mr Hardwick putting himself in harms way in the first place? My second question has to do with the statement made about "ordering" his wife to stay home. Is this an accurate description of what happened? Did Mr Hardwick ask or suggest that Mrs Hardwick stay home? If Mr Hardwick did indeed "order" Mrs Hardwick to stay home, could you please explain what right Mr Hardwick had in "ordering" another human being to do anything simply because he has hair in different places and weighs more?

My next question comes from a statement made by Mr Hardwick in the third paragraph of his review. he mentions a lady by the name of Dora Jean Hazlett who had reviewed the original Blair Witch Project. He states that Ms Hazlett found the movie "disgusting" and the goes on to boldly state "But you must remember that Dora is only a gal and therefore wasn't capable of seeing the symbolism behind the on-screen debauchery." Firstly, what does Ms Hazlett's sex have to do with her opinion on a given subject? Secondly, what does Ms Hazlett's sex have to do her seeing "symbolism" in a movie that was only designed to make money and scare people? Thirdly, what right does Mr Hardwick have to publicly demean Ms Hazlett simply because she is a different sex and has a different opinion than he does?

The next question I have concerns Mr Hardwick's statement "Satan is represented in this film by an old, decrepit female the movie refers to as a witch. However, the "politically correct" term by which these hideous, wart-covered, frightening beings prefer to be referred today is "wiccan." " It is a well known fact that the term wiccan is not just a noun by which to describe a person the christian denominations refer to as a "witch" but is in fact the proper name of an age old religion that is recognized as a true and valid faith. My question is this, what right did Mr Hardwick have to brazenly demean a religion that is indeed older than the modern christian faith? Where in the bible does it state that it is acceptable to publicly attack your fellow human beings simply because they believe in a different spiritual path than you? I would also like to draw your attention to Mr Hardwick's improper use of the term "warlock" which he describes as a witch's "male counterpart" This is an untrue statement. In the wiccan culture warlock is a term used to describe a liar.

Also in the same paragraph Mr Hardwick states that wiccans and "warlocks" "are best known for practicing human sacrifices and consuming human blood for their sustenance." I am not entirely sure but perhaps Mr Hardwick has gotten wiccans confused with cannibals and vampires? It is well known that the wiccan tradition is one of peace and harmony with nature. I simply wonder what magical permission slip has allowed Mr Hardwick to again lash out with hateful and untrue accusations and information simply because the information comes from a source he does not believe in himself. Later on in paragraph four Mr Hardwick states "After all, witches are females and, like the first of them, females are subtle and deceitful" First I must point out that not all wiccans are female just the same as not all christians are male. Second I must again admit confusion as to why Mr Hardwick lashes out at females.

In conclusion I thank you for your time and ask only for a speedy response to the questions outlined in this communication.

Sasha Raven Warner

you people are about the dumbiest people i know.....i have no right to judge but you all have no idea on what you are talking about....... so i think you can take your stupid quizes and what not and flush them down the toliet.... saying that Christianity is the easy as pie... you all are full of crap... and i am embarassed by what you call yourselves.... but hey you will get yours in the end.

Jody Ward

All of the articles on homosexuality on this site are shocking and completely fallacious. I am a gay man myself, and I know that none of this is true. It took me a while to figure out that your site wasn't just a big joke, and that you were actually serious about what you were saying. Homosexuals for the most part are not feminine, do not lisp, are not immoral, do not prance or put on make up or perfume, that stereotype is ridiculous. I know very masculine men who are homosexual. There is no "gay handshake." I would know. The article I found the most shocking, and yes, satanic in its cruelty, was the one encouraging parents to cut off parts of their little boys' tongues if they lisped. How could you do such a terrible thing to a child? Lisping is a medical disorder and has nothing to do with homosexuality.

Your site disgusts me. Do some research. Talk to some gay people. Find out what you're talking about before you talk about it.

To any religious people that are concerned: the opinions of this site, and not the people that they discriminate against, are the work of the devil.

Michael Lefkowitz

I just thought you should know you spelled Episcopal wrong on your website. It is not "Episkypol" as you said on your website and quite frankly I think if you are going to speak out against something you should at least know how to spell it. And another thing, if your goal is to save souls perhaps you should be more concerned with teaching people about God instead of charging them to come to your services. There is no explaination which makes that good Christian behavior. Instead of condeming other people perhaps you should look at your lives and how you treat other people. God preaches love above all else. Just remember only God can save souls so telling people they will "burn in hell forever" is a bunch of bullshit. Remember you are only humans who have no real power when it comes to Gods kingdom. It is against everything in the bible to tell people they will burn in hell. My advice to you would be to get some manners, check your spelling and re-read the bible in the hopes that maybe this time you will get the message. MorgieR@---.com

I found this site while studying. Studying is something you should all try, because your ignorance is scary. I won't even begin to correct you on the true histories of Halloween and how it evolved into the holiday it is today from the combination of cultures, because you obviously devote so much of your time and thought to evil. I was appauled that you could see an innocent water toy for a child in such a sick way. Are you child molesters? These water toys have been around for decades and have always had a cylindrical shape. Moreover, the ideas of girls "telling" thier secrets to their toys is not new. Hence diaries, magic 8 balls, etc. Those of us who truly believe in Jesus' teachings do not judge so easily, have no problem leading a moral life, and would NEVER wear Jesus thong underwear - the one thing on your site that WAS offensive! Shame on all of you for using Jesus' name for what you do.

John Baptist

My name is Chris Karppi and I'm writing in response to an article I read at www.landoverbaptist.com . The article was titled "Women Probobly Don't Have Souls" and I want to say I'm discusted. Even if you truly believe that women do not have souls, you are still sick to publish that anywhere.

I do not follow any religion and I am much more of a loving, caring person than whoever truly believes in your church. I like everyone with good morals whether they're homosexual, black, white, male, female, religious, or non-religious. I just don't see how you can hate someone because of their preference. Ever hear of the saying "Agree to disagree"?

And on your "Staff" link, those are clearly KKK hoods you sick freaks. Fire protection my ass.

The God I believe in love the good. The Bible was written by drunken fools 200 years ago.

Have a good time in hell.

Chris Karppi

What the FUCK is wrong with you people.






This is the second letter I have written to your ridiculous organization. The first time around, I more so scoffed at your movie reviews, but I truly regret I didn't have the time to say what really needed to be said. And although I'm not at all expecting a single word to soak into your primitive minds, this is America. Like it or not, this is the land of free speech. And you of all people will most definitely recieve my two cents.

I won't do what most people are likely doing and bring up certain hypocrisies that you exhibit. I'm going to deconstruct your beliefs on certain issues. First and foremost, "infidel" religions. For instance, Wicca. Your beliefs on Wicca are completely upside down. I, for instance, know first hand how unlike your recollections Wiccans actually are. I am dating one. And she is so far from being what you describe that the laughability it could have is lost with me. She does not kidnap Christian babies and drink their blood. She might drink a lot of wine or beer on occasion, and has never detained someone in her home against their will. She does not barge into churches and hurl dead animals at people. She does not care for the Christian religion, but it's not necessarily Christians as a people she doesn't like, but rather assimilation and propaganda. But this distaste would never push her to disrespect and defile the beliefs of others. All in all, she is among the kindest and most sensitive beings I know. You'd hate her, she's your polar opposite.

Ah, what the hell...I will bring up a hypocrisy. First, you claim homosexuality is an abomination. Next you claim that masturbation is a sin. Next you claim that masturbation is fine for widowers over the age of sixty-five. Next, you figure that Christian men can do it, but they cannot reach the point of ejaculation, and they can only think about Jesus. I can't be the only one who was laughing at that one. Because i'm very sure that whenever Jesus took off his robes, he looked down and saw a penis, just like men are supposed to when they look down. Now I don't care if he is the son of your god, I'm more than certain that he'd be quite offended if he knew that he had become jerking material for Christian extremists. You guys have said it yourselves. Aside from your ridiculous ban on oral sex, you can be as freaky as you want when you're married. So instead of masturbating while thinking of a violent effigy of your savior's death or something to that effect, why not just get married to a beautiful young girl and have sex with her every night and make lots of children so you can perpetualize your vicious cycle of spousal and child abuse, lying without fear of repercussions, and depriving them of a healthy childhood so they can grow up just as repulsively conservative, ignorant and blind as you.

There was much more I found extremely ridiculous. First of all, not everyone in the world is out to corrupt the impressionable youth of the country by subliminally slipping penislike shapes into the media. SpongeBob may look like a penis and balls if you flip him over, but so what? In some small way, so do the Simpson characters. So do countless other cartoon characters. Where are their names in your brimstone sermons? They are absent...Because with you, it's all about popularization. It's about connection with current events. You try to stay current with the news and politics, and recent trends, so your sheople can identify with it and get sucked into your maelstrom of mindlessness. For instance: Aquapets? Give me a fuck'n break. They are pieces of plastic manufactured in Japan. Some little part of your brain MUST have made the connection by now that Japanese people did not intend for Aquapets to be used as masturbation toys. "Landover Baptist Church declares war on Aquapets!" I'm still recovering from the ruptured spleen I acquired while laughing at that. Hell, bananas could be used as masturbation toys. Why don't you declare a holy war on bananas? Yes, you go and fight some pointless crusade on a fruit (you do hate fruits, correct? Wow, now I see how you make these radical perceptions---very clever of you) while the rest of us live our lives the way we see fit. Always remember this. I do not believe in your god. Because people exactly like you have turned me away from him. But remember that he gave us free will, and I doubt someone would give a gift and intend for us to never use it. Open your eyes, open your minds, close your bibles. I concluded with these words last time, and I will do so again: Get lives.

Concrete Spawning (burnunit006@-----.com)

I need Jesus. It seems he is everywhere in your church, you talk about him so much. He seems to be the most important part of your life.

It must be nice in there. He always seems so compassionate and loving. I need Jesus so bad that it hurts sometimes.

It's too bad I can't find him, though. It seems that I'm unwelcome at your church, and that He wouldn't want me unless I'm saved. How am I supposed to be able to come and learn? I can't come unless I'm saved, I can't be saved unless I come and learn.

I wish I knew the answer to these questions. Would you help me?

-Ryan Mast

Sir, I am a REAL Baptist, I believe in the on THE Lord Jesus, Savior of my sins, he never hated me nor will he ever. He loved me before I even exsisted. And your add to get children to give you all love offerings with the playstation 2 incentive made me sick. You dont believe Jesus, you believe in yourselves. And the burning cross thing, your church group looked like the KKK; you people are nothing more than a cult. My King James version Bible says anyone who takes away or add to or falsifies the word is DAMNED. I just thought I would fill you in on your church's heresies.

Seth Flint

I pray for your followers who are caught up in your very ungodly, very demonically inspired beliefs. You are as of the pharisees and you have no real vision of Who the Father is. I pray, right now, in the name of Yeshua that all that follow you, discover spiritual truth before it is too late. May the Ruach of the Father intervene and cause spiritual warfare to fall upon you. May you wrestle with His Spirit until every demonic influence that has a hold upon you be released. Your blasphemy of the Holy One of Israel is abominable. May everything you touch, everything you falsely preach, every perversed Scripture that spews out of your mouth, crumble into failure so as not to harm even the least of His.

Michelle Bannworth

I am a Christian. I am white, although it is sad that it really matters to you. How can you not welcome the unsaved? It is the great commission to make deciples of men. How can we do that if we exclude them? The Bible also says there is no more Jew nor Greek, the major issue of racial division at the time. How do you justify your racism Biblically? The Bible also says that God desires mercy more than judgement. How can you revel in the idea of Jay Leno, or anybody being "sodomized by deomons on the lake of fire."???

I can't tell if you guys are just misguided and in need of psychological help, if you are money grubbing phonies, or just idiots. Either way, you are the reason people don't get saved. You give people amunition to call Christians crazy stupid hypocrites. A playstation to accept Jesus? Come on! Anybody could claim to be saved just to get the playstation! Acceptance of Jesus has to be genuine from the heart! And a WWJD thong??? You people are out of your miinds!!! You're asking for people like Leno to ridicule you. Wise up!!!


You people are demented and sick. As a straight christian man I am disgusted by the insane and inane claptrap you put on your website. I can only pray that nobody associates the venomous bile that spews from your lips with real christians. Everytime someone who is examining thier relationship with God and considering coming to Jesus is subjected idoitic rhetoric such as yours they are driven away from the faith. What kind of demnented mind produces the conection between Scooby Doo and some mythical "feces roll." You need to seriously restablish your connection to Jesus and also seek mental help. Even though you disgust me I pray for you.

Finnegan Schall

Wow! What a Web site!!

"Unsaved" NOT welcomed?

Oh, how you grieve the Holy Spirit on a DAILY basis with this nonsense!! Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has instructed us to GO into all the world and tell of his Grace TO the Unsaved!! They are the MOST welcomed in his house not the LEAST as you seem to think!!!

Unfortunately, it appears Satan himself has gained a strong foothold within your Church (?) and is gleefully romping through it's tentacles on a daily basis!! You should drop the word "Baptist" from your name and come up with some other type of "Cult" related name to more accurately identify yourself and your people!!

We will be praying for you that you will get your hearts right with the Lord and return to his Biblical teachings ASAP!!

Mike McGraw

yeah your website is pretty shady, i will report it if i find someone to report it to, i suggest taking it down.

Fima Macheret