February 2001



God Kicks Off End Times Killing Spree With Indian Earthquake
Fortunately only three Christians were accidentally killed. Jesus confirms that they are in Heaven and over thirty-thousand Hindus are now in Hell.
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Christian Ladies Go Undercover for Jesus at Des Moines Sex Club!
"What concerned me," said Sister Taffy, "was the thought that I might be sitting in church next to one of those tramps.
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Hackers for Jesus Crash 300 Porno Sites!
Is hacking a sin? Not if it's for Jesus! Praise!
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Bible Sex Quiz
Test your knowledge of Scripture. Find out what kind of sexual behavior God finds abhorrent, and what he does to people who make him sick.
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Baptizing Another Secular Holiday!

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Church Moves On After Unseemly Death of Pastor Ebeneezer Smith
Pastor will be sorely missed, and the boys who took his life will experience cold shoulders at church for at least a couple of weeks.
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George Bush Touches Teenage Boy
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Knowledge May Be The Leading Cause of Pregnancy and Disease
The cure for just about everything is "abstinence," just like it says in the Bible.
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Rugrats - Television For Pedophiles
Wake up America! This so-called children's show is too vile for Pay-per-view, let alone Nickelodeon.
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Heather Hardwick's Heart and Head Healthy Habits
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Download Your Demonolgy Diploma Adobe PDF Diplomas are available to everyone who graduated with this degree.
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Are You A Pagan By Accident? Take Betty Bowers' "Shopping For A Personal Savior Test" and find out!
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Landover On ifilm!
View our protest of the vile Hollywood play "Southern Baptist Sissies" on ifilm.com
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our christian world

Kimberly-Clarke, Inc. Introduces "Wet Toilet Paper"
"It is disgusting," decried Pastor Deacon Fred, "that the American people can't take care of such a vile business without some godless company trying to make a buck by turning nature's most tawdry requirement into fun and games. It is amazing how secular people find something perverted in everything! Rubbing your rear with wet toilet paper will be like having a big dog lick at your bottom and can only whet folks' appetite for things no decent person should engage in." Pastor later clarified his comment by saying: "Let nothing I said imply that I am in any way relaxing the Southern Baptist edict that wives must be submissive and do everything that their husbands command."

Jury Acquits Church Member In Fatal Shooting of Deacon
Last Friday, a Freehold jury, consisting exclusively of Landover members, found tin-level tither, Bubba Smith, not guilty of all murder charges in connection with the death of newly ordained Deacon Paul Matthews. Jury foreman, Jebidiah Shrub, spoke to reporters after the verdict. "Even though that deacon is new, he should've knowed better than to go around meeting people at 8:00 on a Saturday morning, dressed in a three-piece suit. We believed Mr. Smith when he said he thought the guy was either a Jehovah's witness or a government agent, come to collect back taxes or weapons."

Unsaved Catholic Claims Sister Taffy Caused His Deafness
Father Peter O'Riley filed a lawsuit in district court last week, claiming Sister Taffy caused his deafness when she rebuked him at point blank range through her well-worn bullhorn as he exited the local Catholic church. Sister Taffy had just quoted Scripture on pedophilia when the local priest dropped to the ground. At Sister Taffy's instruction, her lawyers have filed an answer asserting intervening and superseding cause, in particular, that deafness is God's punishment of sinners (Exodus 4:11). The answer asserts that no blame should placed on Sister Taffy, who was nothing more than the conduit through which God performed His will. Sister Taffy has filed a countersuit charging the priest with persecuting Christians.
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