October 2007

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Letters To Landover: Pastor's Mailbag

A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

I think I'm going to become your new best friend. After reading some more of your web site, I assure you out of morbid curiosity. I came across some of your rules, this one stands out in particular.

possession of pornographic material (except for widowed or single men over the age of 65),

Pornographic material is acceptable, but associating with other faiths is "ungodly". Sir, I have read the bible from cover to cover, can you please tell me where pornographic material is acceptable? Isn't lust a sin ? I believe it is. And here are a few quotes directly from the bible. Matthew 5:28 But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. Heres another one for you. Galations 5:16 This I say then, walk in the spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. This one is even better. James 1:15, Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death. So why would your widowed or single men need such material, but if not to commit a sin. You talk a lot about Leviticus, well here is a lovely verse from that book. Leviticus 19:18, Thou shall not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbors as thyself: I am lord. You sir are promoting hate by going after wiccans. I have turned you web site over to authorities, because if your website has any truth to it, and your seeking out wiccans and tying them to trees then clearly you and your congregation needs to be arrested. Your a gang operating under pretenses of a church. But I will pray for your uneducated, judgmental souls.

Deborah Sullivan

I was looking around your website and i came upon the poop quiz. Thought it was cute untill I answered 1 of the questions wrong and a pop up comes up saying Wrong Answer, Read your bible, You unsaved Idiot! I find that to be offensive towards people just because someone answers a question wrong does not mean they are not save, it just means they have alot to learn still not every person is fluent on the bible. And even if that person is unsaved is it proper witnessing to call them an Idiot? As a christian we should take every opportunity to witness to people not to put them down and run them off. Lets try and Save the Unsaved!

Sorry just a thought!

Rachael Bullis

You should not have to pay to come to church you should not tell people that if they donít believe the way you do they will burn in hell forever women donít have to wear dresses all the time men donít have to wear suits all the time men and women should not have to have permission to be excused from church yall got way to many rules just because you are a Baptist church donít mean you can try to rule the world they should not have to pay $300 dollars for a fine it makes it look like you need money for your church yall are way to strick on the people of your church let them have there own space IM A CHRISTIAN I go to church every Sunday and have been all my life and I have never heard of a church that makes you pay to go or gets charged like a felen if they wear the wrong thing or donít show up on time get over you self cuz ur not showing the children around you a very good way of living there life by telling them if you donít believe the way that you do you gona go to hell and burn for ever .. Have a nice day

Toriah Hall

Dear Sir,

I had the unfortunate pleasure of reading your article on Wicca: Intoxicated By Christian Blood!. I hope this is some sick twisted joke on your part to print such ignorance. This is what is wrong with our society. That a person such as yourself can call him or her self a christian. A true christian would not stand in judgement of another human being, regardless of what their faith maybe. A true follower of Jesus would embrace and learn from others faith. Apparently you as a pastor haven't spent much time in reading the bible, because if you had you would not have published such garbage on your website. Maybe you spend to much time in front of the television to obtain such ignorance about the Wiccan faith. Wiccans take an oath to harm none. Which for people such as yourself would need some clarification on this. By harm none, means you can't harm anything or anyone, by any means. Your words harm and do damage to innocent people. Maybe you so called christians should take out your bibles a little more, and then follow the examples of the wiccans. You might learn how to be a better person.

Brightest Blessing


I am writing to you see if you guys are for real. At first when I went on your sight to look up Hell House I was little concerned with your tactics at the end. Like having someone signing a waiver and you'll beat them until they became saved. That threw up some red flags for me, so I decided to research your beliefs. At first I thought is was joke, but then I read on and you all are for real. I am Bible believing Christian which I am proud to say from a Pentecostal church. The God and Jesus I serve will accept unsaved people when they confess their sins. As I have read in the bible, Jesus went to people who were considered unacceptable in the Pharisees eyes. Some of his disciple were those people but they laid it all down to follow him. You guys only use verses the suit you. If you believe in the whole bible, God is a loving and just God who will forgive you when you call upon him. You say other denomations are cult, but to me it seems you are an occult.

I do believe in Heaven and Hell, but to scare people into being saved is not the answer. It is a choice to be saved and to serve Jesus. I do serve Jesus and plan on making Heaven my home. Unfortunately their will be people going to Hell and False prophets and false religions will have their place in Hell. I am not writing to condemn you, but I just want you to know how I am concerned about your ways of doing things.


Angie Nojamo

You had your "right" to your opinion, now here is mine.. You'll are ridiculous, seriously. I am referring of course to http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news0201/rugrats.html . You'll have got to be kidding me. It's people like you who are causing the drop in faith these days. People view those who do believe in our Lord as uptight, ignorant people. I mean seriously, it was a kids show. Plain and simple. It's pathetic that someone would spend this much time denouncing a kids show. I highly doubt whom ever wrote this article even took time to watch the show. Plenty of grandparents call their children "sprouts", because they are young. It was actually a very common term used recently in time. I don't know what rock you've been living under, but babies do walk around only in diapers with no pants. It's actually quite common. The name "Dil" was in reference to the "Pickles" family. Get it, "Dil Pickle" Leave it up to someone to think this is something more than face value and a humorous pun. Again with your columnist living under a rock, babies do suck on everything in their infancy, they stick anything they can in their mouth. I am actually starting to get concerned with whomever wrote this column, to see all these things they picked up on. Maybe they are the pedophiles themselves. Next you talk about Chuckie as representing the homosexual lifestyle. Yet you fail to recognize that he had a girlfriend in one of the episodes and was "attracted" to other female babies. Poor reporting if you ask me. Suzie was the show attempting to appeal to certain viewers... of the African American race! You go on to talk about her teeth, she is a young 5-6 year old CHILD, of course she would be losing her teeth! Again, I must express my concern that you'll are in fact pedophiles for approaching this mindset. Angelica... oh she must be a dominatrix huh? No! She is a little girl. Haven't you ever met a selfish, bossy little girl before? It was obviously a portrayal through her parents giving her everything she wanted and that ultimately affecting how their child behaved. Phil and Lil are twins, that's all that was being portrayed, yet you'll go to great pains to even try to oust this as some disgusting thing.

If you HAD ever watched the show, you would have seen the toys Tommy's dad, Stu created. They were toys for kids, nothing more, so get your heads out of the gutter. Howard rarely, if ever, went into the basement to see the inventions Stu had made. Howard would usually be at the kitchen table, or in the living room. I can't even recall an episode where Howard was in the basement. Stu often brought the toys into the living room to show them. Betty is a bull dyke huh? So any woman who is interested in sports, wrestling, and talks loudly is a lesbian? How ignorant you are to today's women. I'm not even going to touch the bandana, mostly because it doesn't make sense. It seems as if you go out of your way to denounce this show. I seriously am concerned that you'll would pick up on this much. Maybe your writer and anyone who supported this column should seek counseling for being a pedopile and/or other deep rooted issues.

Let me ask you a few questions: Have you ever kissed your child goodnight or given them a big hug? What about your parents or your siblings? ~You must be practicing incest. Given your young child, probably Tommy's age 1-3 years old, a bath? ~You must be a pedophile.

I bet you that you could look at aspects of your own life and find ill, disgusting things that other people may be thinking about you. You'll must seriously be numb in the head to be posting this. Please, get a life.

Jason B.

I just read the article entitled ďIs My Little Baby Going to Be Gay?Ē  on your website. I am not sure if you are saying that homosexuality is a nature-derived or nurture-derived quality. I assumed that the article was saying that being gay was a result of nature (how else could children so young display signs while theyíre still learning to walk); so is the article arguing that a parentís nurture can defeat traits assigned by nature (such as homosexuality)? If that is indeed the logic, then why is it that a parent canít ďnurtureĒ a child out of being Autistic or left-handed? I am trying to put the content of the article in context that I am capable of comparing other scenarios.

Can you explain to me why you donít think God loves all of his children, gay or not? I know there are verses in the bible that condemn homosexuality, but comparatively, there are far more about the importance of love and Godís unwavering love for all mankind (gay or not). And possibly, if your article were grounded with supporting research, couldnít the article be better perceived and more welcoming to people considering the same issue from outside your Christian sect if the language werenít so derogatory and hate-filled? It puts a very deterring faÁade on the belief system supported by Landover Baptist if that is the only article someone happens to get exposed to.

Well, thank you for your time. I am sure that these are all questions and comments you have heard before, but I am not trying to attack your beliefs, just better understand them.

-Maddie Regan

Carnegie Mellon University, Undergraduate Student

no wonder nonbelievers don't like christians,and call us hatemongers,it;s and stupid! becouse you preach God hates sinners! which is not true.he (GOD) loves the lost ,and sent his only begottin son (Jesus Christ) to die on the cross for (OUR SINS) so that (WE) may have (ETERNAL LIFE). so i don;t care what you whitewashed modern-day pharisees think, it;s god;s job to judge not you,you guy;s are being verry (LEGALISTIC) and i think god will judge you all for that , my point of view is that your all on a verry slippery sloap,you can;t change the world ,and you should not condemned those who are lost.,I feal verry sorry for you all becouse you (ALL) are blind ,so let the blind fall into the ditch! asthe real said. read :matthew 15:14 ,luke 5:32 Preach this one on sunday!

bobandkathy hess

I saw your site and would like to get involved in your church, but you donít seem to have your address posted on your website. Itís probably best, seeing as a witch can read it. I assure you that I am saved. I would just like to serve your church in the way of getting rid of those witches. Please if I can be of any help let me know.

Debra Chase

Dear Landover Baptist Church,

I accidentally ran into your website when I was doing research on the Ark of the Covenant. I noticed your website said you had the Ark of the Covenant which was in the form of a coffee table. As I explored more about your website it just made me heartsick, expecially when you discussed your hatred of Catholics. I was raised Baptist and baptised in the Baptist Church. I heard all sorts of weird things about Catholics when I was Baptist, things like they worshipped Mary, they believed they were saved by works alone, they worshipped statues and they added books to the Old Testament. While doing research in college, I started discovering the things I had heard about the Catholic Church from the Baptist Church was false. Catholics do not worship Mary (they honor her), they do not believe they are saved by works alone (they believe they are saved by faith but must follow the Lord till the end of their life), they didn't add books to the Old Testament (those extra books were in the Greek Septuigent version of the OT which was used by Jews until they removed them at the Council of Jamnia in 90ad, 70 years after Jesus died!) After a lot of study of scripture and the history of Christianity, I became Catholic in 1976. As a result of becoming Catholic I have become a better Christian than I ever was before. I pray and study the bible daily. Christ is now at the center of my life when before I became Catholic, Jesus was just there whenever I had problems but not there on a daily basis. Landover Baptist Church, I will keep you in my prayers because your brand of Christianity does not bring people into Christianity, it drives people out of Christianity. Jesus was about loving others, not excluding them through hate.

Janet Wilson

Asalamu alaikum, As i was reading the text you wrote it seems to me YOU are the BAD guys. you want to open a muslims mouth while he's fasting and feed him? This is cruelty ,and seems that your beliefs are cruel,too. And you think that God who created us would have a son ? God is Greater than that. in quran he said that he favored his messengers from others and thats the simple answer of: why did God raise jesus to the sky ? Read abou Islam and see how graceful and merciful it is ... Christianity does not empower rape, sex , gays, lesbians, clubs, Music, Magic but most christians do that ! Haha, so there are christians that fully anderstand their religion and there are others who are very religious, so when you generalize the fact that all muslims are terrorists you are wrong! most of muslims know their religion really well and practice it if you see how we treat each other gracefully and kindly your view will change, i want you to understand What is islam..Search about it read it understand it if you want me to send you email i will be really glad to do that.... take care and alsalamu alaikum :)

Shasha Yousef

This site has got to be a JOKE ! If it's real or a joke it needs to come down!

The information is throughout the bible that every one in the bible was a black person! Cecil B. DeMille "LIED," Charleston Heston WAS NOT MOSES and Elizabeth Taylor looked nothing like "CLEOPATRA." Both were AFRICANS. Start with the land of Cush - ancient ETHIOPIA - Aeothiops as the greeks called it "Land of the Blacks" or "Land of Burnt faces"

Please go take your ignorant website down and go to Karibu bookstores and learn the history of "your" people and promote that - the true word of the good news.

The "Jesus" that your ignorance praises, the blonde haired, blue eyed false Jesus that was painted by Michelangelo was a model... "HIS Brother." Only FOOLS believe what the Pope said, that the divine statues were burned and dark because of candle soot. ANYTHING But BLACK or AFRICAN.

Here's a scripture: The people perish for lack of ?

Please take your ignorance down - BLACK people got not time for games! Better yet, contact me and I'll get you some scholars of religion, anthropology and history so you can be informed and understand!

Cee Ess

Dear Sir, In response to your article about yoga, you are absolutely deluded. The practice of yoga is much more than a system of physical exercise for health. Yoga is an ancient path to spiritual growth, and originates out of India where Induism is practiced. The practice and goal of yoga dates back to the Upanishads, written between 1000-5000 BC. Just because the bible doesn't mention it does not make it untrue. The bible doesn't mention aids, but aids is at large in our society. It is warped people like you who devalue not only Christianity but all other religions by spouting this horrific poison. You are quite clearly just a racist, bigot masquerading under the cloak of a minister. And if I was you I would stop worrying about people who practice yoga going to hell and start worrying about how you are just another incarnation of Satan, instilling hate and fear of other cultures into your society. You should be ashamed.

Miss Adrienne Salmon

Just saw your website.

You will be in my prayers.

Galatians 6:7

Warm regards,

Jerald L. Blankenship, Sr.
John 14:6


Dear Ignorant Rednecks, I recently had the misfortune to come upon this site. You people must be the most ignorant people out their. You give God, the Bible, and Christians such a bad name. You say how women are to dress modest. Yet your have a girl in thongs to the side of your page. You say the poor will be rewarded in Heaven. Yet you ridicule them all throughout your website. You use racist comments, but don't you realize that Jesus came from the Middle East where more than likely he was not far off from looking like a Mexican American. You said infants and unborn fetuses go to Hell because they could not ask Jesus to foregive them. You also said God knows the beginning and the end. If he knows the beginning and the end, then why would his plan involve infants dying just to be sent to Hell. You all are money hungry. You all are giving Christians a bad name and making us look completely ignorant. Your the reason why some people think we came from apes. Enjoy your lifestyle of ignorance. You will all be paying for it on judgement day.






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