Civilized Women of God
Mrs. (Suzanna Beth) Billy Ray Simpkins

Tramp Stamped for Jesus

Mrs. & Mrs. Billy Ray Simpkins joined Landover Baptist three years ago. Billy Ray used to be a male escort in West Hollywood, California until he met his future wife Suzzanna Beth at a tattoo parlor on Venice Beach. Suzzanna Beth brought Billy Ray to Jesus and the money they made in an out-of-court settlement reached by the Globe magazine and a famous former client of Billy Ray's allowed the Simpkins the financial means to join Landover Baptist. 

Since moving to Iowa, Suzzanna Beth has become involved in the Ladies of Landover civic organization and her husband has been helping folks reload at the Landover Rifle Range, where he works the nightshift. On Wednesdays, they both go to the Southern Baptist Faithhealer Trudy, who has promised that their many tattoos will be healed before God comes to judge in Glory

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