Civilized Women of God
Mrs. Glendora Christianson

Spiritual Mother of Landover Baptist

Mrs. Glendora Christianson and her husband, Elmer are the only survivors of Freehold, Iowa's famous Silent Wheels Trailer Park Tornado of 1983. God's swirling finger of terror changed Sister Glendora's life forever. No longer a sinner oblivious to the Lord’s power, but a True Christian enlightened by the killing spree HE brought forth and forever in HIS service for the favor of letting her live one more day. Glendora rededicated a submissive life to her husband and declared her commitment to serve the Baby Jesus until the day she dies.

Within a year after her epiphany, Glendora went on to be president of Landover Ladies' Etiquette Society and President of the Deuteronomy Ridge (homes from the low $500,000’s) Christian Homeowner’s Association.

Sister Glendora is also a founding member of Landover’s Straight 4 Jesus Ministry and host of the Landover to the Rescue - Christian Help forum. As the successful Christian mother of her son Skeeter, Glendora offers expert advice on Landover’s Focus on Family - Christian Parenting forum

Glendora's has a special place in her heart for assisting victims of God's wrath. Recently, she and her husband Elmer led the effort to air-drop 1,000,000 King James 1611 Bibles on the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Although efforts to convert and employ the lazy victims of Katrina have been only modestly successful, Glendora has rescued and converted the more fortunately fair-skinned victims of other worldly disasters with much success. 

The Christiansons are always on the lookout for unsaved victims of God's holy horrors around the world.  "Folks who have nothing left to live for, usually are more open to hearing about the saving grace of Jesus Christ," she says.  "We convert them and my husband baptizes them in the nearest bathtub that is still standing.  We then invite them to work as contract employees for our Christian retail super center in Freehold, Iowa.  There, they learn about capitalism, freedom, and the American dream."

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