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Teenage Girl Attempts Suicide After Seeing the Movie, Twilight!Teenage Girl Attempts Suicide After Seeing the Movie, Twilight!  
"This movie preys on little unwanted girls, who can count the number of friends they have on one finger! And this is just plain sad!" Says Pastor.    Full Story!>

The List of Banned Christmas Gifts for 2008 - All NEW!LUCIFER'S TOY CHEST  Our annual list of banned Christmas gifts for 2008! Including, the Gay Try-Out Chair, Guitar Hero: Satan's World Tour, and more secular filth to avoid! NATIONAL HOLIDAY ACTION ALERT!>

Why Did Jesus Give the Injuns Tiny Tallywhackers?CHRISTIAN KIDS WANNA KNOW:
Why Did Jesus Give the Injuns Tiny Tallywhackers?  Just in time for Thanksgiving, Pastor answers an important question from a concerned Baptist child.  Find Out Why!> 

Stupid Students Punished by Being Made to Dress Like Indians in Thanksgiving PlayTeachers Punish Stupidest Students By Making Them Play Injuns in Thanksgiving Pageant   "This will teach lazy students what happens to unmotivated people," say parents. Full Story!>

The List of Questions From American Christian Children For  Barack ObamaRepublican Kids Say the Darndest Things About Barack Obama! "Daddy says the Rappers are going to come and rap my mommy!"  Questions From Kids!> 

American Injuns: The First TerroristsThanksgiving Indians:
The First Terrorists?

The debate still rages as to how our Godly Pilgrim ancestors defeated these first terrorists. Read More!>

What are Jesus' teachings in regard to Slavery?The Bible Slavery Quiz!
How does Jesus say a slave should treat his Godly master? Take the Quiz!>

Betty Bowers Political CommentarySister Betty Bowers' Blog Commentary
Visit the Blog of America's Best Christian for the latest Godly commentary. Visit Betty's Blog>

Thanksgiving Memories at Landover BaptistLandover's Injun-Free Thanksgiving Memories Tales from our Thanksgiving archives that will uplift and encourage you during this Christian Holiday season.  
A Look Back!>

Reader Mail From Landover BaptistReader Mail!
100% Genuine E-mails sent to Landover Baptist from concerned Christian citizens. Read!>

Shop at your favorite church - Landover Baptist for the Holidays and help Jesus help us to deliver True Christian™ news for another Godly Year!

Christian Checklist to Spotting FaggotryChristian Checklist to Spotting Faggotry!  The winner of a Baptist College writing contest shares 10 homo detection signs. Read!>

Naked Miley Cyrus is Satan's Favorite Pied Piper Slut!Naked Miley Cyrus is Satan's Favorite Pied Piper Slut!  Signs your precious teenage daughter is becoming a Cyrus slut. Read>

Local Indians ordered to stay away from Thanksgiving FestivitiesLocal Injuns Ordered to Stay Away From Thanksgiving Festivities!  Every year, local Injuns shamelessly display their hypocrisy by expecting hand-outs from decent folks like us who can count the number of our great-great granddaddys the pagan savages scalped and killed without apology!  Full Story!>

Why Christians Shouldn't Care About the EnvironmentWhat Can Christians Do to Help Increase Global Warming?  The faster Earth heats up, the quicker Jesus will return! Glory!  More>

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Baptists For Republican Faith!  Praise Jesus!  
Click Here to Discuss>

Finalizing the 2008 Christian Voter's Guide  
Click Here to Discuss>

Brother Reuben's Favorite Wiccan Cook Up Recipes!   
How to Cook a Wiccan>

Meet Sister in Christ, Sarah Palin!   
Find Out How!>

Imagine a World Without Liberals!   
Discuss and Hope!>  


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