Civilized Women of God
Mrs. Betty Bowers

America's Best Christian™

Mrs. Betty Bowers is a founding member of the Ladies of Landover and is consistently Landover Baptist's most reliable financial supporter.  Upon being graduated from Duke University, Betty sold real estate for Harry Norman Realty in Atlanta, Georgia. After many successful years of showing multi-million dollar mansions in the dogwood speckled glens of Buckhead, Mrs. Bowers decided that she would rather live in opulence, instead of making it available to those less deserving. As Mrs. Bowers recounts, "God called me out of pandering to the needs of the inexplicably wealthy and promised that if I devoted my fabulous business instincts to Him, I would one day never have to share a formal, Italianate living room, much less a German SUV, with someone more wealthy than I. Praise the Lord!" This calling led Mrs. Bowers to establish her first Christian enterprise Mrs. Betty Bowers Christian Crackwhore Ministry. "As soon as I realized how much cash these industrious little tramps were dealing in, it wasn't long before I introduced them to the one thing that could save their sullied souls -- tithing." Mrs. Bowers Christian Crackwhore Ministry was an instant success, leading to franchises in all 50 states (except Nevada).  It will be opening its first international franchise next year in Bangkok, Thailand. Last year, the ministry made its initial public offering, netting its proud founder over $200,000,000 -- God's way of showing His approval for Mrs. Bowers' tireless work to help the less fortunate. Mrs. Betty Bowers Ministries Holdings has complete ownership of its privately-held subsidiaries, which include: Bringing Integrity To Christian Homemakers, Saving Love Until The Sacrament, Christians Are Saving Homosexuals, Femininity Rescues All Unladylike Dykes, Traditional-families Raging Against Sluts & Homos, and Christian Religious Ideas Molding Education.

Mrs. Betty Bowers has been named "America's Best Christian" (and therefore de facto the "World's Best Christian") by Christian Monthly Magazine every month for the past 37 months. "I'm almost embarrassed by this admittedly deserved honor," smiles Mrs. Bowers, being interviewed in her suite at the Villa d'Este on Lake Como, "but I am rather close to the editorial board, since Betty Bowers Ministry Holdings bought their parent publisher, and they tell me there really isn't anyone else who comes close each month when the votes are tallied. Praise the Lord."

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