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Letters To Landover:
Pastor Opens His Mailbag!

A Sample of E-mails received. Unedited and in original form

Dear pastor,  

I can hardly say how shocked I was when I saw your homepage. What it says about beating children is a criminal offense and I will notify the authorities about it.  


Claudia Hasse

RE: Young girl watching Twilight and attempted suicide

Have you considored the fact that the young girl didnt attempt to commit suicide because of the movie, but because her own father beat her!

I am completely appalled and disgusted that you would blame the innocent young girl for this!  Calling her ugly and a whore and trying to convine others that she is at fault!  All children "rebel" at least once in their life and the parents should be thankful that it was only to go see a movie.  Not going to some rave on lsd and sleeping with some random guy.  These so called parents should be convicted of child abuse, throwing her down the stairs and beating her with a book!  I hope these parents go to jail, for they deserve it.  Prayer is not the punishment they deserve, but a proper prosecution as well as to repent those horrible sins they have committed against their own child.  This girl deserves a better home, not an abusive one and i dearly hope these people will be brought to justice by being convicted. 

Telling a young girl that she is ugly makes her feel unloved and that she would never find love, and prompt her to look for the affection she craves elsewhere, be it in a film, friends, books, internet, anywhere.  You should find yoursleves and the parents responsible for her watching the movie for making her feel that she will not recieve love and affection in reality.

Self proclaimed Christians like yourself  is the reason why church is so fucked up its not about god anymore its about man made bullshit.You should be ashamed of yourself for posting or allowing the following to be on your site "Sorry, sinner!  The Christian page you were sneaking around for will never be found because you are a hell bound, unsaved, nin-com-poop trying to find Jesus? in places where only True Christians? have authority! " Jesus would never say anything remotely like that.I will pray that the lord has mercy on your soul 

Find god not man made religion you should be so ashamed of the words you put out there then call yourself Christians I truly hope to hear back to see what kind of excuse you come up with 

May Jesus save your poor soul,Tom Sheets

Diane Write

At first I thought that your website was a joke. Disturbingly it seems as though you are so full of shit you publish the most ridiculous things. I know you do not need any actual truth to anything you are saying. Just look at the piece of shit literary mockery you call a bible. That all of you sheep seem to follow so adamantly without any proof or evidence. You know how to detect a baptist. There the ones with there head so far up each others ass trying to save everybody soul. You know what happens when you die. Nothing, your dead and the piece of shit life you call collecting money from the stupid and judging everyone else is meaning less. You will die, nobody will care and all they will remember you for is how much of an asshole you all are. Stop being fucking children. Grow the fuck up there is no God get a real job. Thanks for making the world a shitty place to live.

Nate Steen

WTF! What is wrong with you people? First of all who in their right mind kills cute little bunnies? What are they supposed to do to you? Wiggle their noses? And second the easter bunny is not satanic its pagan, Paganism and Satanism are two different things. Do you even know that satanist tned to frown upon the killing of innocent people or animals. And what the fuck is with all this shit dealing with sex. Something's wrong with your mind. The goddess loves you and I'm sure she's sickened by the fact that you her children are acting in this manner.


Please help me understand why on your website it is written underneath a picture from the movie, "Up" that "a young boy is terrified when he finds out an old Catholic Priest has lured him into seclusion using balloons and a few old-fashioned promises."  

Or why the movie would have anyone thinking about "wrinkled old man sex," as stated in your review.   

Or how in any way this movie could be deemed sexually explicit?  

It seems rather unfair that the movie was given such a hateful review after only spending 10 minutes on Wikipedia.  Perhaps if you had seen the movie - even if only to try to prove it's potential harm - you would have realized that there is nothing sinister under the surface of this movie.  This movie has nothing at all to do with sex or the Catholic regilion --- not even a hint of it.  I would be happy to share with you a Chrisitan synopsis of "Up" if you are interested.  

I'm very curious as to why a Chrisitan website would lie...or why a Christian would lie for that matter.  I am a truth-seeker and I am just disgusted that a Christian website would post and distribute such an ugly, twisted lie.  You have turned a completely innocent movie into something perverse.  The movie is not perverse; the review on your website is.  

Your Christian sister,

Jodi Clarke

go ahead, publish this in a book you sick fuck. i'm sure you would love to. you're probably just going to twist my words around anyway to make me look like a satan worshipper. Let me tell you something, wiccans and pagans DO NOT BELIEVE IN YOUR CHRISTIAN SATAN OR YOUR GOD.  WE LOVE THE EARTH AND EVERYTHING THAT INHABITS IT. I'm not going to sit here and tell you what is right and what is wrong, because ignorant, hateful, and very uneducated people like you and your church will never use their brains and realize that your whole organization is a SCAM. Your chistian God is supposed to love everyone and everything, no matter what their faults are. Good people go to Heaven (if there even is one, I personally don't believe so) and that shouldn't be a problem with anyone else except for me, myself, and I. Oh and by the way, I shower every day, brush my teeth, go to school, and wear normal clothes like everyone else. I get very good grades in school and am going to a top university, and not because I cast spells on my teachers, but because I work hard. Maybe you're just jealous because the children of your church are stupid and ignorant like you are, so when someone else in their class gets in A, they are "A WITCH!!!!! THE DEVIL'S HARLOT! SATAN WORSHIPPER!" I dare you to put this in your book, and not change the things I say in it. If you left this little paragraph just the way it was, maybe some people would understand the true meaning of your organization. By the way, I have never hurt any person or any animal, nor has any other intelligent witch. Some witches can be bad, but not all. Same goes with your silly conservative republicans and born again christian assholes. I have met some great christian people who do good and treat everyone the same. They believe in God and Heaven, and if there is a one they are going there because they are good people. If anyone is going to Hell, ITS GOING TO BE YOU AND YOUR SO CALLED CHURCH. YOU DON'T WORSHIP A GOD, YOU WORSHIP HATE. HATE IS WHAT KEEPS EVIL ALIVE AND WELL. IF ANYONE IS WORSHIPPING THE DEVIL, ITS YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE FEEDING HIM HATE AND KEEPING HIM ALIVE. And you think your actually going to kill witches, pagans, heretics, homosexuals, or whatever. THINK AGAIN. I'm sure you would be arrested in a minute. No one is going to go back to 1620 and join your little make believe witch hunt. And if that story about the female witch throwing dead cats in your pews is true(which I doubt it is) she was probably only doing it to give you guys a good scare and a taste of your own medicine. There's nothing funnier than seeing stupid ignorant people like you scream "WITCH! A WITCH! BURN HER AT THE STAKE!" I bet God hates your church the most, and your precious pastor deacon too. (who probably rapes little children)

Thank you, have a wonderful day!

Emilie Nicholson

You cant make me leave your crapy website. Its not my fault you and you simple minded flowers are to stupid to wake up. Jesus was a bastard child. His mom was fucking bill the guy next door. Jesus father was so dumb to belive it. Today its called a parternity test


Ok, I am a Christian but I am just BEYOND disgusted by what YOU did to all the poor rabbits in that article

The DEVIL is living in YOU, you sick, sick man. Murdering the innocent is exactly what the DEVIL does.

I hope you burn in hell, you sick fuck.

Denise Geremia

I am so embarrassed my your ridiculous behavior to that poor little child. Who do you think you are? You are not God, so stop talking and acting like you are. I would never come to your church, or even step foot on it. I pray that God has mercy on your souls for all the horrible things you are doing at your church. YOU ARE THE REASON THAT WE CHRISTIANS HAVE SUCH HARD TIMES REACHING OUT TO THE LOST.

Thank you so much.

Jamie Cavazos

YOu will surely be in hell with the rest of those whom choose to judge it is not your right or authority to do so only GOD has that right.You preach hate and bigotry I pray for GODS mercy on you and the other rush limbaugh types in the world who do not know the will of God for peace and understanding

Ben Poteet Jr

You are nothing more than a hireling sir or madam; how dare you call yourself a pastor. You remind me of Simon the magician who tried to buy the Holy Spirit! (Acts 8:18)

Who do you think you are charging money for what God already paid for to give believers freely by grace? You need to pray that you don’t wake up with lake front property yourself! I have a feeling that there is a nice warm spot for you though that is for God to decide, not me!

I pray that the Lord reaches you for this phony gospel that you preach is an abomination!

Phil Pride

God gave animals and woman milk in there breast after there young are born FOR there young! Its GODS MILK! HE MADE IT! I would rather give my baby Gods milk and NOT MAN MADE MILK! IT IS NOT A SIN! You must be a man saying this...

I am greatful to God he gave me milk to nuture my young! And as for them growing up sexual NO that is WHY you teach them of the Bible and you (home school) and watch who they hang out with.!!!


Mom Who Breastfeeds a God loving family!

I have just read your news article with the same title as this subject, and well, i am sorry to say, but i am FUCKING outraged about the slander towards my fellow WICCAN communities, your article is towards Satanic cults NOT Wiccan covens it is to my pleasure to inform you that wicca as a religion is far older then Yeshua FUCKING Christ, our gods and goddess' gave birth to your self proclaimed personification of a god, Us Wiccans would highly appreciate it if the church would do their fucking research about other religions after all, we are holier then thou, on a side note, Wiccans do not worship satan as satan is a chistian diety manifested by the minds of crack whore priests to scare the world into converting Satanism is a rebel cause created by the christian church, you my enemy are no better then those who follow your diety satan,  your description of wiccans full shit, it is a rough description of an overweight goth (not associated with satanism or wicca) on top of that, there is no way to spot a wiccan, we look like every one else, let me give you a run down on wicca, we do not believe in heaven or hell, we do not believe in 1 god and 1 devil, we do not have churches, we are not forced to gather every sunday, we follow the calendar, we have 8 major holidays which call for their own rites and rituals 4 of which are the changing seasons followed by Imbolc (candlemas), Beltane (may day), Samhain (halloween), and Yulemas (christmas) also, “Wicca, is just a fancy word that insecure unsaved teenagers who hate their parents use to describe their little club." this is a straight out lie created by the cracked out mind of a heretic, try practicing what you preach (churches preach to their cult to understand others and welcome them no matter their religious views) based on your views of what wicca is, well then i guess in your eyes anyone who practices yoga (including instructors) are all wiccans because they can do strange acts with their bodies, unlike you who probably prefers to bend over for men while wearing dress'. You fear the freedom you do not have, i am free to worship any god or goddess i choose from any pantheon i want, i am not bound by a priest who tells me what i can and cannot do, i am not bound to service in any building as nature is my church, we have the freedom your god claimed to give you for your worship, I am looking forward to your response, please feel free to get back as soon as you can.

Raster Burn

Timmy would be better off being born Chinese than to have you as a pastor! Hopefully, he can somehow get to know God on a personal level and realize that he is a loving God and that includes animals.

Sent from my iPhone

To whom it may concern,   I took your quiz, and I am very knowledgeable of the flood and most of the Bible. Even so, when I correctly answered some of the questions, I was called an idiot. Calling a person an idiot based upon your own opinion is no less than calling a person a fool. You need to read your Bible to find that calling a person a fool is worse than murder. Also, the flood lasted approximately one year or at least, it was that long before Noah exited the ark. Why are you calling people idiots based upon your own misguided assumptions concerning the scriptures???? You are a terrible representation of the Baptist Church. What does God do to people who say"thou fool"? He burns them in HELL!!! I hope you don't continue on this path.  

Chip Fraser Sent from my iPhone

Dear Pastor,  

When i visited your website i been bless,

i want to visit again as the Lord allows me. I want to grow in grace, knowledge and wisdom of the Lord. I need help in studying and searching for truth in order to be more effective in the ministry that the Lord has given me. I'm still young in the ministry doing some bible studies in different places and doing some outreaches. May i ask few questions hope you don't mind.

Do you have mission outreach here in the Philippines?

Have you been here in the Philippines?

  I want to study more the teachings you have in your website, can i ask questions just in case i need some clarifications,thank you so much. hope to hear you.

Jerahmeel Suico

RE: Morman Underwear

What a crock!!  You are so is not even funny.  The so-called Mormon underwear is a fake and a fraud.  It looks nothing like the real thing.

 You are trying to spook people with fake symbols all over your kinky undies.  How can you do something so deceitful and call yourselves ..."Christian"???  

Craig Ray (a Mormon)




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