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Letters To Landover:
Pastor Opens His Mailbag!

A Sample of E-mails received. Unedited and in original form

My name is Kelli Jo. I am 19 years old and currently live in California while attending college. I was on Google, and I typed in "That Little Baby." I was hoping to find the lyrics to that song sung by Gold City. My mother, my two sisters and I will be singing it this upcoming Sunday at our Evangelical church. When I searched these terms, I found your website which was on a page about raising your sons right so they do not become a homosexual. I found your website to be disturbing and very wrong. I am a believer in Jesus Christ, I am saved and I was disgusted by your website. God teaches us to love all even for when they have sinned. What your website is practicing is not what God wants. This website is a flaming sack of horse shit. You are fundamentalist Christians who give TRUE Christians a bad name. You are hypocrites to the core and are teaching the youth of this world to hate. When did God EVER want us to hate?

I feel bad for you. For you will not go to heaven no matter what you believe. Judgment day will come and God will put aside what you believe and see how you have treated others. God asks us to help the poor, the outcasts and those who need guidance. Which you don't do. Gay's are outcasts which you despise. You make me ashamed to call myself a Christian. I'm surprised you don't murder people and state that your doing "God's work". Homosexuals are still people. Even if children become gay they need to be loved by their parents. You are showing parents to hate their children because they are different.

What you think you are doing is wrong. Never in my life have I seen such hate like that of your website. Welcome to the 21st century where we DO NOT discriminate because of GENDER, RACE, RELIGION or SEXUALITY. Get with the times, because you are BARBARIC!

Hope You Have A WONDERFUL Holiday. =]

Kelli Jo

To the persons at Landover Baptist Church,  

I have heard of the atrocious and disgusting names some christian communities give we Witches and Wiccans. But when I visited your website and actually saw for myself what kind of ridiculous stories you feed your christian worshippers, I confess I thought for a second it was a stupid and yes, I'll say it, evil scam. A con job. But I am deeply shocked to realise that these lies are what you believe in, your religion! I am stuck for words. Maybe there are such people as satanists, and black Witches, but to brand all Witches and Wiccans with that name, is beyond evil! I'm in half a mind to sue you myself.  

Now for something completely different:

I'm sure all you Godly folks sitting in this church today know how I feel about unsaved people celebrating Christmas. But do you know how God feels about it? Well, I'm just about to tell you.   It drives Him into a blood vessel popping, demon stomping rage.  Ever wonder why so many folks die horrible, painful deaths in November and December each year?  Well, now you know. The Lord kills them.   You see, when an unsaved child sits around the tree on Christmas morning – the same tree the baby Jesus played in front of when Mary and Joseph celebrated Christmas -- opening gifts - with each peel of the wrapper that little child is taking a whip to the Lord's back. And it pains Him so!  And the Lord doesn't just get angry, my friends!  – He gets even!  

Is this disgustingly cruel picture part of your Christmas cheer? It drives him into a 'Blood-vessel popping, demon-stomping rage' does it? I have to say, that sounds purely satanic itself! Your god is meant to be the beauty of our world, isn't he? Huh! And as for the filthy swearing adverts on your pages, well again, I'm stuck for words! Landover Baptist Thongs? Dirty Bible Calendars? This has to be the most corrupt and vile church I have ever had the misfortune to visit the website of!  

With all due respect,
Mona Moonshine and John Briant

Hello there,

I just read your post on your website about "Homo Prevention" and I would like to say one thing: "What the actual fuck?". Seriously, had god told you to go around spreading hate for "prancing homos"? Is that what religion is all about, to be bigoted, hateful and homophobic? Why can't you assholes just accept people for who they are, instead of labelling them as immoral for who they are attracted to? This is why your whole religion is utter bullshit. JUST STOP SPREADING HATE. What are you? Are you a redneck, inbred, white trash neo-nazi?

I hope you enjoy the rest of your miserable life you twats.

Your's assfuckingly,

Cammy Harper, a bisexual who thinks you're "Landover Baptist Church" is full of shit.

YOUR SITE IS A JOKE maybe I should go create a site on how ridiculous athiest are?!?!?!

What do you think?

Billy McGrail

Good Day,

I am Mr. Williams Matshaba credit officer of Capitec Bank South Africa. I need your assistance to execute a business. It involves transfer of sum $17.5m. I shall perfect all legal documents in your names to make you the beneficiary to the funds, Once the funds are transferred to your nominated account we will share the proceeds in a ratio of 60% for me, 35% for you and 5% for expenses, Please is a secret deal.

Kindly respond with the following information below for further details.

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Kind Regards, <
>Mr. Williams Matshaba.

I'm a christian but I think your rant about spongbob squarepant is terrible, spongbob is a childrens cartoon not a perverted tv show. I think it u that's perverted for coming up with the things u found, I mean seriously an upside down penis, are u serious. And the so called orgasm the purple penis looking character was just patrick laughing. I think u people don't have anything better to do but try to get famous ridding the world of a children show. If u don't want your kids watching it, that's your job to see that they don't instead of making it where no one can watch it. That's pathetic.
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry - jdsisk

  dear sirs and madams,

    please understand, first and foremost, that i have absolutely nothing against Christianity or your beliefs. in fact, i fully endorse freedom of religious expression. however, i hope that your article on wiccan behavior was a joke. i cannot speak for the actions of others, only for myself. i have never, ever, used any of my wiccan beliefs to injure another human being or animal or anything living, for that matter. that actually goes against the creed of the wiccans i have met. many believe that all we do comes back to us three-fold, whether good or evil.   

   i believe what you were dealing with was a faction which has strayed from the ways of many who follow the wiccan path. very likely, they were misinformed by the chat rooms you mentioned. the internet can be dangerous, and it is easy for people to access incorrect information. there is no animal sacrifice. the only thing which i can think of which might be termed sacrifice is the burning of ceremonial herbs.  

   i would like to propose that, rather than warning your followers away from wiccans, perhaps you might instruct them instead on the dangers of the internet? from what i have already related to you, i cannot conceive that there is any greater danger for them than would be present when associating with the general public.    

   i would also like to sincerely apologize on my behalf for any wrongs which have been committed against you in the name of wicca. you have my greatest sympathy for your hardships.   

   thank you for your consideration of my suggestions. i can assure you that they are well meant, and that i wish you only the best in life.   



ps: i understand you have the right to use the content of this e-mail in any way you wish. however, might i request, if at all possible, you omit it from your publications? and if you must use it, please ensure the preservation of my good intentions. thanks.

This site is the most repulsive, hateful site i have ever seen. I am not at all opposed to Christianity, i myself am saved, but it seems that you violate the same principles your try to abolish! On top of it all your site exhibits these ideals that are absolutely absurd!!!! Scooby doo is satanic along with harry potter? Wow. i am thoroughly amazed by the audacity you possess to allow this quacky material to be exhibited. Do you teach kids this stuff? You are sick. I hope that when you stand before God one day he pisses on your head for the stupid shit you tell people. You are not only lying, you are leading people astray by your own twisted ideas of what the Bible should say.

Sicko. Burn in hell.

alan wharton

What unholiness has your church interpreted from the bible. You spread fear and hatred, you won't listen as your blind to all but your own manufactured gospel of negativity. You are judged in life because of your lack of mercy for those with other religions and upbringing to you, and as I believed in Christian doctrine I have reason to believe you will be judged in death. Other humans find your attitudes and beliefs disgusting and backwards not because they worship the devil but because god loves us all and your church speaks directly against that. I am not saying every member of the church deserves hell because every human has admirable qualities and is a marvel of biology and creation, your church believes it's members are better and greater loved by god by spreading homophobia, sexism and inequality. Enough said, you currently profit from evil.


are you a cult?

Richard Dumelle

I was reading you transcript on was  Jesus a Negro. The pic there of  Jesus there as a Negro is very insulting of how you would  Descibe  how a black Jesus to have been . If this is a black church you have so you look like that? this pic is degrading  guess if it was a white man then he would not look like this. Bro Mills made good points

 Mill: The evidence is conclusive. Most of the people mentioned in the Bible were of races of dark complexion. And the region that Jesus came from featured only people of the Negroid and Mongoloid races. There were no Caucasians in Egypt or the surrounding areas at the time.  

Mill: Nothing in the Bible says the Father was a white man or that His image would be as you described. Jesus is a descendant of Abraham, who came from the Samarian city of Ur of Chaldes, which was a black civilization, like many, if not most, of the societies described in the Bible.  

Mill: We know that Noah’s son, Ham, was a Negro. Jesus descended from a number of Ham’s ancestors, including Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Naomi, Bathsheba and Jezebel.    

Mill: The bottom line is that there is no description of Jesus’ ethnicity or physical appearance in the Bible. And no one has uncovered any drawings or paintings of Him made while He was alive. The first pictures of Jesus came hundreds of years after His death, by artisans commissioned by the white Roman Catholic Church.  

Before you people critze the fact that Jesus may have been black get facts not statements that say because he may have been black he had to be born from a hooker ( bs statement on the black rrace)  

Deacon Wilson: Now, I'll grant you that Jesus did not come from our sort – being born of a poor Jew. After all, who even knew there was such a thing? [Laughter] But the Lord Jesus on High did not descend from a pack of colored hookers, my friend!..    

Was  Deacon Wilson born from  pack of colored hookers? ( is he a Black man?)  

This is a link to what the face of the people that Jesus was born would have looked like  

Other history from that time  

Reading  you transcript makes it seem bacd to be a black man and that I'm not If and named in that transcript are then they  need to take a long look in the mirror and question themselves .  

Deacon Fred: I suppose Mr. Mill thinks that when Jesus washed the apostles’ feet, that was part of His plantation owner’s job description. [Laughter]  

All blacks where slaves i guess this is what he is saying .

Robert Neely




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