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Former Angry-at-God Atheist 

Pastor Billy-Reuben Gibson was a Hellbound sinner in his younger days. He was a fornicating, dope-smoking, angry-at-God type atheist, into demon-worship, witchcraft, crystals, Mormonism, astrology, astronomy, evolution, voting for Democrats, and any other way he could think of to spit in God's eyes. 

Jesus, however, had another Plan for this young man. The Lord arranged it so that he would be exposed to some True Christian™ Gospel Preaching from Landover Baptist's own Pastor Deacon Fred, who was witnessing to an ungodly bunch of atheists. The Good Lord softened Billy-Reuben's heart, and he knelt down and accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior then and there right in front of all of his atheist buddies. Praise God! 

After he got Saved, the Lord called him to be a Pastor. He received a Th.D. from Landover University. He also has home-study degrees in Applied Demonology, Creation Paleontology , Flood Geology, and Reaganomics.

His lovely wife-to-be Doreen McAllister also attended Landover University, and received an Mrs. Degree in Home Economics. Today he has four Christian children – sons Jedidiah, Matthias, and Elijah, and daughter Rebeka – and six Christian grandchildren. To his great disappointment, he also has a former son, a Hellbound Atheist named Josias, and an equally Hellbound former grandson named Hampton. 

He is the Head Pastor at the Hellfire and Brimstone Bible Baptist Church, a fully owned subsidiary of Landover Baptist Church, in Libertydale, North Carolina. During the week, he can also be found doing old-fashioned bull-horn preaching at nearby secular Universities.







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