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Ex-Drunkard and Former Mary Worshipper

Pastor John Clunas is an ex-Catholic turned fundamentalist, turned alcoholic, turned Irish rugby star, turned Catholic priest, turned African big-game hunter, turned Catholic monk, turned alcoholic again, turned Catholic priest again, turned married man, turned fundamentalist, turned riverboat gambler, turned Alaskan fur-trapper, turned  regional director for Guinness distribution, turned alcoholic again, turned Catholic priest again, turned fundamentalist again, turned (and currently) orator of Holy Communion at the Landover Baptist Church. 

Pastor Clunas holds a special place in his heart for lost Catholic, Pope loving, Mary Worshipping, bead counting, candle lighting, genuflecting, eavesdropping, dice rolling, hat wearing, boy buggering, saint craving, idol worshipping, tabernacle adoring, crucifix wearing, bone throwing, confession taking, devil loving, robe wearing, cake baking, water dippers. He knows them well, and it is a joy to have a convert from the enemy's camp among us.

Rev. Clunas has been collecting shocking tales of torture and abuse suffered at the hands of the Satanic (Catholic) Church. They are now available online at "Horror in The Church!"

Although Rev. Clunas has been fully rehabilitated from his Catholic experience, he (by his own desire) attends deprogramming courses once a month. "In me line of work, a laddie can never be certain if the hairs on his head have truly turned from red to gray," he joked.




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