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American Idol is Nothing More Than Glorified Golden Calf Worship!Tuesdays & Wednesdays, America Becomes a Nation of Godless Idol Worshippers!   
This church will not stand by while America text-message-votes its way right into the sulfurous pits of Hell!  More>

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Christian Kids Wanna Know!Christian Kids Wanna Know!
Why Does God Hate Trailer Trash?  
"Scripture, as always, provides the answer. For Jesus was rather specific in His preferred choice of home construction." 
Click Here to Learn More!>

The Easter Bunny is Satan!Is the Easter Bunny Satan in Disguise?   Quite frankly, the answer is YES! See how we battle the Devil during Easter! Tips & Tricks>

Reader Mail From Landover Baptist - Updated With March 2007 MailReader Mail!
100% Genuine E-mails sent to Landover Baptist from concerned Christian citizens. Read!>

Betty Bowers on Anna Nicole SmithSister Betty Bowers on Anna Nicole Smith Is rehab replacing Jesus as America's favorite vehicle for instantaneous forgiveness? More>

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Christian Girls' Guide to Spring Break Abstinence!Christian Girls' Guide to Spring Break Abstinence To save their virginity, Christian students sacrifice their pride by resorting to mouth, hiney, and same sex canoodling during Spring Break. Read More>

Brother Harry Interviewed by Infidel GuyBrother Harry Confronts Famous Negro Atheist!   Listen to Pastor Hardwick's sharp tongue thwart persecution from a man of color! More>

A Map of the Landover Baptist Church CampusA Map of Our Godly Church Campus! 
Visit the sacred grounds of the most Godly Church in America! Look!>

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Bible Based SexBaptist Sexuality
Satan is making your soft, inviting body HIS business!  Stop his wandering red claws from tickling your fancy! More!>

The War on Terror  God's 10 secrets for waging a perfect war and much more!  Go!>

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