A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received August 2004  (unedited and in original form)

seems to me you know nothing about the religion in which you've made a mockery of. now is this because you're ignorant? or is it because you're uneducated. or perhaps its because you're a failed fuck up with too much time on your hands who is good for nothing else but to create a ripple in the filthy scummy pond that is YOUR LIFE. i suggest you get your head out of your ass and into a book....start with the Bible. perhaps then you should beg the mercy of your Creator who you've managed to make a joke website out of.....because see, YOU'RE CREATOR wont take"your right to the first amendment" as a justifiable excuse for your particular actions.

Peter Girgis

Hello I agree with You on Unsaved Children Celebrating Christmas is like Stealing a Birthday gift from a little child's Birthday and About the Catholic church

My whole Family is Catholic and they don't like me having a relationship with the Lord Jesus and being a Christian. However, I don't Like the content of what I just saw a few mins ago about Jesus will condemn us if we breastfeed our Babies. Don't u know that all Babies Born and grow up don't remember being breast feed by their mother? Why do u think Woman have breast for if its not for Breast feeding? Its not because to have Sexual intercourse with Your spouse. Its also if for feeding Your child. Also The circumcision article needs to go because, Its Offensive even to 21 year olds and up. I am 27 almost in November and I sent Your website to one of my friends online. She told me the content and is upset that I sent her it because the Breast feeding and Circumcision articles.

If this was a good Christian website it wouldn't be for 18 years and up and have offensive stuff in it. Back to the Catholics I do agree with You on the Catholic Church like I said at the start. My family likes to Moon my camera and farting machines and make fun of us because we are Christian. Even My Mom said my babies in the future will be going to Hell because they won't be baptized as infants. I didn't know that Catholic says if I pray to Mary or to a priest Jesus will get it later he will be busy. Thats a new one i heard. But, Again I got on right now and I got an email from that friend about that content. I think you should lighten up on sexual stuff a bit and breast feeding and circumcisions.

KMC - Bluepointhimmy23@---.com

Your kind is exactly why individuals run from Christ and the belief in the bible...Judgemental pompous ass you are...

Tory Cartel

Reach me at this email addy


Your movie review on "The Village" was stupid. First of all it has nothing to do with religion to begin with. It's about a millionaire who has way too much money on his hands so he persuades volunteers to live in a village and populate it. And they have to scare the youth from leaving.

Accept Jesus and win a Playstation2. LOL

You guys are bunch of idiots

Southern Baptist are real Baptist

    Pastor if that's what you want to call yourself. Maybe you are in self denial of having gay thoughts. And why in the world would you fling your grandson across a room and knock him unconscious. That is what i am more worried about child abuse toward your grandson. I love sponge bob and watch him with my children everyday. I have never thought of him as an erect penis but that's because i am not a deranged pervert. And futhermore i have never slung my children by the hair across the room knocking them out. I think that social service needs to investigate your cultish beliefs and i am not saved but i believe in Jesus and i would go to heaven faster than you on just the fact that i do not advertise my church as for the saved not the unsaved how hypocriticale is that? I think the pastors association needs to investigate you and your church and take your liscense before another Jim Jones is on the loose.

See you in hell


Good Morning Pastor- I'm am writing in response to your website. All I can really say is that I'm Catholic, saved, and God loves me, too. I don't know what in God's name you think makes you right by saying that my religion is a "fasle religion." If mine is, so is yours. If you're going to truly follow God, you'd be Jewish. For his son, that gave his life for you, was Jewish. SO, since his son was Jewish, wouldn't any normal human being conclude that God, was, in fact, Jewish. And another thing that pissed me off, was your definition of "whore." You said a whore is any sexually active woman. Meaning, a happily married woman, could sleep ONLY with her husband, let's say, once a month. According to you, that makes her a whore. But to me, that makes her a normal wife. I may not be a virgin. I may have tried many things in my life. But that does NOT make me a bad person. If I were perfect, I wouldn't be here. I'd be with God in Heaven. But, I am only human. God made me flawwed, just like everybody else. He is watching over me, and guiding me. If God didn't want me to expierience something, I wouldn't. But so far, he hasn't really kept me chained to the wall as you do your fellow church members. My advice to you is: Lighten the fuck up. You'll find yourself in Hell qucker than you can say "Hail Mary" if you don't.

Casey Jo Carlisle

hello, after several minutes of laughing at your article of homosexual prevention, I came to a conclusion. not only is this hate literature, but a very paranoid organization with a lot of issues. I hope no is seriously hurt by your article, cause it could give some whacked out baptist the crazy idea to not give their son a normal child hood. thank you.

Virgil Todacheeny

I want to start a Church that tells the truth just as it is, not like the First Baptist Church in Huffman, Texas, but like the bible says. Will you help me fund this program to tell the truth as it is? I have preached in the Church of Christ, had prison ministries, and dealt with the unsaved Christian daily. I am experienced. People need a place to go where they hear the truth....

Ed Mays

Goodrich, Texas

Disgruntled Christian and Yogi-

Chad Fatino

Hi, God bless you. I am a student from Puerto Rico. I would like to recieve bible studies about: Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and Disney and their characters. It's that theres been an outbreak on little childrens seeing these cartoons and having there toys and it's a shame that christian people are in this, and now Yugio is popular here in P.R. I would like to recieve something about it too. I would appreciate it, thanks.

Joshua Rivera

Hello! You silly Protestant Fundamentalist Morons!

Grow up, Wake Up & go & get an education before it is too late for you.


C Blake (freeserve.co.uk)

You people are complete homophobes, you accuse everybody and everything of being gay. From Frodo Baggins to the Olympics from Hollywood to oxygen (for God's sake OXYGEN, do you know how insane thats sounds. How is oxygen gay, I mean come on) It's all gay to you. You people really scare me, how did you get this way anyway, did someone brainwash you or are you taking everything to literally. I don't know but you people need help. I know a good psychiatrist... oh wait,all that college and secular science is all poppy cock, all you need to do is spank 'em with a big wooden paddle... um is something thats big and wooden to gay for you people. Finally, just for your guy's sake I'm going to prove something wrong you guys keep preaching with irrefutable evidence. The worshipers of the Landover Baptisian religion seem to have a deep hate of Catholics (aka "Mary Worshipers') and the Catholicistic system. But St. Peter (who was one of Jesus' twelve disciples), with irrefutable evidence, is the founder of the Catholic Church and was the Bishop of Rome. So if you curse the Catholics you are cursing the first Pope St. Peter and then you are cursing Jesus who choose Peter to be one of his disciples. I hope God bless' so you actually become real Christians and not some society hating homophobic radical sect of Christianity. God have mercy on you.

Eric Denlnger

Mr. Pastor, I am a born again Christian from the same culture and roots that Night S, the movie director belongs. Your review reeked of racist intolerance, which is against the very word of God. Moreover a name change does not bring salvation, and I find no reason to give up something that has meaning to us, to blindly ape you westerners

Quoting from the review “And believe it or not, those new converts have pocketbooks just like anyone else. Granted, it might be the noisy "cha-ching" of coins you hear dropping into your offering plates, rather than the sweet sounding thump of a stack of wrapped $100 bills”, goes to show what you characters are after and not to give glory and Honour to God. There are hundreds of believers in India, who live in poverty and are not lured by filthy lucre. They just live by Faith and Faith alone. It would be in good interest of everyone if racists like you stop masquerading as true believers and tell the world that the Gospel is your exclusive right.

I do pray and hope that God in all his wisdom will open your eyes to your folly and that you will be true to your calling.

Manuel Vijaikar Jesudas

means “God with us”, “Sun”, “Slave of Jesus” in that order.

Dear Pastor,

I found your web presentation regarding the cartoon SpongeBob Square Pants completely out of line. It is a cartoon. I am a 40 year old woman with three nephews, how in God's name you can find this enjoyable cartoon anything other than what it is = funny and enjoyable. You are not acting in God's best interest, you obviously have entirely too much time on your hands. Should you not be out helping those in need and preaching the word? Instead you are somehow, miss directly dissecting a cartoon in which I find, as a God Fearing Adult, extremely humorous. There are very few cartoons which mix adult and child humor in such a way that it is entertaining for all viewing.

I feel you are misguided. Your energy would be better served in preaching the word and helping needing communities as God would want you to.

God Bless, Jeannie Anderson

Hello I'm a dyed in the wool Christian, and have been for several years now. There's a word for you people and its called "Occult", but you people should already know that. There's a world out there headed for an eternity in HELL. And your worried about the products women use for personal Hygiene, and SELF-CIRCUMCISION? You have bigger fish to fry! Not to mention its BIZARRE. And turning the unsaved away from your site? You need to be Welcoming the unsaved instead of leaving them to pass away with this world. I read the story about how "Miss Taffy Davenport-Gaines Crockett confronted this young girl for buying, as you people say the "T" word. Did she witness to that young girl? She mentioned that she did'nt know about her Salvation, well FIRST AND FOREMOST she should asked her about her salvation, and weather or not she knew the LORD JESUS CHRIST as personal savior. Oh, its okay for someone to wear a WWJD THONG, but its not okay to use a product that preserves health? You people need to get it together. I'll keep you in my PRAYERS.

William Stanley

Regarding the baby jesus comic - Your not funny, your not artistic and who ever told you that your comic was amusing obviously realizes you have no chance of doing anything productive with your life and didn't want you to kill your self, and ruin there rug!

bullet proof

You peopel are unbelievably messed up in the head. I can't beleive anybody like you can exist. It's almost inhuman, the way you go on about you're belfiefs! I thought the Bible was supposed to be about love and peace but you preach hatred and violence. If you seriously think you're going to get into Heaven, you're sadly mistaken. You call yourselves True Christians but you're nothing but Satan's Servants.

I hope you have a nice time in Hell. I'll be watching you from wherever I end up. And I will laugh and laugh. Because no matter where I go, you'll have it worse.

When I first stumbled across your site, I thought "These peopel can't be serious!" but now it seems you are. I pity you for it. Now I really know why the rest of the world looks down on Bible Belt America. You're uneducated morons intent on brainwashing people to your beliefs. If the rapture comes, I can assure you, you will not be among the saved. Indeed, I imagine the forces of Heaven and Hell will be too busy battling it out to even notice a bunch of pathetic humans such as you. The living creatures of this world will be nothing more than civilian casualties.

Emma Stubbs

Dear Pastor Hardwick, I was surfing the net this evening and came upon your article: “She's White; Kobe's Black. Case Closed!". Now to be quite honest, I am a Jew, and a highly educated Jew.

I totally agree you and respect your opinions on race mixing. If G-d, both yours and ours, had wanted this, he’d have created one “race”. He created the different races for a reason. Each race and culture are good have respectful qualities when in their own regions. I do NOT agree with the fallacy of “Multiculturalism” nor do I agree with it’s developers…..”Liberalism”. I get furious when I constantly see the Liberal/Leftwing brainwashed individuals in your country that keep pushing this propaganda and promoting this filth all over the media waves. This Rap/Hip-hop, to be specific, has reduced the developing minds of our youths to comparable levels of the basic primate. This so called music combined with Liberalism has totally destroyed the pillars of society, the values and concept of “Family”, and is directly contributing to the downward spiral.

All blacks are not bad people, but it seems to me that the vast majorities are. It is like that the many rotten apples ruin the batch for those few. I respect Bill Cosby to finally speak out. I am very upset that others such as Oprah do not find the morality to speak out against this trash that is greatly related to “her people”.

On a totally different, your history is flawed. The Pope, and every other educated historian/theologian, can attest to fact that the Jews did not murder Jesus the Romans murdered Jesus. After all, according to according the New Testament, Why would Jews murder the only Christian proof that “One of our boys made it”, as my cousin would say. Don’t take that the wrong way, I have very Conservative Christian friends of all denominations. We both worship the same God and value the contributions that each group has made to society. One mustn’t forget Jesus lived and died as a professing Jew. Mary and the Profits were all Jews. The “Last Supper” was, in fact, the Jewish feast of “Passover”.

I am a very big fan of Christianity and the different sects, as many Jews are. I hope that instead of concentrating ill feelings on such a small populous that has contributed more positively to the developed world then any other in history, you might change directions and educate your congregation about the good qualities between the Jews and Christians. The combining powers and likeness between Jews and Catholics is the only thing to defeat the pending onslaught of the Muslim Moon God Allah. Your G-d is that of the Jewish people, but not that of the Muslims. Some good readings if you get the chance; “The Profit of Doom” by Craig Winn.

I am a VERY conservative person and conservative Jew, I value the morals, ethics, and good conservative values that Judaism and the Judeo/Christian system have provided the US, Canada and the entire developed worlds legal system and societies were based.


Dr. J. Valentine, DPA, MBA

I would love to see your congregation just so I could tell everyone I saw the world's largest group of IDIOTS!!!!!!!! You should have to pay me to come to your church. I am a Baptist and am saddened that you call yourselves independent Baptists. You should take the Baptist out and tell everyone what you really are-------Independent Morons that apparently haven't read the bible!!! You teach children to hate their parents thus breaking a Commandment "Honor thy Father and Mother". I was really upset when I heard of this website but now I can only pray for you and your congregation that you will find Jesus. If not, I hope you carry alot of 1,000,000 SPF sunscreen with you to the herafter because you are going to need it. God bless you and you would be welcome at my church because the unsaved are who we are trying bring to our church to show them God's love. We won't even charge you for coming and your free gift for accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior will be eternity with our King!!!!!!

Again, God bless your congregation that they will wake up before it is too late!!!!!

If not, enjoy your eternity with Satan.

Cynthia Brown

You are the sickest, most depraved people that ever existed. Reading your site made me physically ill. You preach child abuse and torture. I am reporting this to the proper authorities. There is no reason you should treat a child as you so stupidly recommend, especially "inflicting welts for Jesus". How utterly disgusting. It is the understanding of most of the intelligent world that Southern Baptists encompass the largest group of pedophiles in the world. I never believed that until I saw your website. Where else could you find a picture of a naked little boy? I'm sure your male following enjoyed masterbating over that picture you sick people!


It is a shame how your website condones the teaching of children to steal their parents credit cards or checkbooks. When my son seen this website, I could not believe what I saw or read for that matter. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Teaching a child to steal their parents cards or checks and them having the nerve to teach them how to use it is unexcusable. I will definetely turn this website into the FTC and file a complaint.

Robert VerDoot

I'm sure your website is a joke, but just in case it's not I decided to write this. I'll keep it short and simple so you can understand it.

The only thing that ruins society today are cults like yours. You are all extremely mentally unbalanced, and I urge you all to seek professional help immediately. If you all could get out of your uneducated trash town, you might see that people like you are the ones most in danger of going to hell.

You are the most awful, mean, judgemental, hypocritical people I have ever come across, and for those reasons you will go to hell. People in Heaven will be the people that were not judgemental, that had their own faith in God, not followed a cult leader's beliefs.

I have met homosexuals that are of a higher class and integrity than you could even dream of becoming. Once again your lack of education and world knowledge makes you look completely ignorant.

I just want you all to know (especially Deacon Fred-whose article on Finding Nemo was the laughing stock of our office) that you are a joke to the world, you are a sore on society and your beliefs are a joke.

Thanks for the entertainment you sick sons of bitches.

Susan Genaro

HA, Yah i saw your christian unrealtournement and was converted on the spot. yah. that shit is hilarious the ENTIRE UT 2K4 community is laughing at this pathetic game and your website, your not converting anyone the only people that will enjoy this game are people that are already christians. Your site is just another pathetic attempt at spreading this useless religion. And who cares if little kids are fucking Jar Jar binks dollss? thats them and they're just confuesed little kids and your paranoid nutcase christians. And if your so packed with the way and words of god why, oh fucking why is there an add for a jesus thong on YOUR website? there are things that in the bible, you only use the parts of the bible that you want when you need them and ignore the other important lessons. heh. i would love to further this disagreement and maybe you can bestow your beliefs on me and i might just convert!


I am a latter day saint. I want to inform you about the quote magic underware. Those ones that are shown on line are not correct. And I have been to the temple and truly it is a house of God. I believe that Satan is truly working thru you and other web sites like yours. I will pray for you.


Patricia Alberson LDSWoman Jacksonville Fla

you fucking shovanists! how dare you talk that way about women. they are people, not a meere vagina and pair of legs to service us and get us a sandwich. i would NEVER disrespect my girlfriend by doing that to her! you probably think its a sin if the womans on top too? fuck you guys. how do you live with your selves you self important littel pricks. come over to see me some time, i will kick your little bigot ass.

Ellen Stone

i fucking hate you people. you arent gonig to convert any one with the unreal tournament game. i play unreal and so do alot if my friends. and i can tell you. most all of us will laugh at you. the only ones who will not are the already christians. you think im a dirty heathen and all that bullshit. well fuck you. you guys must have small cocks or something or maybe you were hit as a child or something because where the hell do you get off calling me a dirty heathen? you little prick. jesus was supposed to come the millenium? where the fuck is his ass? for a savcior of us all he sure is pretty flaky. you stupid bible thumpers wont open your eyes. i dont care if you worship this dude. but for the love of frank please stop trying to convert us! most uf us dont want to be converted. and all you do is annoy us. let me guess. you live in the south, right? you guys make me sick. one of your jerk off jesus buddies came to our local skate park asking us why we werent in church worshipping jesus... and i am proud to say we all told him wed shut him up but our zippers were stuck. (no im not gay, i have a very good relationship with a wonderful woman) you need to stop this. faldwell is a fucking dumbass. he is a bigot. and i see no reason why i should believe your trash book. i can write down hamsters will fall down from te sky, carrying little balls of goat cheese but that doesnt make it true. oh wait, im not jesus... oh fuck never mind. you guys need to get a life. open your eyes and leave us heathens alone. you are stupid fucking people and i hate you with every fiber of my being. fuck you guys, oh and by the way, i listen to KoRn. ever heard them? its what you pricks would call "satan music" and guess what. it isnt. its an expression from a man who was raped as a child and uses music to cope.

Gio Myhre

To whom it may concern,

I'm going to be moving, unfortunatly, to your community soon. I was just trying to find out information and this horrible site came up. I'm 19 years old and even i know that you people are full of shit. Also I'm studying wicca and it is nothing like you say it is. And you opinion about wiccans being fat and pale is extremly untrue. If i were to become wiccan i'd still have my body. And im 112 lbs, you moron. Also I'm tan. So i think you might want to check your sources. And if i do go to your church can i wear a mini skirt and tube top? And if not too bad because i will. Thanks for your time and i just wanted to correct you because it's obvious that your totally confused.



Dear Pastor or To Whom It May Concern,

Great merchandise! But why do you have this Pagan, heathen, I love Satan merchandise and other unholy titled merchandise?

Thank You,

Joel Pokorny

P.S. I like the Bible Parental Advisory deal!

Hi there.

Again i have to say you are the most fucked up people I have come across. Have you not the set of balls most human men have to respond to my email? Guess not, you wimpy bitches can't even be man enough to respond. Little women I will call you until you respond. Bunch of little girly men. So sad to be your age and not be able to stand up for the belief system you rely on. You are not even worth talking to, as you are all homosexual men, fucking each other, because your wives dispise you. What does it feel like to not be a real man??? Why don't you come to my house so I can kick your wimpy little gay ass. Let me know your address and I will come and show what a real man can do. As in kick your ass to the ground so that you cry like a little school girl. And I know you will you little girly men. You are too girly to do anything about it.

Jesus would kick your ass and be happy about it. And God would be happy to see your little cock receiving asses be kicked. Hope you have the guts to email me back, and come to my house, as I would kick your ass around the block. Just give me the chance, you pencil dicked bitch. I know you have not enough guts or faith to respond, as you are trully faithless. Try me, please try me, as you don't have the balls, the guts or the faith.

Yours honestly,

Tony Goodale (tonygoodale@hotmail.com)

I will pray for your salvation

1. God did not create animals for us to eat. Adam and Eve were vegans. Humans did not start eating meat until after the flood, and that is because all vegetation was destroyed. Note that at that time God also put the fear of humans in animals, probably so they have a fair chance. "Genesis 1:29 "Then God said, "I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground-everything that has the breath of life in it-I give every green plant for food." Read further to find out that animals were to partake in the Sabbath rest, and that God instructed the first animal rights laws.

2. God is Love. Satan is Hate. Everything I have read on your website spews nothing but Hate. I will pray that Satan will loose his hideous grip on your message. Remember that God loves the WORLD, sinners and saints alike. We are not to judge, lest we be judged. Those without sin cast the first stone. In modern day terms, Take the 2x4 out of your own eye before you try to pluck the splinter out of anothers eye. We are saved by GRACE, and I seriously think you need to pray about what that means.

3. As for women, what about Esther? Or Mary Magdalene? Mary was a huge sinner, but Jesus forgave her, and she went out to spread the gospel just like the men.

4. Your teachings remind me of the hypocrasy that Jesus condemned

5. I pray that God will show His grace and mercy to you and your church. Those who believe they are first will be last, and the last will be first.

I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, He died on the cross and shed His blood for me, and He rose again in victory!



Dear Sir/Madam:

How nice for God that He has you to make all His Judgements for Him, especially when it comes to who is going to Heaven and who is going to Hell!!! You are relieving Him of a tremendous burden, so that He will have time for other things, like focusing His energy on making sure that some of His creations will hate each other, rather than practising LOVE.

If your website were based here in Canada, it would be closed down and you would be charged with distributing hate literature, not unlike Ernst Zundel.

Your selective little excerpts from the Bible would be amusing if they weren't so sickening. You do not seem to realize that you have in fact not read the Bible AT ALL, unless you have read it in the original. What you have read is someone's twisted interpretation of the Bible. You seem to have consciously or otherwise omitted 2 of God's major teachings, (not necessarily in this order):



Just think how upset you would if you arrived at the Pearly Gates, only to be met by a God who was NOT white!!!

Patrick Wood, a practising Christian in CANADA.

You know EXACTLY what you are doing, collecting money from these stupid people, and brainwashing them I hope you burn in hell you lying sack of shit

Christine de Guzman

This email is concerning your article on Wiccans. I am a Catholic (not a Wiccan) and an iowan. Please read this with an open mind.

"a rabid young Wiccan girl wearing a black cape burst into the Landover Baptist 11 a.m. Sunday morning church service and flung the bloody carcass of a headless black cat across 297 pews."

This girl is not obeying wiccan law that says 'An it harm none, do as thou willt'. Either this girl is NOT a wiccan, or she calls herself a Wiccan, but does not follow its most basic of laws.

"Wicca, is just a fancy word that insecure unsaved teenagers who hate their parents use to describe their little club"

insecure unsaved teens? judge and be judged my friend. No matter how many anti-witch quotes you may through at me (which are all out of context) you can NEVER deny Matthew 7:1-2

"Wiccans kidnap Christian children and drink their blood to seal their commitment to Satan"

You may have again forgotten the Wiccan Rede "An it harm none, do as thou willt" Wiccans must be peacful (if they follow wiccan rules). Drinking blood is VASTLY beyond what they are allowed to do.

"My guess is that the little Devil worshipper who slipped into our Sunday Morning service last week, did so because she got some inside information about what we were going to release on our website this month."

That is right, she probably is a devil worshipper, not a wiccan (who deny the existence of any devil)

"Please keep in mind, that if you see anyone that fits ANY of the descriptions you are about to read, anywhere on your local church property, call the police IMMEDIATELY!"

Not if you are in America you wont. Religous discrmination is not allowed here.

"and to commit bizarre hate crimes against the true body of Christ (Baptists), their sworn enemy." You information is SO incredibly false. Wiccans have NO enemy. If someone who calls themselves a wiccan does a hate crime, just remind them, hate is OUTLAWED in their religion.

"Wiccans are given to the piercing of skin as a sign of submission to their master, Satan" What kind of fairytale is this?? If you would have spent a solitary moment researching Wicca, you would know that they have NOTHING to do with Satan. Do you know what the Bible says about falsness and gossip?

"Wiccans are under a contract with Satan to wear black. It is one of the first things they learn when they are indoctrinated into their cult. You can spot them mostly in leather, lace, black fingernail polish, eye makeup, and lipstick."

The above describes a GOTH, NOT a wiccan. Their religon is about loving the enviroment and being one with nature. It has nothing to do dress.

"It is a well-known fact that Wiccans only bathe once a month, as such" I wonder if a wicca would pass as many judgements and assume as many things as you are right now? Must i point again a Matthew 7:1-2?

"Most Wiccans congregate in groups that prey on loners. They are generally a quiet lot because they are constantly thinking about new ways to kidnap True Christian. children and drain their bodies of blood." More propaganda.

"Wiccans are also known to tear out pages from the Bible (especially pages that have red writing on them). They use them to roll marijuana cigarettes into something they refer to as "a joint." This is the most objectional thing that i have found in your entire article. This is the reason why: If you would have ever read ANYTHING about Wicca, you would easily know that it is STRICTLY against wiccan law to breathe any air that is cluttered with smoke or unclean. It is even more against Wiccan law to num and of the sences or be intoxicated. EVEN WORSE FOR YOU: In your OWN article (which is linked to YOUR page), you say: "Drugs and alcohol are not cool, she tells her parents. And she has a much more positive attitude". What?? Now you say that Wiccans dont get intoxicated (and are finally right)??? It must be upsetting to contradict oneself.

" In Exodus, Chapter 22, Verse 18, God INSISTS: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." " Correct, and at that time witches were people who poisned other, called up the dead, and drank others blood. Unfortunately you typed a whole story on wicca without knowing a thing about it, so you wouldnt know that it is against wiccan law to harm anyome EVER.

Do not get too upset. I read your sermon, and it was fantastic. No inconsistencies whatsoever. Whoever wrote the wiccan article should apologize for spreading falsness instead of truth. Also, they passed more judgement than i have ever seen before my own eyes (saying we should kidnappe a wicca!!) Why must you judge, it is for god, not you!! i suggest you find out some more information on wicca before you go witchhunting because your page is full of inconsistences and propoganda (ie saying that wiccans are druggies when it is against wiccan law to smoke or drink. this includes EVEN caffenine). Love your enemies. This has nothing to do with kidnapping, stalking, etc. May the LOVE of Jesus Christ, the ONE judge be with you.

Ashley Daniels