Civilized Women of God
Kathy Anne Hargraves

An Emerging Woman in Christ

Kathy Anne Hargraves is a member of Landover Baptist Church, Freehold, Iowa.  She is saved, despite several opinions to the contrary (all from jealous women).

She is a single gal who enjoys all the Christian pleasures she says are, "meticulously outline for my divine pleasure in both the Old and New Testaments. Praise God's sweet name."

This photo was taken while Kathy Anne was on tour with the Landover Ministry Choir. While not a singer, Kathy Anne travels as Choir Mistress to the Tenor and Bass sections.  She sees that the music, robes, and other needs of Christian gentlemen are met on and off the road.

Due to a recent unpleasantness in which her home was destroyed by error, Kathy Anne is temporarily housed in the dementia ward of the Landover Baptist Hospital undergoing electricity treatments.

Landover Ladies are told that Kathy should be back to baking cookies and knitting and sewing as Christian ladies are called to do within the next year or so.  "We've found a curious growth between her legs and we want to make sure it is completely removed," says Creation Scientist, Dr. Jonathan Edwards.  "Rest assured, she will be back soon and we're hoping that after some treatment, all of her hair will grow back in as well."

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