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December 2008 NewsletterDecember 2008
Lucifer's Toychest 2008 (Annual List of Banned Christmas Toys)
Christmas Article Archive!

November 2008 NewsletterNovember 2008
Teenage Girls Love Vampire Movies More Than They Love Jesus!
Why Did Jesus Give the Injuns Tiny Tallywhackers?
Thanksgiving Article Archive!

October 2008 NewsletterOctober 2008
Hell House 2008: Obama's Ghastly Ghetto of Demoncratic Terrors!
Wiccans Slip Past Church Security And All Hell Breaks Loose!
The Scariest Halloween Costume in the World!
Miley Cyrus is Satan's Favorite Pied Piper Slut!

Special Halloween Newsletter

September 2008 NewsletterSeptember 2008
Satan Uses Olympics Volleyball to Get Young Boys to Masturbate!
A Christian Checklist to Spotting Faggotry
Shocking Bible Discovery Shatters Homosexual Agenda!
Church Mandates: SARAH PALIN WEEK!
Stop Bill Maher's New Film: Religulous!

August 2008 NewsletterAugust 2008
Ladies of Landover Take a Stand Against Vile Language
Conservative Christian Kids Say the Darndest Things About Barack Obama!
Pastor Deacon Fred Interviewed Again by a Secular Acid Rock Radio Station (MP3)

July 2008 NewsletterJuly 2008
James Dobson: Focus on the Pharisee!
Trade In Your Voter's Registration Card for Some Free Chicken From Popeye's!
A Tribute to the Late Jesse Helms - A True Christian™

June 2008 NewsletterJune 2008
Pastor? Why Does My Penis Get So Hard? (Christian Kids Wanna Know!)
Beverly Hills Chihuahuas: A Movie About Mexicans for the Whole Family!

May 2008 NewsletterMay 2008
Iron Man Movie True Christian™ Movie Review!
Speed Racer True Christian™ Movie Review
National Day of Prayer:  Was Jesus Being Sarcastic When He Condemned Public Prayer?
Emergency Marriage Regulations Again Fast Tracked to Our Godly President Bush

April 2008 NewsletterApril 2008
Why Christians Shouldn't Give A Damn About the Environment!
Pastor Burns Grandpa's Collection of Magnum PI Videos

March 2008 NewsletterMarch 2008
St. Patrick's Day:  The Terrifying Truth!
Local Catholic Priests Hold Secret Boy Diddling Contest

February 2008 NewsletterFebruary 2008
New Church Policy for Menstruating Females!
Is Barack Obama an Islamic Extremist?
VALENTINES DAY:  Dating Tips for Christian Men"

January 2008 NewsletterJanuary 2008
Republicans Select a Crazy Right Wing Hillbilly Preacher to be Their Next President!
Mitt Romney's Absolutely Hilarious Religious Beliefs!
"Wii" is Oriental For "I Having Orgasm!"
Why Are We Selling Used Mormon Underwear?








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