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Letters To Landover:
Pastor Opens His Mailbag!

A Sample of E-mails received. Unedited and in original form

Nice to read that a good walloping can work and is supported.

I did that with my daughter and it worked.

Barry Belsey

now just who do you think you are talking a bunch of B.S. about wicca all of that shit is not what wicca is about we do not worship satan are you crazy i think you better check your resources before you post a bunch of lies on the web you retract all of thoes comments and statements or ill have your ass in court .... this is america asshole freedom is our choice

Brandon Bullock

This was OUR land long before you slaughtered us and took it!! You (white man) forced Your beliefs on us when we already had a great relation with the Great Spirit. You made us cut our hair, change our ways and the white man was the FIRST one to scalp someone. Try to learn before you speak. Jesus wecomes everyone not just you. If you repent your sins you will be wecome to Heven!!!!!!!!!

Mark Williams

You are disgusting.  The message you preach isn't that of God or Jesus, or anything holy for that matter.  God will take you from this world and He will not keep you, because you stink of disease.  Vultures will feast on your eyes as you scream for forgiveness.  There will be no salvation for you.  The Bible says not to pass judgement on others before yourself, to pray for those who are blind rather than condemn them, and I am sure God will give me a pass on this one because of the hate that spews out your mouth like a rotting sewage pipe.  There is a special spot in the lake of fire for you, Satan will make you his girlfriend for helping him keep people from God's grace.  You will join the people you have condemned, you will burn for eternity with the very people you hate, and those you love that share your thoughts of evil and hate.  No one will stand up for you, no one will miss you.  The world will be better off without you.  The only thing that would make me happier is if I could see the pain and fear in your eyes as the life is slowly and painfully taken from you, which I'm sure it will.  Your "church" isn't a church as much as it is a breeding ground for hate and ignorance.  You brainwash people, you manipulate them, you draw them further away from eternal life and closer to damnation.  I will pray for you, though I'm sure it won't do any good, since you stand side by side with the devil.  It would make me happy forever if you stopped performing oral sex on Lucifer and began preaching the REAL word of God.  Bless you and rot in Hell.  

P.S. I am an asian man married to a WHITE woman, and I've pleased her more than any WHITE man could, so suck on that faggot.

Myong Pak


Yes, I like to know why you have a web site that is tell kids to hate there mom and dad and that there get a PS3? I am not the one to say anthing, but let me tell you something. Your messing with the wrong God, Jesus Christ is the son of God and is God him self. He is coming back and your going to stand before him. If your where christian then you wouldn't have a web site like that. I hope you delete that site and repent. Plus, i don't care, who you are  or the law says about the religion freedom, Jesus christ is the only way. When Jesus said

Luke 14:26 (New International Version)

26"If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple.

Hate mean to love less then. Jesus said to love you family less then Jesus, not to hate then

wow you lot are so dumb, ignorant and racist i found it totally ridiculous to try and read that bit by pastor deacon fred, it was disgusting. I don't understand how you can call yourself christian people and have so much hate and ignorance in your heart and heads, my dad is the minister of a church here in England, many cultures attend our church because God loves every one, i dont think you should be a church, you corrupt the minds of people with your tainted views and dont appreciate what the bible is actually saying. DONT e-mail me back, i really don't care about any thing else you lot have got to say, I cant even express how strongly i feel against you lot. I will pray for you and hope that you open your heart and heads and realize that you are not bringing them closer to God but actually closer to the devil with this racists, bigot views.  If you keep these views, i will be waving to you from heaven while you are burning in hell. God loves you !! With love from the Uk

the daughter of a black minister and white mum

Faye Ellis,

Proud Intellectual, and True Christian Citizen of the United Kingdom

Haha your baby if he's gay advice is a crock!!! All of my coworkers and customers get a laugh at this website so I Had to waste a little free time... AND WE'RE FROM ALABAMA HAHAHA. y'all are so going to hell for that one.


Tyler McGee, -Spring Baptist Assistant Youth Director

To understand the nature of God and the nature of Jesus is to know the absolute impossibility of a group of three God-beings ruling the universe, and to recognize that in the resurrected Christ dwells the absolute totality of God.

Return To Acts Ministries

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to ask my name be taken off of your January 2005 Mailbag posting on I never gave you permission to post my name or message publicly. Although you may have a “legal disclaimer” on your website now, when I wrote a personal email in 2005, I was never warned that it could be posted publicly, nor did I even include my name in my message. You only knew my name through my email address. Therefore, this message was doctored.

If my name is not removed from your website within the next week, I plan to seek legal counsel.

Thank you,

Dear Pastor, I got many blessing to visit your website. You are doing a great job. I pray that God give you more power and strength to save many lost and use you for His great kingdom.

We are an evangelical team; we reach with Gospel to those who never heard the Gospel before. I am leader of our team. We have established 4 home churches 2 sewing center, 2 education centers and 4 Sunday school through our ministerial effects and the grace of Lord Jesus Christ. We evangelize the near and far without caring domination and creed basis.” For thought I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel” Cor.9: 16

We heartily invite you in our home churches. I perceive many can save through you visit. Let us know can you visit us? Please greet everyone form us and ask them prayer for us that God keep us save from all devil planes and persecution. We also pray that God bless you lot and give you many sources to save many lost and unreached.

Every blessing,

Qamar Aziz (

RE: RUGRATS: TELEVISION FOR PEDOPHILES I stumbled upon this article today, and i must say that the writer tried too hard to make connections, and did so with false information.

for one, the writer said,              

    "Even the adults are portrayed in depraved fashion. Tommy’s father, Stu, is unemployed and spends all his time in the family’s basement, making “toys” (the show cleverly never reveals what these so-called “toys” really are). Phil and Lil’s dad, Howard, constantly visits Tommy’s house, spending all his time in the basement with Stu, purportedly looking at Stu’s “toys.” (At least, the producers have the decency not to show them in action.) Because the fathers are busy with their “toys,” they never watch the children, who defy their parents’ orders and get into all sorts of trouble – another attack on family values."

No, you are wrong!!!!!!!!

-the toys that stu makes are revealed on the show, they are simply childs toys, not sexual at all.

-howard rarely visits the pickle's house, and when he does, it is to drop kids off. Not once do stu and howard secretly go into the basement and look at toys.

-the grandpa is the one who is bad at looking after the children, not stu.

There are more problems with the article.

-in paragraph 3, it depicts chuckie as a homosexual, which the show clearly does not.

-Paragraph 4 is just ludicrous. it is more than common for kids to bully each other, especially at the given age groups.

-as debated in paragraph 5, it truly is common for twins to look alike, especially at a young age.

-Betty is not a "bulldyke", she is simply a feminist, she does not suggest any homosexual characteristics at all. And, shes MARRIED!

These are just a few errors the writer has made, yet the article is filled with them. The writer has gone too far and out of their way to try and make connections. It seems as though the writer is not too familiar with the show, and if they are, they are just plain stupid.


In the final paragraphs, it suggests that viewers are in "satan's grasps". that made me laugh.

I can just as easily pick at the bible and find sexual and violent suggestive dialogue. Things can be inferred differently, and i must say, the writer's view on rugrats is WRONG.

The whole article is full of inaccurate and idiotic ideas.

just because a child is religious, it doesnt mean that they can not view non-religous programming. That is more cult-like than anything.

The article was so upsetting to me, and fits my thoery that most religions are crazy. And i have probably studied more religions than anyone at your church.

Now, im not sure who this email is going out to, but i would really appreciate if you can get back to me about this, for i am concerned that the writers for this website are fucking idiots.

please write back, and thank you for your time, landover baptist church.!

PLEASE WRITE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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