A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received April 2003  (unedited and in original form)

Hi my name is Ben Middleton, im a 23 year old Bible college student and I attend Crossroads College in Rochester, Mn.  You say your church is not for the unsaved just the saved, what about Jesus saying it's the sick that need a doctor the "unsaved", not the well meaning the saved people. You got it backwards my friend, the unsaved need to be in a church, Jesus said to come as we are, not what we should become and then come, but as we are meaning right now!. Plus there's nothing wrong with Christian rock, as long as there doing a true wholehearted service unto God regardless of the sound then it's fine, read Psalm 33. God uses people for his Glory whether it's music, tattoos, or even something little as food. So for you guy's to say that tattoos or Christian Rock music is bad, that's really streching the truth to not really be the truth at all. When the "unsaved" people see that you guys are so hateful saying Oh your not welcome only us saved people are welcome, that's telling them that, " oh we must not be welcome let's go somewhere else, and you know the false religions out there will be more then happy to brainwash there minds saying were the only way to go, like the mormons or the jw's. You make them feel so small, and Jesus is totally against that approach. Jesus says in Matthew that if you welcome one of these little one's you also welcome me. So quit pushing the outsiders away when they have every right to be there just as much as you do. Plus who are you guys to be so against the unsaved wern't you all unsaved at one time, think about the Mercy Jesus had for me and you, why not have mercy on the unsaved and open up your doors to them. That's why you see so many false religions out there because you push these people away, saying your not saved so your not welcome. Jesus talked to tax collectors,prostitutes, and murders like Moses and Saul who was later Paul, and even King David who killed someone. All these people were unsaved at one time in there life, but did you see Jesus say " oh your unsaved so your not welcome here go away". No he embraced them and taught them the right way to go. I think you need to do as Jesus would himself and give these people the chance that Christ gave each and every one of us. Thank you for your time. And God Bless.

ben middleton

March 2003 Freehold, Iowa - "Just last week, a young member of our church approached me with a question," Pastor Deacon Fred told the congregation during morning services. "He asked me, 'Should Christians practice Yoga?' I paused for just a moment before slapping him so hard across the face with the back of my hand that one of his teeth flew out into the hallway.

I saw this statement on your web page article on Yoga: A Religion for Sex Addicts. Was this pastor arrested for assault and battery? Is this what Christian belief system has come to? That Christian ways are so delicate that it needs to beat people into submission or knock peoples teeth out who ask questions? No wonder our children are taking guns to school and shooting each other for no apparent reason. Thoroughly disgusted

D. S. - DePisco America Online

Ok pastor i am a good American Baptist who was just baptized but you take everything too dirty. I don't understand how the Toy Story II is in any way promoting sex i feel the picture shows a door and a window and that it is appropriate for boys and girls. I don't like pokemon but i used to and i also don't agree how you view them and by the way they are called pocket monsters not demons. Also n'synk is in no way shape or form a punk-rock band i listen to punk but that doesn't make me a bad person, they are a boy band or pop rock. i know you psycho Christians may think skate boarders surfers and punk rockers like me are all forms of satin but there not some of them are more religious and Intelligent then YOU!! I happen to know some that went to HARVARD because of a 4.0 GPA and then became pastors! Also if you think that Jar Jar Binks lolly pop is dirty then you are much dirtier for thinking of it that way!

Your Fellow Baptist,

Richard C.

I am sending you this e-mail to inform you of the fact that your fundementalist, hateful website has insulted me. Do not simply send me back an e-mail claiming that I am an infidel and will be struck down by god and flung into the pits of hell. To do so would only prove every accusation of you that will be in the e-mail. Remember that I have a right to say what I say and that you are mandated to listen to it. Nor do I want the normal crap that people like you give to those opposed to your horrible and hateful message. I want you to think outside of your normal, narrow feild of vision and see the world as it is and the people in it as they are. I want you to look around you, look at what is real, and give me the why to your answer.

Firstly, the most insulting thing I found on your website was that you said that book burning and censorship were good things. This I found to be disgusting. Do you not consider that behind every book you throw on the blaze of hate there was a person. A person with as much right to be heard as you have, perhaps more. Do you realize that are not a philosopher and that you are part of the mob. You hate books because they are made by people who think and because they encourage thinking. The Grapes of Wrath was not written as an affront to God, it was written to stop the hate, to stop the killing of innocent people. You ban it, and yet you have probably never read it.

For you, the ones that think, the philosophers, are infidels. We are left wing extremists. Yet, did Jesus ever kill anyone, did he ever give hate to people because of who they were? No, he did not, and if you follow him, you shouldn't either.

Your Disgusted Reader,

Kyle Endicott

By the way, I hope you know that I know that the only reason you keep children from viewing you site is because it would disgust them and keep them from becoming brainwashed christians like yourself. I also know that you have no social life.

Fuck You,

Kyle Endicott

I have some very serious Christian concerns. I've been and seen many of the sites on the web, and in all yours is one that wildly disturbs me. I happened by your article on Sponge Bob Square Pants, are you all insane?? Do you have nothing better to do the to scrutinize a cartoon? How many years have things been brought into the media, with full on innuendoes references, and I don't hear a word. You knocked your grandson out, over a cartoon? You should be arrested for child abuse. An impact to the brain that causes unconsciousness can have serious repercussions to the brain. Then to find a picture of a toddler strapped with electrodes to find the best place to spank? And you say the Arabic’s are ignorant?! Look in a mirror. There is nothing Christian in the things I've read on your site. Millions of Christian’s wonder why the religious aspect of culture is fading, take a look at your site. I am non-religious, and even a "sinner" like me know that this propaganda is just another way to control the drones in the congregation. I would have never picked up on the fact that the characters nose looks like genitalia upside-down, but a God fearing Christian did, guess that makes him just as guilty. Maybe he's one of the ones who like associating genitalia and children. You people are sick, and Hell is a good place for you. See you there.

Logan Figenser

Asa christian, I am outraged and appalled by your website.The hatred that is behind your idealogy is obvious. May I suggest you read the following scripture as it might pretain to you:On judgement day many will tell me, 'Lord,Lord,we prophesied in your name and preformed many miracles in your name.'But I will reply, I never knew you. Go away; things you did were unauthoriaed.' Matthew7:22

John Kuhn

i just can´t believe what i read in that site. i cannot believe you are trully christians ans mindly safe. there are three possibilities: 1 - you are satanic ones disguised. I know about the influence of the satanist cults in the United States that came from Europe in Mid of Century XVIII and its relationship with the wolrd christ church. 2 - You do not understood the real way of jesus came from earth and do not understand your mission on earth. 3 - yopur web designer joked you and wrote this terrible things in the site.

Phrases like "unsaved are not welcome" are simplely ABSURD. Jesus called us to save lives, to bring Jesus salvation to the world. To liberate live ones to Jesus for distroying satan work, but your selfish and ignorance don´t let you see one yard beyound your eyes. YOU are denying salvation to the world, and saving yourselves, distroyind God´s work and sending your brothers to hell. All the world - including afghan in mideast - need jesus, but not a bullet in his head. Jesus want love and salvation, not death and Burn in devil´s fire.

I´m dispointed with this your christianism. i hope your comunity could see the same i saw.

When Jesus said the world is devil´s home, i do not believed. now, i see that it´s truth.


I just came across your site and I have to say as a Christian I am totally ashamed of you. First of all you advertise that unsaved people are not welcome in your church. That is not what my Bible says. The Lord said for us to go to the highways and hedges and compel them to com in. He also states in his word that He came to call sinners not the righteous to repentance. Secondly you misrepresent the scripture in your quizzes. I noticed that you tend to blame God by taking verses out of context. In one quiz you ask the question why some women can't bare children. You said it was because God was punishing those women for being adulteresses. I am very offended by that remark. I have been married for almost seven years and I know for a fact that my wife was a virgin her wedding night therefore could not be a adulterer but we have no children. You also insinuate that My God sends people to Hell. My God does no such thing. We send ourselves to hell when we reject Him. I am also appalled over your comment in your quiz about children going to Hell. In a quiz you gave a circumstance of a two year old child that died and you said she went to Hell. The Bible plainly tells us that those that have not reached the age of accountability are what we call safe. They are under God's protection or grace. You also made mention that God sends you to Hell for sex outside marriage. Wrong! The only sin that will send you to Hell is the rejection of Jesus. You also stated that God would throw a unborn fetus in Hell. My God is the creator of live and He has a plan for us from the very beginning. From the moment of conception that baby is a viable life. My God is not a abortionist as you claim. Thanks to people like you I know of several individuals that will spend a eternity in Hell. You see a atheist brought my attention to your site. He looked at it and saw how you were blaming God and distorting scripture and he decided that christianity was phony. If I were you I would fall on my face and beg the Lord to forgive you and get saved. You literally make me sick. You probably will not even read this but at least you finally have heard the truth after spreading all your lies. I would wish you well but you are not worth it.


no name [scoobydoo165@webtv.net]

Fred, Sense you seem to be on the high road, you probably want actually be the one who reads this email. Probably on the golf course. I just get a very very evil feeling from some of the things that you have written. It seems that one of your "MAIN" vices is greed, which for a Pastor is a very very scary thing. I am a Pentecostal and I have been taught be a very smart and great man of God. Pastor Mark Correll of Cathedral of the Cross in Birmingham, Al. not to ever talk or say anything down towards a Pastor.That will be handled by God. I will read a little more of your website when I get "Plenty" of time and see how the things you say come across. You know people that do get save, at that particular point in their life may not be able to purchase cloths as you wish. If you have so much money maybe you should consider buying the cloths for them. Do you people not allow the homeless to come to church ???? Maybe you should give them jobs and build some homes on that big awesome golf course you have, what do you think Fred...

T C - tidefans.com

What you are doing is wrong ! You are misleading people. You are taking the biblical truth and twisting it for your own views. You anything but a Christian church. You're heathens and I will see that your site be shut down. Its find to joke about some things, but you are taking jokes about the word of God too far ! You are committing blasphemy, and putting pictures up with burning crosses and KKK (thats probably who you are) is not Christian at all! I strongly advise you to take this site down or prepare for legal action!

Eversley, Garett M

I wish to ask you about a phrase on your web page. “Playing a game as old as the dinosaurs (6,000 years ago)…” I would like to inform you that I am a paleontology graduate student at a very popular ivy league university. I have been on numerous digs across the nation and even the world. I have also carbon dated the fossils I have fond and they are most certainly NOT 6000 years old.

Also, I have been working at the peace corps for the past 3 years doing random chores around my area, such as helping the less fortunate, picking up litter, and so on and so fourth. Anyway, my journey have exposed me to many different cultures and beliefs. I will honestly say the only difference between you and the Taliban is the religion both of your groups are religious fanatics.

After reading your site I am appalled at your ideas, and question why you would treat your impressionable children with such violence. Or, why you would be so close-minded about evolving cultures. “Religion should be a blessing, not a curse.” Buy what I have seen you defiantly make it a curse. You cannot get off by just saying I am some , but I am. I was born and raised a Congregationalist, I have been baptized in the eyes of God, and in the presence of my personal savior Jesus.


Jordan Carey

Hello Dear Pastor,

The purpose of this email is to rebuke you. From one Christian brother to the next. I was wondering what you thought that you were before you became saved. The Bible clearly says that we are only saved by God's great mercy. By not allowing the unsaved into your church, you are violating the Biblical message in its entirety. Your organization seems more like the Pharisees than a Christian organization. I seriously would wonder if your church is saved at all and what you even think salvation is for that matter. It is more than a prayer. Godly works and mercy are a result in this lifetime. Reaching out to unbelievers is required. I expect you to read this. I expect a response as well. We are brothers in the body of Christ.


brett lewis

I have seen the Green Mile many times and there is nothing in this movie that has anything to do with "HOMOSEXUALITY". It just seems to me, that you bapists are freaks just plain...what's the word? HOMOPHOBIC and to think I wanted to be a baptist. I was just thinking that all the baptists need a life and a good can of Whoop ass needs to be taken out on you all. Baptists are SINNERS and you need to seriously think about what you are saying about people. Remember GOD is watching you and who the hell died and Elected you the SUPREME BEING. You aren't GOD. Rhetorically speaking the brillance of the piece I read is basically BULL SHIT!!!! I have the right to stick up for Tom Hanks, as he is a good actor and a brillant man behind his work. Please think with the HEAD on your shoulders and not the one in your fricken pants. Thanks for your time in reading this letter you freak.

Susan Sellner


Just letting the people of Landover Baptist Church know...you people are sick and should be ashamed of yourselfs. All of you are crazy and deserve to be in jail. You keep doing the crazy crap you're doing and all of you will burn in "hell" for being religiously intolerant and politically STUPID. Thank you. Have a nice day.

P.S. Stop "treeing" wiccans, it's wrong. Accept people for who they are. Wiccans are not satan worshippers...we don't even believe in satan. Assholes.

TigerLilyPeace on america online

I read your tips for beating and abusing a child.

you are the bunch of sickest, most rotten sons of bitches i have ever known. it is people like you that make me glad to be wiccan,,, ooohhhh, what cha gonna do beat me to or burn me at the stake like your kind has done for hundreds of years you make me sick you bunch of fucking sick cocksuckers, and you call yourself a pastor, you are a degenerate and a nuicance to everyone, it is people like you that make the rest of the fucking cristians look bad not that they look good any way, you are all lambs being led to a slaughter by the "god" that you worship. you worship a lie and will be punished in the end. you will see the truth and it will be too late., i will see you in the afterlife and it wont be pleasant. untill then, FUCK YOU and HAVE A NICE DAY

nathaniel ramsay

You truly twist the words of God. Welcome to charter membership in the club of the devil. You truly are a cult and you will rot in Hell.

-- Joel Robert Schulz
Project Management Specialization Program
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Calgary

I believe it is absolutely appalling to give people advice on how to beat their children. If I were to run a website to try to praise god, I wouldn’t fill it with hate. Everything I read is negative, and I think believing in god should be a positive thing. How much better of a person are you than anyone else from any other CULT, if you believe in things such as beating children and killing Arabs? Plus, saying that unsaved people are not allowed on your website isn’t spreading the word of god…what about all the people looking for faith? Do you want to scare them away with your hate and discrimination? If this is what the Baptist religion is about, then it’s not about god, its not about love for your creator, its not about being a good person and going to heaven. It is about hate, crime, war, and filth. If god is a peaceful, positive entity, then why must you be so negative?

London - DJ Andrew Cox

Dear Pastor,

I went to your website, and I am shocked to have to breath the same air as such an ignoramus! I am a woman and I do not feel at all respected by baptist because you all believe that woman are the only sinners if they get pregnant without being married. Well they didn't crawl on top of themselves to get them pregnant okay! And you think Sponge Bob is perverted because his nose and eyes, well it took a real pervert to see that his face upside down look like genitals! And if anyone becomes satanic after trading Pokemon cards or reading a Harry Potter book they obviously didn't know much about God in the first place! Catholics are Christians and I don't think you should be insulting other religions you know nothing about stick to your own idiotic beliefs! I also don't see why you think midgets are satanic and how tampons are the "devils cotton fingers" I think you must be on drugs or something to think this stupid stuff up. And the world is not as evil as you think it is remember God created it so it can't be that terrible and he created midgets too, and God doesn't make mistakes, although it's very hard to believe He made you.


Someone smarter than you. - selena and roxy ketchum dakota

Tell me that this is a bogus web page and that this is not honestly true. And if it my honest medical opinion is that Ms. Crocket needs to be be educated in modern medicine

Larry George, MD - and Christian!

Hi. I stumbled across your site by accident and was quite taken aback by what you are advertising and what information you are relaying to innocent minds. I could not believe the slogan you have for your website says the unsaved are not welcome, where would they be welcomed? How else would people be saved? When would Jesus ever turn away someone who asked for help or who wanted to be saved? You make someone who knows little about God & Jesus Christ feel very unwelcomed and that isn't something to advertise. Jesus would welcome anyone as long as they wanted to change and be saved.

I just want to know where in the world you came up with the idea George Lucas has some sex workshop a mile beneath his home in Northern California? I would be very careful printing such things as they could be seen as slanderous. If I were in his position I would challenge your argument and sue you for saying such things without providing evidence. Whatever happened to "Thou Shalt Not Judge" ?? Judging others is my biggest fault. I pray God will help me recognize when I am judging others and I pray he gives me the power to change that.

I feel your remarks about George Lucas and his Star Wars characters is ridiculous. I could not stand to be on your site any longer because all it was preaching was hate and is highly contradicotry. How can you think that a Star Wars figure is immoral when you are advertising sex on your site by displaying a young girl wearing a "What would Jesus do" thong. It's unfortunate there isn't more regulation on the Internet that would disallow sites such as yours.

I'll pray for you.

Mari edless [thewatcher1990@yahoo.com]

I find it hard to believe that this is a legitimate Baptist Church. Surely, this is a website that seeks to make fun of Christians in general, and Baptists specifically. Are you for real? Hate is in your language, saying that unbelievers are not welcome. Jesus said that he did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. You are a pharisee and a hypocrite if you think that you are for real. The whole purpose behind Christ's death was to redeem mankind. No one, not one is righteous apart from faith in Jesus Christ. I am contacting the White House to see if you really do have anything to do with President Bush's administration. I find it hard to believe that the President would allow you any part in his administration.

One more thing, I do not agree to your statement on how this email may be used, therefore, by the definition of a contract, under law, one has not been created here. Use of this email for any purpose without my permission is strictly prohibited.

I have known God intimately, and He is nothing like you or your church, or your members.

Don Petty

Hello,… my name is William Harvey DeVaughn I live in Tupelo, Ms. And,…… I can’t believe what I’ve read on this website! How in the Name of all that is Holy can you people claim all the garbage that you claim on this site?! I am a Baptist minister and I thought I was dog-matic,…… but you people are sick! And you obviously have never read the same bible that I read! MY 1611 King James bible does not say anywhere that my Savior hates sinners, or that people who don’t believe your garbage will bust hell wide open!

My Savior came seeking and to save sinners. He ate with them, he talked with them, he healed them, he discipled them, and he leads them by his tender mercy to the Cross! Its idiots like ya’ll who have subverted the word of God and twisted its message and perverted the real truth of God,…….till this world has grown to hate ALL CHRISTIANS for the faith we have in Christ! I am so Glad that I am not living in the same state where you are because I would hate to know that I had to contend with Pharisees like Ya’ll. My savior told that bunch of devils there in the book of Mathew ch. 23 v.13-15 . in verse 15 He said Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees Hypocrites! For ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made ye make him a twofold more child of hell than yourselves. V. 16 Woe unto you ye blind guides,…………. That’s exactly what you are. You are so blinded by your black hearts and hypocrite beliefs that you don’t know what is right or wrong! The devil has you and all those idiots who listen to you by the throat and you don’t even know it! What’s this garbage about making people pay a fine for some infraction that you made up? Man you are sick! Sick SICK! When you stand before MY GOD!,……and give account for this garbage that you’ve shoved down those poor fool’s throats. You’ll understand what a God of LOVE really means! I suppose you’ll pray for your god to kill me or something after you read this letter! Notice that I didn’t capitalize that g when I spelled your god or referred to your god? Your god is not the same one I serve! My God is the YHVH of the old testament The EL SHADDAI The same one who LOVED HIS PEOPLE so much that HE BANKRUPTED HEAVEN TO SAVE US! That’s right!,….. HE BANKRUPTED HEAVEN! When He sent His PRECIOUS HOLY SON TO DIE FOR ME ON THAT TREE!!!!!!! That’s how I know you are a fool! You don’t know the real truth! I challenge you to a debate on the real truth of the real Gospel! But,…. Beware I am ARMED,…….. with the sword of truth! It’s quick and powerful,…… cutting


Ok come on man I mean really it takes a really sick mind to think that a cartoon is perverted and an even sicker mind to try and munipulate the characters of said cartoon show to be perverse. Think back to the book of Revelations and how it talks about the churches that have gone astray TADA we have found a winner you guys are extremist and need to be stopped. I am a Christian and know where I am going and to tell you the truth I would think that God himself would find it hard to let wack jobs like you into the gates of heaven. I pray for your misguided and lost souls. You poor fools when will you learn it is about given the word of God and not about trying to be the spiritual police when you yourselves should be locked up.

Chad Conley

I believe that your website has some faulty doctrine on the unsaved. After all didn’t Jesus eat with the tax-gatherers and welcome the prostitutes? The cornerstone of Christianity is to spread the good news of Christ’ love to the unsaved. We need to be salt and light to the world instead of standing back and casting condemning remarks on them. Only Jesus has the power to send people who don't love Him to Hell. That's not your job!

Johnson [worldsapart1204@hotmail.com]

I am totally discusted with your website. Jesus ate with publicans and sinners; How else do you expect to see them saved! And Jesus did come from an ethnic background, in that region of the world everyone had pigmented skin. I pray the lord opens your understanding

Charity Todd [roseanthony1@yahoo.com]

Dear Pastor, I am compleately appaled at the ungodly web site you have put out. Your whole motto about Unsaved not welcome is very unchristian like and against the teachings of Jesus. I pray that you will see the error of your ways and repent and turn to Jesus who teaches about servatude and kindness. Your article on Pentacostal women is bunk. I go to a UPC church and have meet some of the most beautiful women both inside and out than I ever meet at a Baptist church. Your women are so covered with makeup and weighted down by jelwery I am supprised they can raise their hands to praise the Lord. I see Baptist women going to church and they look like they are headed to or from a night club... when i was in the world is this is where you will find most bapstist women on a Friday night or Saturday night, drinking and rubbing up on strangers. I cant believe that this web site exist in Jesus name. Its christians like you that give Holy Saints bad names and why unbelievers call us hypocriates. I pray for your soul and the enlightenment of your ways.

A proud UPC woman

jesus fucking christ! you are all a bunch of god loving pussies. this thing about sponge bob square pants and the upside down dick. god damn do you try to find any resemblence of malice in any thing, because if you are looking that hard, then you're bound to fucking find it everywhere. and tell that stupid bitch who fainted in church to commit suicide because people that fucking incompetent and pussiifed are useless in this society. a society of reality. not of idolized beliefs and bullshit that you make it. i'm not against god or your religion, but you people are fucking fanatical. you need to come down to earth. i hope your fucking church burns down and your fucking website dies. jesus christ you make me so mad.

i was so pissed at your imbicillsim halfway through reading your artical that i couldn't contain my self. you are all a bunch of stupid fucks. that fuckhead grandfather who "found" this bullshit is the first place shoudln't even think about suing for his son's mental damage. if he is retarted, it's becuase his fucktard grandfather threw his across the room and gave him a concussion, you should be glad that you aren't charged with child abuse. you sick fuck! the truth is he was probably assfucking his grandson, knocked him out, and said that sponge bob was the source of his bleeding asshole and his fixation on sexuality. i hope you all fucking die!

kevin joppins

I have recently read some off your Stories on your web-site.

I think your imaginations are out of control. I am discusted in some of your theories and feel a deep sympathy for you and your followers.

Your Christian outlook is far from being Christian.

A concerned Christian.