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Righteous and Patriotic Pastor

MarshallBorn in rural North Carolina to successful tobacco farmer Jedidiah Wiseman, Marshall led a typical farm boys childhood. Hunting, fishing, topping tobacco and running bales for the family business. Religion was the central theme of life on the farm and since electricity was still unavailable in his county until 1979, his 6 brothers and 5 sisters played daily Bible affirmation games. As a result, Marshall had memorized the entire Old Testament by the age of 10 and was soon converting the Negro house maids and Mexican gardeners to Christ.

At age 16, Marshall heard the sweet, beckoning call of Christ's blood which only a patriotic American feels when war is looming. He enlisted in the military branch he felt gave him the best chance to introduce foreigners to Jesus' blood and their own blood, The Marine Corps. After breezing through MCRD at Parris Island in Beaufort SC, Marshall was promptly shipped to Kuwait to fight Islamic hoards of infidels.

Being a well heeled country boy, he found the enemy to be easier to kill and more receptive to the the message of Christ's blood than a typical raccoon or squirrel. He distinguished himself as a superior rifleman and was trusted with the M203 which he put to good use for the Lord Jesus Christ and His country.

Marshall had a graphic experience of re-dedication to Christ* and now serves as a Senior Pastor and a Platinum Tither at Landover Baptist Church. Tobacco and soy pay the bills and make the tithes.  Marshall's land serves as a major source of tobacco for four manufacturers and he employs thirteen hired hands and almost two hundred Mexicans and an unknown number of eager colored folks who live on the edge of the property near the south fence line in a trailor park called "Heavens Gate".

At the fence line patrolled by Pastor Marashall in Freehold, Iowa, hippies, tree-huggers and Vegan "PeTA Pet In A Place Where Hands Don't Belong," followers still gather to commit lewd acts of homosexuality, mild and sustained bestiality and assorted immoral depravity in the woods.  Marshall is always the first one to find cases of mass suicide after each gathering.

*Halfway through his tour, word reached him that his family had been decimated by a crazed hippy commune that had been squatting on the Wiseman land near the south fenceline on the back 60. Marshall was granted a release of duty(rare) and returned stateside to take over duties as the proprietor of the farm. Dejected and depressed, he soon became a recluse and began construction of the Wiseman Compound. Shortly after it's completion, a phonecall from Pastor Pistle set Marshall on the path of righteousness and Jesus. The good Pastor was a war buddy of Jedidiah Wiseman and both had served with distinction during the Viet Nam war. News of Jeds death at the hands of filthy hippies had upset the Pastor and it set the next phase of the Compound into movement. Marshall confessed his sins, accepted Christ like never before and dedicated his life to teaching the word. After a meeting with the Landovers Elders in Freehold (and a generous donation from the Compound) the Bible Complex was added to serve as a camp and retreat for the Landover elite and their kin.










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