A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received March 2005  (unedited and in original form)

Dear Landover Baptist,

I really enjoyed the article about George W. Bush leading a young man to Christ. That is SO awesome. I am a young adult and I really love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, under whose grace I live.

I must say that the motto of your web-site hurts.
"All Jesus, all the time. Unsaved NOT welcome."

Why does it say this? It seems very condemning of the unsaved, whom Jesus came to reach. At one point we were all unsaved too. Jesus said, "It is not the well that need a doctor, but the sick."

My wonderful father led a young man in our church's youth group to Christ two weeks ago. He had come to church even though he wasn't saved, and he left saved by God.

I just thought you would like to know that the motto comes across in a condemning way, though you may not mean it to.

Thank you again for the great article about President Bush.

My prayers will be with you.

Saved His grace and blood,
Karin Wiley

Pastor, I am absolutely positive you have recieved by e-mail by now. You haven't returned my e-mail. Am i not important enough for a simple e-mail ? I was just stating facts and I think you need to listen and listen good. I am about to take this stuff to the President of the United States. The little paper bag thing and you saying how Negroes must be able to tap dance or provide some kind of entertainment to be admitted to the church. Pastor you must know that Jesus never turned anyone who came to Him. Black white green red any color. Anyway pastor I was just sitting here warning you. I am prepared to take you to the Supreme Court. This is not a threat but a promise my dear pastor.

God Bless you forever and ever

Kenisha Gunn



When I first starting reading your website, I said to myself, "This has got to be a joke." But then I realized, you people are serious! I just wanted to let you know, whoever is reading this, that your site is a bunch of bull shit. ALL of your beliefs are WRONG. You are the most judgemental, selfish, arrogant, ignorant, stupid so called "christians" I have ever seen. I cant believe you even have the nerve to call yourselves christians. You're all probably going to hell- not the rest of us.


So you have to be born again ?What did G-d make a mistake the first time .jesus was a man who didn't even work or fulfill any of the messiah requirements. I can't believe you worship a dead Man

John Strickland

I just read your little article on "mormon underwear", and just thought that you should know that EVERYTHING in that so called statement or testimony by a former mormon, is totally and completely false. I was not upset by what was written because I know better. I have been a member of the LDS church my entire life, not by force, but by choice. I could have left any time I wanted, but chose to stay by my own free will. I was actually amused by what was published. I was honestly laughing most of the time because whoever wrote that has quite an imagination. On the other hand, anyone who would actually believe any of that, needs to talk to someone that has any actual experience within the LDS religion. And if anyone has any questions, and I mean REAL questions, feel free to write me and let me know. I would be more than happy to do away with any mis-believes created by articles such as this one. I would never force my religion on you, but would absolutely love to share with you whatever you will allow me.

Thank you

Parker Covieo

Christ was right when he talked about people like you guys.

I recently visited you landoverbapist website, and to tell you the truth I am complety disgusted by it. It a shame that you guys would call yourself "True Christians" when you guys do not even follow by the Bible.

There are a series of disgustable things wrong with your website that you will have to answer to when you stand before Christ. First off, when I was going to write you this email there was an logo(saying) under your email. It says "All Jesus, All the time" ok that is fine;however, it continues, "LandoverBaptist, Unsaved Not Welcomed." Explain to me sir how would anyone ever be saved if the unsaved were not welcomed to your church. So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Why would Jesus ask Matthew to follow him, because he was a tax collector and a huge sinner. Christ did not come for the righteousness but to call the sinner to repentness. You need to re-evaluate your website, because this could be a major stumbling block for many people who do not yet know Christ.

Your circumsize yourself is absolutely ridiculous. You do not have to be circumsized to be saved. I really hope you have read 1st and 2nd Corinthians. Christ was right when he talked about how you people would spewed out of his mouth.

"Church members are commanded to talk to your teen-age daughters, and search their rooms if you have to. "Souls are at stake and God is taking names," added Pastor Wiley."

This was about the tampoon incident. I know about Proctor and Gamble and the owner of that company blantly stated he sold his soul to Satan. However, you make it seem like that if people use them then they will go to Hell. I really pray that you guys arent Mormons, then all your nonsense would make sense. You guys are trying to figure out if this girl has been saved and you say because she used tampoons she isnt. I am so disgusted with you guys it is unbelieveable and I havent gone through your whole website yet. Explain to me what is wrong with a tampoon. The Bible does not even go into that detail. Next thing you will be saying is that suicide is the ultimate sin, I can see your so-called congregation being catholic.

I have to go and I will continue this email, because it is my duty to expose frauds who call themselves "Christ Like." Heed these words because one day you will be before Christ answering to him about how many people were turned off by your satanic website.

I would love a response.

Tommy Shinton.


I would like to comment on your website on the issue of "Godly Sex". This site was actually sent to my husband by his uncle who couldn't believe the "requirements" of the dating of a Christian man.

First, I would just like to explain that I'm one of your what you call "Pope loving Catholics" and how truly offended I am for ANY man to go by your requirements.

Yes, a man should be neat and present himself well on the first date, however, head lice is not common among adults. It is common in children of school age as they share combs, hats etc. If adults do get head lice, it is due to uncleanliness.

Second, no woman should be subject to having a note taped to her forehead, tied or chained to a tree. That is NOT what the Lord commanded. The Lord commanded that she submit and obey, but NOT to be humiliated. How dare you even suggest this to your congregation. This is why there are so many abused women out there by the means of people who listen to this garbage.

Third, as far as a man and masturbation is concerned, "the seed" be put into a container and returned to be put into a vat for a beauty salon? I would like to inform you that this is not an acceptable business practice or church method as this can spread disease. None of the semen has been tested for AIDS etc. and should not be used in beauty products. I wonder what the FDA would do if they were informed about this beauty shop practices?

I'm sorry, but if you don't love us "Pope loving Catholics", then you really should go back and read the real bible(yes, ours is over 1700 years old and yours is how old? and where was it copied from?) as Jesus commanded "you should love everyone as I have loved you". Furthermore, that includes women. I don't know what bible you use, but it certainly seems like you have misread the whole thing. Don't knock the Pope either, he stands for strong beliefs in God, Jesus and Mary, pro-life issues and has a strong sense of humanity.

Could it be that you are jealous that you don't speak 10 different languages and have a strong following like he does? You should be, in my opinion. You are the real devil by trying to instill these stupid and immoral beliefs in your peoples minds.

Sincerely A "Pope-Loving" ROMAN Catholics,

Nancy and Bob Dobson

I read your article about Rugrats: Television for pedophiles. Wow, I hope and pray that this was a joke. It is ridiculous to perceive that something so innocent could be interpreted as sexually arousing. Get your head out of the gutter! It takes someone truly sick and with a definite agenda to make such preposterous notions. Who would think of these things? It used to be that religion taught compassion and understanding of others. Now you point your fingers to the nearest scapegoat. There is know way a child could make those connections along with anyone who wasn't determined to find some extremely loosely based connection in this cartoon. I say FOR SHAME to you who judge so extremely. And if I am not mistaken the show Rugrats teaches religious practices regularly. Is it because the family is Jewish that you hold this notion? Christians are so intolerant of other peoples religions. If your not Christian you may as well burn in hell, right? Look at your site heading: ... Non believers not welcome. Fuck you hypocrite. The bible teaches love for ALL, including non Christians. If that is not the pinnacle of hypocrisy what is? If I have misinterpreted your article in any way I encourage you to write back and explain yourself. Otherwise I would really examine what your religion actually preaches.


Pastor, What the hell do you think your doing? YOU SUCK! YOU GOD-DAMNED, MONKEY-BALLS-LICKIN, SON OF A BITCH FROM HELL! They're just babies! They don't need to be sterilized, you sick, primitive fucks! Your Bible Crawl event is for sick people who need to get taken to court and put behind bars for life! I SAY FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People like you make church a hated thing. GOD DAMN MOTHERFUCKERS!


Stupid stuff like this website is exactly what is wrong with the world today. Do you not have better things to do. Like get a job? Why do you have to spend your time on this earth deliberatly trying to screw with peoples minds. I mean, please was your mother really THAT bad to you. If so, dont take it out on the world. Try talking to God, if not him then a shrink. I will be praying for you and everyones life that you effect.

Amy L. Owens

JESUS told me to tell you that you are wrong and that one day you will see where your hate gets you...straight to HELL


I just read about your Easter bunny stoning??? You people are sick. Is it the fault of innocent animals that people have chosen them as some symbol? God made the bunny rabbits too you know…God creates. The devil kills and destroys. The devil kills and destroys the innocent. Like you kill and destroy those innocent animals for no reason than some sadistic pleasure. And you are corrupting children as well. You are corrupting innocent children with hate and making killers out of them. Perhaps this is what you want though- There are only two possibilities…you are either really stupid, and don’t realize that the work you are doing is that of the devil, or you are really some undercover satanic cult that is trying to corrupt Christianity from within. It’s probably the first one, but regardless you will one day be judged. Prophecy says that in the end when the dark comes there will those that are serving the rising darkness thought they believe they are doing gods will. You are these types of people I think. Regardless I take comfort in the fact that one day you will burn in hell for you evil ways. Oh, and pray I never see this taking place. I will raise my hand to defend the weak and the innocent from pointless slaughter, even if the victims are innocent, pure animals who are being tortured to death by being continually pummeled in the body with hard boiled eggs. Have fun burning in hell in the afterlife. Good bye.

Chris Farmer

Dear Jerks. I find your website appalling and disgusting. I am a Christian myself and I attend a Christian school. A good Christian should accept the ways of others. Everyone has a right to church wether they are "saved" or not. If someone does one thing wrong, that does not condemn them to an eternity of hell! People can act as they want!!!! A man can act as he wants and a woman can act as she wants. If you let men over 65 have porn then why cant men over 25 have porn? if the men over 65 couldn't get themselves a wife then that's their own problem and they should suffer for it.Real Christians are open minded in regard to other peoples beliefs and don't have a problem with it. Rock music can often have a very important message against war or something else that you people don't like. Why can't it be listened to in order to hear the message. And a set amount should not be charged to go to church. Church is for the rich and the poor alike. Boys should be permitted to use crayons, call his parents mummy and daddy, watch cartoons, and play with dolls if they want to. Haven't you people ever heard of S.N.A.G.s (sensitive new age guys)? That's what most women want these days. And saying "European or Homosexual – and in America there is no difference between the two." Is extremely racist!!!!! And of course women have souls. Everyone has a soul. We are born with them and we die with them. That it where our conscience is. If women know the difference between right and wrong than they must have one. Women are perfectly equal to men. They have an equal right to heaven and whilst they may be inferior in some physical aspects, they are in no way emotionally or mentally inferior to men.And coloured people have souls too!!!! And then ther's this: "Please note - If you do not have the same beliefs as we do, you are going to burn in Hell forever." This is disgusting. People have the right to believe what ever the hell they want and you can't say that they will burn in hell for it. Most people these days aren't the best Christians or CATHOLICS (you really HATE that word don't you) But they still deserve to go to heaven. Please read this and respond. I'd like to know what you really think.

Erin Mcalister

P.S. You ask for money so much, one has to wonder if you are really just running a cult that is solely after money of if you really believe in your cause.


I wanted to say that I was alerted to your website by some concerned community members, and after reviewing it, I am appalled! You call yourselves Christians?? The first word that came to my mind is Cult! If I were a Christian, which I am not (although I was raised that way), I would certainly not want anything to do with the type of "Christian" you are representing. It is a real disgrace and shame that in this modern world you still resort to Puritanical beliefs and teachings. My idea of hell (if I believed in such a concept)? Being stuck in the same room with any of you! I am proud to be an American, and proud thankful for the liberties and freedoms that being an American allows. And I am proud to be a Pagan, and a much more tolerant, accepting person than it appears that any of you are. You should be ashamed of yourselves for your outrageous proclamations (sermons) and utterly alarming views. The views on your website are about the most un-Christian that I have ever encountered.

Jeremy Taylor

Dear Sir or Madam, I was looking for a picture from Toy Story II and I came across your article describing Satan's "apparent" influence over the production of the above mentioned movie. Although "sinners" may have worked on this movie, it is still one of the cleanest (and I might add funniest) movies for children on the market today. I see absolutley no proof for your accusations against the movie, you would have to be very sickminded to see the correlations you draw between homosexuality and the characters. Do you not have anything better to do besides complain? If you're so concerned about children's movies, why don't you spend your time making one, or suppoting other options. You're the kind of people that give us Christians a bad name. Jesus had a sense of humor too! Search your heart and find out why you're so concerned about this innocent movie. Think of all the things you could be doing to benefit the kingdom of God. By the way...what is that "Christian Mole" doing stealing copies of the script. (See commandment #8. AKA "Do not steal.") Remember John 3:17: "For Christ did not come into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world..." I don't think you are doing any saving through your claims, instead you are pushing people away.


That is Wrong!!!!!

Dear Whomever It may Concern,

Your ideas of unborn babies and toddlers being tossed into hell is of Satan. There is no way that they could understand about Jesus and thus are innocent of all wrong. They may not know what is right but neither do they know what is wrong. Are you saying they are being punished and they don't know what for?!!! And yes backsliders can be regained IF God desires to give them a second chance. If they repent and forsake all sin then yes they can. I am sorry, but I could not stand for such injustice. I hope you will seriously consider my words. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Mrs. Aunita and Ms. Larinda Keller

I'm praying for anybody and everybody that works on this website and I pray that you will see that Jesus loves you. He lets you wake up every morning. He lets you bash Him every day by means of this website but he loves YOU so much that He gives you day after day to do that so that maybe one day you will understand that He really does love you.

Jesus died for YOU. Would you die for this website and these views?


Brandon Hicks

I want to join!

No, not really. You people are mother fuckers that deserve to get the everliving fuck beaten out of you for being worthless human beings that represent the righteousness of god and jesus in the WRONG way. You make people turned off from religion, and that's not a good thing, sensing that religion will be dead in a few decades because this is now the 21st century and people have better things to do with their life. You need all the religious-interested people you can get, since the newer generations are losing a giant amount of interest in religion, and with assholes like you people, they will definitely relate this to all religious groups and decide to move onto other things - just like me. It's mother fuckers like you that make people turned off from religion. All the people in your cult are wastes of life that might as well commit suicide like a mass-cult-suicide like Applegate's back in the 90s - because your little Landover Baptist cult is just like them, and you wouldn't be missed by anyone. You're all mother fuckers that need to find better things to do with your lives other than nitpick at things that aren't there. If anything, Satan is inside of all of you mother fuckers.. so why don't you just all slit your wrists and meet him? He'll be glad to say hi. You people need to get fucking lives, because you sure as hell aren't impressing Jesus.


Sissies Have Rights too...and They are not to be asulted by other people that don't like sissies.

I Hope The Mother Takes Court Action against you all for starking her child.

Matthew Clappsaddle


POPPETS [POPPETS@xtra.co.nz]

Dear Christian Friends

I have just completed taking a test and half a test from your email site. However I am puzzled !!! What kind of christian or christian organization call other christians or any human being MORONS !! When an questioned is answered wrong the pop up comes up Wrong you unsaved moron. Is this christian love ?? I think not. Remember Moses was reprimanded by God for calling the children of Israel rebels. If I were an unsaved sinner seeking the road to christianity your website would not be the place to be. But I truly wish you God's blessings and pray you be led out of the darkness into God's true light where you can learn and know God's children saved or unsaved are not Morons.


A concerned Child of Christ - Bsriverdale@---.com

holy fucking shit. do you dumb fucks realize what you are saying? none of it is fucking true. even if there was a god, you bastards would never be saved. the supposedly holy book you dimwitted asswipes claim to follow proclaims that jesus is the savior of all people. jesus the JEW. he was born as and died as a jew you fucking morons. christianity didnt start in earnest until many fucking years later. wicans, by the way, dont run from the fucking bible, i know wicans, and i go to a fucking christian school. they dont run, they will fucking touch the piece of shit book just like anyone else. you fucking lose. and again, i am an atheist. religion corrupts the mind. and incase you missed it before, YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKING WASTES OF FLESH! and youre breaking countless laws. and the idiot sitting in the oval office cant even spell, yet you support him? the man is killing countless good men. speaking of good men, i have never met better people than the homosexuals i know. they have to deal with so much shit in their lives, like religious fanatics with brains smaller than those of termites, yet they still remain happy, productive people who experience true love, something pricks like you will never understand. so catch a clue, read the newspaper - a real one, not your mindwashing shit - and realize how fucked up you are. and if you see a kid driving by in a black subaru with gold rims, you better hide your asses, or theyre gonna be so full of my boot that you wont be able to shit for a year.

fuck you all and rot in hell

fd dfg

Dear Pastor,

I read your article with much dismay and sadness. I didn’t really think that there were Christians out there, especially those who had supposedly gone to a divinity school, that were so anti-Catholic. I am a convert to the Catholic Church. I had been a faithful Presbyterian for 38 years before converting in 2001 after going through RCIA, a year long course to teach us what Catholics believe. I believe in every one of the Church’s doctrines and am very much at peace with my decision to join this Church. We celebrate Feast Days for our Saints every day. This practice is to remind us of their faith and to inspire us to live our lives so that one day we, too, will be with God. St. Patrick was born in Scotland and traveled to Ireland where he converted many Druids to Christianity. He was a great Apologist. The Church never intended for his feast day to be celebrated with green beer. This came about in the USA. I imagine that many who celebrate this day are not Catholics.

The Catholic Church practices tolerance of all religions. Everyone is welcome to attend our Mass, not just celebrated on Sunday, but every day of the week. You will not hear our Priests denounce another faith. I would suggest that you further your religious education by reading some of the writings of the early Church theologians. All Protestant Churches came from the Catholic Faith. In fact, Luther and Wesley both considered themselves to be Catholic until the day they died. I am saying this not to try to convert you, but to open your eyes to the fact that we are, indeed, Christian. We deserve respect from our Christian Brothers.

Becki Bartock

If this message is to be used, it is to be used in its entirety. No portions of this message are to be deleted or edited.

Where do you get this stuff. Haven't you ever read the Bible or even attempted to read the original versions? Or have you just been going on what someone else told you it said? I have read the Bible repeatedly and have never found so much hate in my life. I think you've missed the whole point of why Jesus died on the cross. I think you need to go back and read it again.

A fellow Christian


Uneducation makes you look like an idiot

Your site is a discrase to the world. You are uneducated and outright ignorant. Your vision and interpation of the bible is full of fallacy and stupidity. Your slander against our faith is a strike against God. All the quotes about our "old fart", as you put it, are horrible. Death should not be wished apon anyone. You should feel ashamed of yourself. You give christians a bad name. The picture of the Pope on your site is clearly a fake. If you've ever read your bible, you'd know that the Catholic God is no different than yours. If you were a christian you wouldn't slander another religion. You make me sick. God knows what your doing, and come judgement day, I feel sorry for your soul.

Concerned Catholic,

Derrek Veselka

PS please don't email me back because i might say something, that is against my faith. You all are horrible people. May God have mercy on your soul.