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Beverly Hills Chihuahuas - A film about Mexians the Whole Family Can EnjoyFILM REVIEW:
Finally, A Movie About Mexicans the Whole Family Can Enjoy!  Beverly Hills Chihuahuas is a film that will educate and inform True Americans™ about the culture, mannerisms, and subtle deviance of the funny-talking, curious little servants the good Lord keeps blessing us with.  Read More>

Christian Kids Wanna Know:  Why Does My Penis Get So Hard?CHRISTIAN KIDS WANNA KNOW:
Pastor, Why Does My Penis Get So Hard?
Keep your eyes closed as much as possible, Reginald. You don't want to go to Hell, do you? Well, then stop looking at things! Godly Advice>

Constitutional Biblical Marriage Amendment ProposalEmergency Biblical Marriage Regulations Fast-Tracked to President Bush!
In retaliation to secular (Satanic) courts in California deciding that homosexuals should have the same rights as the rest of us, the U.S. Department of Faith proposes emergency amendments to the Constitution! More>

Brother Harry Preaches on What Happens if Homos Are Given the Same Rights as Human BeingsThe Right to Be Homo?
Landover Baptist predicted long ago what would happen if we allowed pot-smoking judges to define human rights! Brother Harry's Sermon>

Mrs. Betty Bowers is Running For President!Betty Bowers & Her Blessed Blog 
America's Best Christian™ comments on current events and political affairs! Glory!
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The True Christian™ Guide to the Movies!Do You Smell Satan in the Cinema? 
Landover Baptist's comprehensive True Christian™ Guide to the Movies! - Featuring full film reviews, advice, and tips about Satan's latest releases
Movie Reviews>

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Are Americans So Hooked on Reality TV, They'd Put a Negro Islamic Extremist in the White House?Barack Hussein Obama's Ties To the Nation of Islam
Landover Baptist Department for the Study of Inferior Cultures releases a list of important findings based on reliable Christian hearsay. Learn More> 

Why Christians Shouldn't Care About the EnvironmentWhy True Christians Shouldn't Give a Lick About the Damned Environment  "Us folks know more about the fate of this planet than any hell-bound scientist. That's because we have a personal relationship with the Fellow who invented this crazy old place to begin with!" Read More>

A movie based on the animated series, Speed Racer which the FCC once banned for its immoralitySPEED RACER: Homos, Whores & Hallucinogens! 
For those of you who don’t know, a “Speed Racer” is a combination of cocaine and black mollies, crushed and snorted through a straw. Emergency Film Review>  

Tsunami: Oriental for "God's Wrath"Tsunami: Oriental for God's Wrath
God Fails to Break His Own Record for Killing We know from the Great Flood that one of God's favorite ways to indiscriminately kill enormous swaths of children is by drowning, More> 

New Policy for Menstruating Females, In Effect Immediately!Bible Based Policy for Menstruating Women Filthy females are a health risk, full of contaminants that put us all in immediate danger! More> 

Bible Based SexBaptist Sexuality  
Understand that Satan is making your soft, inviting body HIS business!  Learn how to stop his wandering red-hot demon fingers from tickling your True Christian™ fancy! I Want to See More!>

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Baptists For Republican Faith!  Praise Jesus!  
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Work Begins on 2008 Christian Voter's Guide  
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Vacation Bible Gun Camp Registration Underway!Junior High Vacation Bible Gun Camp!

What is There to Do at Bible Gun Camp This Summer?
Apocalyptic wilderness survival training, Bible reading, Scripture memory contests, marksmanship competitions, Old testament wild deer and boar sacrifices, gun care and cleaning, manly fellowship, Bible skits, and evening super surprise game competitions where children use tranquilizer guns to hunt unsaved homeless people who are dropped into the mountains by helicopter. This year, our campers
will also be visiting the ungodly children at Camp Quest (a secular summer camp for stupid sissies)  for a drive by, "Get Your Feet Hot For Jesus" visitation. Bring your pistols for some old fashioned soul-winning shoot-em-up dusty foot devil dancin'!
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We have a permanent injunction against all unsaved persons. If you are unsaved, you are not allowed within a 10-mile radius of our church, nor are you allowed on this website. Kindly leave, and be about the Devil's business, for you are not welcome here. Glory!

If you are interested in getting saved, and you are not joking around about it just to upset us, we ask you kindly to click on this link and we'll help you get started on processing your eternal security certification right away!

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