Civilized Women of God
Ona Mae Moffett

Demolition Master and Pot Luck Queen

Ona Mae Moffett, that joyful minx, is the Ladies of Landover resident sharpshooter, weapons expert, demolition master and bake-off winner.

Ona Mae, widowed since 1964, was completely cleared in the shooting death of her husband, Landis P. Moffett.  She still says that he should have told her that he was a sleepwalker.

She has answered many an emergency call to arms for Landovarians, and has personally erected the perimeter fence  that protects the outreaches of Landover Baptist.  

Ona Mae is not all business; though childless herself, she has provided hours of entertainment for the children on patriotic holidays by firing multicolored shells in her mortar or bazooka.  She humorously dismisses the charges of careless discharge of weapons that outsiders sometime level;  she says, with a sly grin, "that sucker shoulda ducked".

Our Mrs. Moffett is also at home doing domestic duties:  she sews the fabric covers for her mortar rounds herself, and has been known to bake skeet discs for the Baptist Men's Annual Barbecue and Shoot Off.  And her annual baking of cookies and cakes for the fall and spring lashin' and lynchin' parties are widely known.  How she bakes a cake in the shape of a howitzer is beyond us!  And it fires, as Matthew and Mark Servant can attest to.

Ona Mae Moffett is a member of the Order of Baptist Extremists (OBE),Baptist Marksmen (BM) and has applied to become a Card Carrying Baptist (CCB).  Her beautiful low contralto voice is often used in our holiday presentation to represent the voice of God.

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