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Heaven's True Child Prodigy

Pictured to the right, we see Little Rev. Nathan De'Angelo sharing scripture with a young lady. They sit beneath a statue of Little Nathan on the East Lawn of Landover's Christian Plaza.

Nathan De'Angelo is the youngest son of Inner City Evangelist Rev. Vincente De'Angelo. At the age of four, Nathan exhibited talents in scripture memorization and recitation that were previously thought to be impossible for a child his age. He was shipped off to Landover's Gifted and Talented Fundamentalist Baptist Children's Retreat Center where he remained for nearly three years. At the age of seven he entered seminary. In 1997, he turned nine and became a fully licensed Baptist Minister.

While he was at the Retreat Center, he won everyone's soul, literally. "Most of us thought we were saved," Dr. Rankle Miller, President of the Gifted Baptist Children Foundation remarked, "that is.. until we met Little Nathan." Over 200 students were born again and again and again under his ministry.

Currently, Little Nathan rides the Evangelism circuit. He visits communities all over the US, preaching the gospel from a flat-bed truck, using a megaphone. It is always a blessing when he returns home to Landover. He is involved in all church affairs and is a member of the Landover Baptist Board of Directors.




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