Civilized Women of God
Mrs. Lavinia Glidewell

Comatose for Christ

Lavinia Glidewell (Mrs.R.E.L.) is a long-time member of Landover Baptist Church.  She is a retired psychiatric nurse (R,N.) who married Robert E. Lee Glidewell in 1946 after heroic service in WWII with the Army Nurse Corps.  Since the Mr. is terribly rich, she no longer works except in her favorite local charity, Women In The Home (WITH) which supports the decision of women to stay home and raise their family rather than working and letting the children go bad.  Her generosity is well known by WITH and for WITH widely. She founded the annual WITH Tea, proving that one can help the less fortunate and still use the good sterling.

Hobbies included Scriptural Baking, Rebuking, Hymn writing, and marksmanship. 

She is a founder member of the Order of Baptist Extremists (OBE),the Baptist Marksmen (BMs) and the Card Carrying Baptists (CCB).  Although nearing the age when one just sits and stares, Lavinia tends to keep busy supervising the household and keeping the domestics in line.  She is a keen shot.

Pictured with Fluffy, her companion dog, she presides over tea. (The Mr. cannot be pictured due  to his unfortunate head injury).

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