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Letters To Landover:
Pastor Opens His Mailbag!

A Sample of E-mails received. Unedited and in original form!

I despise you people to a molecular level, and I have no clue as to how you could be so ignorant and stupid. If God did exist, he wouldn't have created you in the first place, because of your uncanny ability to spread fear and hate amongst people. How can you teach your children this? How are you able to spread such propaganda, and have people believe it? You are pathetic, and I feel awful for your kids, because they will grow to be as hateful and ignorant as you, when they probably have incredible potential to be smart and spread light through the world.

You are detrimental to the human race, and I hope that you die in your sleep. The world doesn't need anymore extremists, so I advise you to take your bible and shove it right up your ass. I am an open person, but when it comes to you, I am disgusted - deeply disgusted. It pains me to know that you are brainwashing people like this.

You are not godly. You are evil.


Janelle Moskalyk

I am a Catholic. I am very unhappy concerning your ridiculous beliefs! What is wrong with you? Christmas is about the birth of Jesus.Years ago there was a Saint Nick! Hence where we got Santa Claus! This tradition was going on long before you came along! Think about this! Your stupid thoughts are going to ruin little children’s Christmas’s. Santa has always been around. He left treats in the shoes of the Dutch. Some children have no other pleasure than to dream of Santa. Your views are horrible and while we are talking about pedophiles I seem to recall Priests/Pastors and even the Pope being accused what has this world come to! All we can do is sit around and think about is the next of pedophilia? Sick Sick Sick!! So what you have done brilliant person is labeled all parents all grandparents caregiver aunt uncle etc a pedophile! you owe us all an apology! Santa Claus has always been a secondary figure in my home after the celebration of the birth of my savior Jesus Christ hence “Christ”mas! Thank you for trying to ruin a holiday I use to embrace until I lost my 2 newborns at this time of year!! Santa Claus will forever be a secondary figure in my home and my life...not a pedophile!  

Margaret McGregor

Such foul acts committed one would say. Why would a peer send this link to me - That should of been held as a personal matter and not published. You have damaged your sites reputation by posting that

Reid M

i was looking for information on preaching a funerla of the unsaved when i happened upon your site...after reading it...i feel so very sorry for you and your people..Jesus wound not be allowed in your services!!!..people need churches of love to turn to to get away from the evil of this world...if people in church are too goood to have them attend their services,,what good is that church doing at all?..why wouldn't God just take the congragation home??..please pray thru all you teach and as God if He agrees with your thought process...if you would even listen to Him,,i bet you will find Him saying some of the same kind of things Jesus was saying to the ""so called"" leaders of His day...vipers,white washed tombs,,ect.i am sure all i am saying will  only add fuel to the fire you are building...but let it be have been warned..repent before it it too late...od has churches for the unsaved...not a place when we can gather and hear all feel good about ourselves places...yea..we do need a plce to meet and lift one another up..but that has to be God's house ..not ours...Gods ways are not our ways and we sure do show that some times!!!...look.....if Jesus was the pastor of this church....would He be taking the same stand as this pastor is???? lee hendrix.......

Lee Hendrix

Hi   I am disgusted at your site! I think the Lord must be crying!  

Your article on how to smack a child is of paedophilia nature! It is absolutely horrendous and you ought to ask God to forgive you for such sinning!  

Your site should be closed down immediately! You are perverse and God did NOT tell us in His Word that we should be so aggressive towards our children. You are breeding homosexuals with this warped idea of discipline. You are teaching children to be aggressive and criminals all in the name of the Lord. Terrible terrible terrible!!!!!  

God said' Spare the rod and spoil the child' and you have taken that to mean physical abuse!!! You have interpreted it in the most abhorrent manner. Sheep were never smacked with the rod but they were guided by the shepherds staff! i.e. rod!  A rod (staff)  means Guidance not physical abuse.  

May you repent and never again preach such blasphemy.  

I hang my head in shame to know that there are Christians like you in this world.  

May your eyes be opened and may God take all the suffering children away from their cruel parents. No child deserves this no matter what they have done!  

Who beats you now that you are an adult when you sin?  Who who who? Are you sinless? Should I come over to the US and beat the living daylights out of you when you sin? Of course not. Should a 90 year old who has sinned be given a hiding to teach them a lesson? Doesn't make sense does it? If you were beaten as a child,  by your reasoning, you should now be obedient and perfect but I guarantee you there is no-one like that, so therefore we should as adults according to your reasoning be beaten every day for our sins!  Do you understand the utter hypocrisy in your beliefs?!  

I pray that God forgives you and opens up your heart to the truth!  

I will also pray that no-one ever visits your website while you have such perverse writings in it.    

Ruth J  

This email is for Pastor Deacon Fred from St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church in California. I want to inform you that your sermon is horribly wrong. Catholics DO NOT Worship Mary. To worship Mary would be a grave sin, because worship is reserved for God alone. To worship Mary would be a grave sin, because worship is reserved for God alone. Catholics venerate, or honor, Mary in prayer and song. Some people, like yourself, mistake prayer and veneration for worship, but to Catholics, they aren't the same thing. Prayer is simply entering into communication with a holy spirit. Veneration is giving special honor to a saint. Worship is for God alone, and Catholics worship only God through the mass in the Eucharist that God alone left for us. We hope you find this message friendly to your church and we only wish the best of God for all of us around the world. Thankyou for taking the time to read this email and may God bless you all.

Marco Sanchez - spbcaltarservers

God is love and grace, but your site is sending the wrong message. What about the people far from God? Jesus wants us first to love him with everything in us, than love everyone. Even believer was once a non-believer. Maybe I just got the woeng message from your site. But anything done in the name of Jesus should be done with love. He died for us while we were sinners.

Sent from my iPod

Crystal H363

Jesus and your God are not real. get a life and dont waste internet space

Yshdara, high priestess of Ystén, goddess of courage

Sir, I’m not sure I agree with your doctrine…I call it YOUR doctrine because it doesn’t line up with the Word of God…I’m not sure what book you’re reading from but I’m not surprised that your church doesn’t welcome “unsaved” people…It seems your church thinks it’s better than anyone else, am I correct in my assumption? I’m only taking that which I found off your website. Tell me sir, where on earth does it say in the bible (not yours…but the true word of God) that sinners are not welcome into church? How are they to hear the word of God if they aren’t invited? Another thing, please quit telling children their dogs don’t go to heaven…you don’t know that anymore than you know when Christ is coming back! The bible is unclear about whether or not animals go to heaven…yes it speaks of horses; however, the bible isn’t clear about a lot of things but that doesn’t mean you make conjecture based on some little verse you read in Revelations! It doesn’t say anything about masturbation either but it is clear if one is a Christian, one shouldn’t violate one’s body in any way! God is a loving God and you are putting him in some little box…he’s much bigger than that sir, he’s more than you and I will ever know until we see him. I don’t believe that a loving God would not allow pets into heaven…do I believe we’ll give a hoot when we get there whether they are there or not, no…I don’t…because I believe when we get there our eyes will be on the Father…not on our pets…doesn’t negate the fact they will be there or they won’t be there…the bible is unclear…faith is something you could have preached to that little boy asking about his dog being in heaven. You’re not God…so how would YOU know what God feels or thinks? That’s a bit out there.

Naw, I don’t think you’re reading the word in the right context my friend…read further…just because you are ordained as a pastor, doesn’t mean you are God. Get your facts straight BEFORE doling out answers…if you don’t know the answer…simply say, “I don’t know…the bible isn’t clear about this subject or that subject…what is clear is we are to have faith in whatever choices he makes about our beloved pets.” That statement would have showed more love and delicacy than the one you offered so blatantly to the little boy…Even Christ knew children were to be treated delicately!

Please don’t respond…there’s nothing much more for me to kvetch about, I have already wasted four days of my life thinking about your article and finding the right words to say in this e-mail to you. And not a lot you could say that would change my mind…


MB - Mary Tilley

Your site contains many "facts" that are either misguided or just wrong. In essence, you are lying to your members about many things, and I am not referring to your particular beliefs in the Bible, God, and Jesus. Your beliefs are your own, and I respect your rights in that sense. However, you are creating problems through ignorance, turning your members into misinformed automatons...which, if that is your aim--good job!

Sent via DROID on Verizon Wireless


you people are out of your fucking minds

Tracey Meadshaw

Hey, my names Thomas! I took the quizzes on your website. It told me things like no you dumb demon! or WRONG! Read your bible you unsaved idiot! I want to thank you, for insulting me. I haven't been insulted by a church since I was found doing sexual things with another man in the bathroom of that church. I thrive on it, it gets me off when godly men insult me, because it reminds me off all the times I talked to God through a burning bush and he told me that I was an idiot because I didn't believe and that I would burn in hell for my ungodly decisions. Being that he started talking to me through burning bushes when I was only 7, I found in interesting that it turned me on so much, I haven't been able to find the courage to tell my boyfriend just how much I get horny when people call me unsaved morons! So again, thank you for getting me off!

Holly Bollinger




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