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Pastor Al E. Pistle

God's Marksman and Guarantor of Salvation

Pastor Al E. Pistle grew up in the Godly 1950's. His mother was a Christian Scientist and his father a Texan who beat the love of JESUS into him. Nevertheless, he rebelled against his parents and ran away from home to accept a full scholarship at a well-known liberal university. 

In secular college, he read a Chick Tract he found in the bathroom one day. In seconds, he was filled with Holy Ghost Fire!  He realized instantly that science and evilution made no sense, so he quit the secular, Devil-run university physics program and packed his bags for Freehold, Iowa.  Landover Baptist Church happened to be the church stamped on the back of the gospel tract he found. 

After hearing his story, the administration at Landover Baptist University immediately placed Mr. Pistle into to the graduate "fast track for Jesus" program at Landover University.  He majored in Theology and was the first person the earn a doctorate at Landover University. He now enjoys life as a fully paid senior Pastor at Landover Baptist and is stationed to suffer for Jesus Christ as the Godly Senior Pastor in residence at Landover West in Hawaii.

Pastor Al E. Pistle recently lost his poor wife, Martha, of thirty years after she somehow fell out of an apple tree into a wood-chipper the good pastor was towing with the garden tractor. She disappeared into a pink cloud. It was a horrible accident, made all the worse because the gearshift jammed causing the chipper to repeatedly ram the very tree Dear Martha was climbing in. However, In a clear show of affection for the Pistles, GOD made the apples from that tree much larger for the following three years. 

Currently, besides toiling for the Lord, the pastor lives with a Chinese servant named Fu Kiu Long.  Sadly, she refuses to work, clean, or lay still.  Her squinty-eyed old parents in mainland China refuse to admit she is defective goods and return the thousand dollars the good pastor delivered to them through a missionary to secure her services. 

Pastor Al E. Pistle also founded the Landover Baptist Rifle Range in Freehold Iowa and Landover West where his dear friend Theodore Nugent teaches marksmanship and semi-automatic handgun gun safety to the Junior High Sunday School class. 









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