America Needs Dick!
We never thought we'd see the day when a politician would embody all the values we hold so dear. The Republicans have finally given us a single word that describes what we believe and who we really are. That word is, "Dick."

True Christians Boycott Olympics!

None of our daughters need to see a large black penis flopping around under Lycra from 100 -- much less 1000 -- meters.
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Unsaved Required To Buy This Shirt
"If you are unsaved and are visiting Landover Baptist, you are required to purchase and wear a T-shirt that says as much. This shirt will help us identify you as a trespasser.
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N'SYNC Killed My Baby!
"Heavy-metal rocker Justin Timberlake writes cruel lyrics to encourage a sweet 13-year-old girl to kill herself. Only Landover Baptist has the Christian mother's angry story: "How many girls have to die before these blood-thirsty acid rockers are satisfied?”
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EMINEM: Born Again!
Marshall Mathers, known also as Eminem and Slim Shady, has become a born-again Christian. Betty Bowers gets the first interview to discuss his conversion. Hear his first Christian Rap song!
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3 Year Old Hates Jesus, Wishes Everyone Was Dead
"We locked him in the closet," Mrs. Ruxpin said. "We said, 'Teddy! you are not coming out of this closet until you tell us YOU LOVE JESUS!'" An exorcism was arranged immediately.
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Die, Already.
Mumbling satanic sermons, he waves his hand from balconies like some palsy drunk hailing a cab. The second thing to cross one's mind - after Satan in a skirt -- is, "When is Lucifer going to call this old fool home?"
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The Shepherd's Purse
For Church Members Only!
If you are not a member of Landover Baptist Church, you are not authorized to view this page, your ISP number will be traced and you will be served with a lawsuit for invasion of privacy within 30 days of viewing this page.
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State of Iowa To Televise Executions
While an execution is clearly an occasion for celebration, one mustn't automatically reach for a white dress, especially for executions after Labor Day. Front row seats available. Ticketmaster/AOL keyword "Iowa Executions."
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Mrs. Christian USA!
Appearing once again with a few tricks up her sleeve, Sister Taffy defeats some formidable competition for the second consecutive year."
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It's Coming...
Our Annual "Hell-O-Ween" Issue. Scheduled for release, September 11th. Alert the unsaved media!
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our christian world

Midget Digested by Whale in Bible Re-Enactment
Last week, tragedy befell Napoleon Thumb, a recent Landover convert and participant in Sister Taffy's Dystrophic Dwarf Ministry. In his newfound Christian zeal, Thumb attempted to prove the Bible true by re-enacting one of its most controversial stories: Jonah and the whale. Thumb was placed in the whale tank at Landover Zoo last Thursday in hopes of being swallowed for three days and testifying about his experience at Sunday services. When Thumb hadn't been swallowed after eight hours, zoo keepers discovered that all of Landover's whales were apparently demon-infested since their mouths and throats were measured at just a few inches. At Thumb's request, Dr. Jonathan Edwards then surgically implanted him in the whale's belly. Dr. Edwards realized the experiment may have gone awry when the whale excreted a skeleton with a large skull attached to some very tiny bones. The whale was immediately cut open but all Dr. Edwards discovered was a leather band with metal studs that could easily fit around a lady's pinky.
Christian Youth Reports Parents Christian Youth member Jimmy Lloyd turned his heretical parents in to the Landover Subcommittee for Unchristian Activities yesterday. Eight-year-old Jimmy received a $500 referral fee for alerting church officials after his parents told him that God’s holy scripture regarding the creation of Adam and Eve “is not literally true, but simply a parable written to teach greater truths.” Jimmy has been placed in foster care pending the outcome of the full investigation of his parent’s blasphemous views, which could lead to their expulsion from the church and the loss of their home at Leviticus Acres.
Get Your Feet Hot For Jesus!
Two parents were hospitalized after a scuffle following last Sunday’s “Get Your Feet Hot For Jesus” altar call. As has become tradition, over 20 youngsters rushed to the front of the church at the end of Sunday’s 9 o’clock service to witness for Jesus. Tiffany Holmes, 13, was awarded $1,500 for giving the “Most Original Testimony” and Luke Wade, 11, was given a whack on the backside for giving the “Most Unoriginal Testimony.” Immediately after the prizes were given, Luke became overcome with demons and started bellowing in an unchristian manner. Mrs. Wade then climbed over her pew and physically attacked Mrs. Holmes, claiming that Tiffany had stolen all the good parts of Luke’s testimony. Both women are listed in satisfactory condition at Landover Baptist Hospital.
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Our Godly Film Reviews
The Patriot!
Betty Bowers reviews Hollywood's latest piece of anti-Christian trash.
Thomas & The Magic Railroad
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Gladiator: Homosexual lust!
American Psycho: Bill Clinton
Man on the Moon: ...or Devil in Hell?
Toy Story 2: Satan's New Film
The Green Mile: Men, Prison, Showers
Blair Witch Project: Dora Jean Reviews
Boys Don't Cry: 'Bull Dykes Don't Cry'
American Beauty: Ugly Satanic Slop
The Talented Mr. Ripley: Betty Bowers Reviews

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No matter what anyone says, George W. can read a Teleprompter. Thus, he has the skills necessary to be an American president in the Information Age.

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